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Chapter 5 (Assess)


What is the Overview of Fitness Assessments Designing and individual,systematic, integrated fitness assessment can only properly accomplished by having and understanding of a clients goals,needs, and abilities (what does the client want ot gaing from a program)
What is the definition of fitness Assessment A systematice problem solving method tha provides the the healt professional with hte bassis for making eduacted decisions about excercise and acute variable selections. and provides and ongoing gathering of information, so it can be modified and progress
What information does a professional provide A three dimensinal representation:1 insight into he clients past2 present3 futurealso regarding habits, movement, abilities, past present medical history
Assessmnet Program Is only as good as your assessment, the more information the better, the better to individualize the program
what are the don'ts of health professional Diagnose medical conditons, prescribe treatment, prescribe diets or recommend supplements, provide rehab. for injury, and provide counseling
Components of a fitness Assessment subjective Informationobjective Information
Heath professional (responsibilty) responsibility is to safely and effectively guide clients to successful attainment of goal, by understanding the clients personal and professional background
Subjective Information(types) General medical history, Occupation, Lifestyle,Mediacal and Persoanal Information
Obejective Information (types) Physiolgic Assessment, Body Composition, Cardiorespiratory Assessment, staic and Dynamic postural Assessment, performance Assessment
What is PAR_Q Physical Activity Readiness Questionaire (Par_q)
Types of Par-Q questions (subjective) Medical history, Occupations, long periods of sitting, repetitive movements, type shoes worn, mental stress,lifestyle, recreations, hobbies,past injuries, surgeries, chronic conditons
Types of Par-Q questions (objective) Physiolgic Assessment, Body Composition, Cardiorespiratory Assessment, staic and Dynamic postural Assessment, performance Assessment
Two ways of asessing heart rate radial pulse(inside of wrist below thumb)carotid pulse(side of he windpipe)60 sec. count gentle touch, taken while calm, taken 3 times same time every dat(morning preferred)
What is the male average heart rate 70 beats per minute
What is the female average heart rate 75 beats per minute
Blood reading consist of ?? Systolic -top reading reflects the pressure produced by the heart as it pumps the blood to the body (120-130 normal)Diastolic lower number: minimun pressure within the arteries through he full cardiac cycle (normal 80-85)
What is Durnin -Womersly for calculating bodyfat Biceps, Triceps, subscalpular, Ilias Crest
BMI Body Mass Index -determines if a clients weight is appropriate to his or her height.health problems increase when exceed 25, severe at 35.
Created by: daviddd