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Unit 1 Vocabulary

Computer Science Principles Unit 1: The Internet

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Abstraction Building technology on top of a known technology basis.
Prototype A first off model of a thing or technology.
Binary A numbering or counting system consisting of TWO CONDITIONS.
Binary question A question to which there are only two possible answers.
Binary message A message that can only be one of two possible answers.
Bit A contraction of "Binary Digit". The single unit of information in a computer, typically as a 0 or 1.
Bit rate (bitrate) The number of bits that are conveyed or processed per unit of time.
Protocol A set of rules governing the exchange or data between devices.
Bandwidth Transmission capacity measure by bit rate.
Latency Time it takes for a bit to travel from its receiver.
Bus A single electrical connection, wire, or pathway.
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange. The universally recognized raw text format that any computer can understand.
Code (v) To write instructions for a computer.
Column Place Value Next left column value determined by the current column multiplied by the base of the numbering system.
Pixel Individual squares on a screen consisting of a row and column location. Short for picture element.
Screen resolution The number of pixels expressed in width and height, example 800 x 600.
Refresh rate The frequency with which the image on a computer monitor or similar electronic display screen is refreshed, usually expressed in hertz.
Metadata A set of data that describes and gives information about other data.
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