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Blk 3 SQ1

Study Questions SQ1

Technical information on older aircraft (no more than 50) can be found where Aircraft Listings
Where can you find the minimum list of criteria for 100 hour inspection for your checklist CFR Part 43 Appendix D
Location of the datum of an aircraft can be found where TCDS
CFR Part 121 covers what information Airline operations
Cylinder compression checks fall under what inspection 100 Hour or Annual Inspections
During a Annual inspection a unairworthy discrepancy is discovered. What do you do Written notice to the owner of the discrepancy
When are SB's required When they are referred to in an AD
Document issued by the FAA for approval of a product modification STC
Maximum penalty for cheating on a FAA Exam Ineligible to recieve any certificate or rating for one year and suspension or revocation of current certifications
What is the rule for mechanics altering a propeller Can perform work and return to service if it is a minor alteration
What must be transferred with the aircraft when it is sold Records of current status of AD's and date and time when recurring AD's for next due
Signature for work done on an aircraft indicates Approval for return to service only for the work performed
What is the time frame a mechanic must exercise the privileges of the certificate or rating At least 6 months out of the last 24 months
Which 14 CFR covers technical standards which an aircraft must meet before it is type certificated Part 23
What title in the Code of Federal Regulations covers Aerospace Title 14
14 CFR Part 1 covers what Abbreviations
Operating conditions that make a 100 hour inspection mandatory is found where 14 CFR Part 91
How long can an aircraft fly over an inspection time limit like a 100 hour inspection 10 flight hours
TCDS document are issued by the FAA for what products Aircraft, engines and propellers
How many copies and what is the dispostion of FAA form 337 Two copies-one for owner and one for FAA Three copies if long range fuel tanks are on board-One copy stays with aircraft
14 CFR Part 13 covers what investigative and enforcement procedures
Upkeep of maintenance records is whose responsibility aircraft owner/operator
CFR can be separated into three categories, what are they Administrative,Airworthiness Certification, and Airworthiness Operation
What are the big Three regulations Part 21 ,Part 43, and Part 91
14 CFR Part 145 covers what Repair Stations
Non certified A&P mechanics can work in what area according to the CFR regulations Repair stations
Aviation Maintenance Schools fall under what CFR Part 147
What Advisory Circular gives instructions on how to fill out a FAA Form 337 AC 43.9-1F
What Advisory Circular gives information on general Aircraft maintenance procedures AC 43.13-1B
Appendix E of the CFR part 43 is commonly referred to as what test The 411 Test
How many number designators does an AD have and what are they Three. First part is calendar year of issuance, Second part is biweekly period of the year the number is assigned and third part is issued sequentially within each biweekly period
Service Bulletins are issued by whom Aircraft Manufacture
The pink copy of FAA Form 8050-1 serves as what Temporary registration for up to 90 days
A A&P Temporary Certificate is valid for how long Not more than 120 days
When requested, and A&P Mechanic must present their license to whom FAA, NTSB, any federal, state,or local law enforcement officer
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