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Freak ch 4 - 7

FreakCh 4 - 7
What does Kevin say knights look like? Robots
Max thought what wasn't real? Robots
Max does not like to_______ Read
Who is scared at Max's house? Gwen
What does Max like to hide under so he can think about things? The bed
Gwen apologizes and wants Max to come to ____________ Supper
With whom was Gwen friends? Max's mom
Who does Gwen say Max is the spitting image of? His dad
Where is Max's dad? Prison
What did hot dogs start coming out of when Max started laughing? His nose
Why did Max cry He's happy
What holiday is it? July 4th
What are Max and Kevin getting to go see? Fireworks
Who do Kevin and Max run into? Tony D and his gang
What do Tony D.'s teeth look like? Vampire fangs
Who talks back to Tony D? Kevin
What is Tony D's alias? The Bad News Blade
Who talks back to Tony D? Kevin
What did The Bad News Blade want from Kevin and Max? Firecrackers
What does Kevin call Tony D.? Cretin
Where are the fireworks held? The millpond
How tall are Kevin and Max combined? 9 feet
Who gets after them after the fireworks? Tony D and his friends
What do they get stuck in? The pond
How do the cops get them out? A rope
What do we find out Max's dad's nickname is? Killer Kane
What does Tony's group throw at them? Rocks
Who helps Kevin and Max? The cops
Created by: Sloan42



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