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ASCP Uri and BF, Imm

Uri and BF, Immuno

WBC blod cells casts are most likely to indicate dse of the Kidney
Crystals appears as fine, silky needles tyrosine
patient:hyperlipoproteinemia ; Microscopic: moderate fatty, waxy, granular, and cellular casts, many oval fat bodies. nephrotic syndrome
after warming to 60C, a cloudy urine clears urates
urine SG is an index of the ability of the kidney to concentrate the urine
Soln appropriate for QC of the refractometer NaCl with SG of 1.022
mucin clod determination of synovial fluid, water is mixed with: glacial acetic acid
Autoimmune disease associated with HLA-B and HLA-D antigens.
selective IgA deficiency associated with an increased incidence of autoimmune disease
high titers of Ab to ________; high risk of chronic hepatitis alpha antigen
differentiate HAV and HBV from CMV and VZ virus tissue culture isolation
The Raji cell line: has membrane receptors for C3b
immunologic abnormalities associated with malabsorption syndrome alpha chain disease
Hereditary deficiency of early complement component (C1,C4,C2) associated with: systemic lupus erythematosus
Hereditary deficiency of early complement component (C5,C6,C7 or C8) associated with: gonococcemia
anti-glomerular basement membrane antibody is most often associated with thiscondition Goodpasture's disease
cluster of differentiation (CD) designation for the E-rosette receptor CD2
Good way to monitor precision running duplicate assays
renal tubular acidosis, excrete a urine with: high pH
Glucose in urine with a normal blood sugar renal glycosuria
most likely; positive urine ketone: vomiting
confirmatory protein testing: dissolve 3 grams of sulfosalicylic acid in 100ml of water
glucosuria, hyperglycemia, and polyuria. associated with diabetes mellitus
Bruton's agammaglobulimia decrease to absent concentrations of immunoglobulins
bacterial protein used to bind human immunoglobulins Staphylococcal protein A
20nm spheres and filamentous structures of the HBV are: circulating aggregates of HBsAg
abnormal lymphocytes form rosettes w/ sheep RBC, pos for CD2 Ag, lack C3 receptor and are neg for surface immunoglobulins T cells
Infantile X-linked agammaglobulinemia Bruton's agammaglobulinemia
urine stored on fridge uncapped for 7hrs, will increase: ketones
if the correlation coefficient (r) of two variables is zero there is an absence of correlation
Maltese crosses on polarized-light microscope lipid-laden renal tubular cells
to determine if fluid is urine, test to be done: urea, creatinine, sodium, and chloride
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