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ERJ 170 Fuel syst.

Fueling system questions

How many fuel tanks does the airplane have? • 2 integral tanks
Where is fuel tank temperature taken? • Left tank
What types of fuel pumps are in each wing? • Primary ejector pump• ACMP• DCMP (right tank)• 3 scavenge ejector pumps
What is the Primary ejector pump? • Venturi pump with no moving parts and no electrical power used by the respective engine• Powered by motive flow
What is the purpose of the ACMP? • Back-up pump in case of primary ejector pump failure• Engine start• Crossfeed operations
What is the purpose of the DCMP? • Used for APU or engine start if AC power or the ACMP is not available
What is the purpose of the scavenge pumps? • Maintains fuel level in the collector box
What pump(s) is used once an engine is started? • Associated primary ejector pump
What is the purpose of the collector box? • Keeps the fuel pumps submerged• Ensures constant fuel flow to the respective engine
What is the surge/vent tank? • Collects fuel during wing-down maneuvers and returns it to the main tanks once the wings are level• Equalizes tank pressure with atmosphere in flight and during refueling
Can fuel be transferred from tank-to-tank or be dumped overboard? NO
What happens when the crossfeed switch is selected to LOW 1? • Crossfeed valve is opened• Commands the ACMP 2 to ‘ON’ to provide fuel from the right tank to both engines
What is the only way to close the engine fuel SOV? • Pull the associated engine fire extinguishing handle
When will the FUEL 1(2) LO LEVEL EICAS be presented? • 660 lbs of fuel remaining in the associated tank
Created by: rah170