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professor of phonetics Henry Higgins
the author of Spoken Sanskrit Colonel Pickering
Eliza's father; smooth taking, drunk Alfred Doolittle
author of Higgins' Universal Alphabet Henry Higgins
teaches Eliza manners, and self-respect colonel Pickering
becomes a richly endowed lecturer to a moral reform society; moves to middle class Alfred Doolittle
Treating everyone the same “behaving as if you were in Heaven where there are no third-class carriages, and one soul is as good as another.” Mr. Higgins beliefs
confirmed bachelor Henry Higgins
raining night front of a church in London's Covent Garden market, strange man/Higgins writes everything down, & well-dressed military man/Pickering poor flowergirl/Liza draws crowd Higgins tips her a sovereign, Liza takes a cab; P&H leave, freddy alone Act 1
Freddie's sister Clara Eynsford-Hill
Freddie's mother Mrs. Eynsford-Hill
falls madly in love with Liza Freddie
can tell where people come from by hearing their accent Henry Higgins
Liza comes to see Higgins wants to learn proper English; higgins abt to throw her out- has her "accent, make bet pass off as duchess in 6 months time, burn Eliza's clothes, has her shower in hot water, Eliza's dad comes asks for five pounds for booze Act 2
offers 10 pounds but says no in return for Eliza, Eliza comes out in Japanese kimono; looks pretty "Japanese Lady", likes the attention and wants to show off to the flower girls Mrs.Pearce says no when she gets new clothes Act 2
a colleague of Higgins Colonel Pickering
Higgins' housekeeper Mrs. Pearce
all go to test Eliza's work at higgins mother home; Mrs. higgins does not like the bet, higgin's likes women like his mother, Eliza will be on best behavior talk abt weather and health Freddy, Two Ehill, Eliza stunning; mrs higgins warns them Act 3
Higgins won the bet, Nepommuck passes her as Hungarian royalty pickering and higgins happy; drunk treat her as a doll, Liza holds in anger brings higgins slippers which he forgot throws slippers to his face, threatens to kil him, she's tasted high class Act 4
tasted high class cant go back to lower class where she was before; higins tries to calm her down both get mad, eliza wants know whether she can keep the clothes, higgins storms out; leaves w/ Freddie who says he loves her spend the night in taxi driving Act 4
colonel and higgins hectic after losing Liza call the police, mrs higgins blame them, mr doolittle appears looking neat, after joking that he was respected Higgins moved doolittle's class up, says he can take care of Liza now, higgins refuses, Liza comes Act 5
L ignores, thanks P treating her like a lady, D getting married, E and H fight, H of being mean, says he treats everyone the same being fair, E says she'll marry F, H laughs, E wants independence, threatens 2 use what he taught her, admits equals, Act 5
you can never rise classes you can drop
setting 19th Century /England
Mrs, Higgins middle class
flowershop lowerclass
Mr Doolittle middle class
EH middle class
author George Bernard Shaw
mother left after music teacher George John Lee, 1866 had lived with them Incredible scandalous during Victorian Era looked down upon as a Whore socially unacceptable History
1876 Shaw became a writer; Didn’t become successful until he wrote plays
• Mother helped support him • Became a vegetarian • Became a socialist • Orator (amazing speaker) • Polemicist - argues or debates controversial issues Shaws
1880s Shaw became playwright
• Business is every man for himself • Fought for equality of income Property was theft; everything should be shared Shaw's ideas/beliefs
people who don't take care of property and dirt; Capitalism slum lord
1892 wrote first play Widower's houses
Greek sculptor fell in love with statue that became real because of Aphrodite; sick of women built ideal women Pygmalion
statue that Pygmalion fell in love with Galatea
first performed in 1913 in Vienna
published and performed in London in 1916
The relationship between Higgins and Eliza - Higgins might be in love and grown dependent on her; how she remembers the shoes begs her to come back - Eliza craves for affection and love which Higgins doesn't give why she goes to Freddy he's easy; says she would like to be on an Island alone w/ H
Created by: faithxikott
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