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Various Notes

Quiz Bowl notes taken from matches

Known for the Iron Law of Wages Ricardo
Founded the Jesuits Ignacio of Loyola
Income Tax amendment 16th
Priam's Son Hector
Often called Wobblies IWW (Industrial Workers of the World)
Knossos was on this island Crete
Accredited with creating democracy (in Athens) Solon
Series of laws passed after the Boston Tea Party Intolerable Acts or Coercive Acts
Wrote "Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire" Gibbon
President that signed the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, that ended the Mexican-American War Polk
Law of Segregation (his first law) Mendel
Discovered blood types Landsteiner
Ruled England from 1509-1547 Henry VIII
The amount of thermal energy needed to change a substance from a solid to liquid Heat of fusion (occurs at the melting point)
First British Prime Minister Walpole
Louis XIV's Chief Minister Cardinal Mazarin
A ritual instrument for Hebrews; is a ram's horn Shofar
Ends a filibuster Cloture
Olympic committee is in this country Switzerland
Cousin of Frederick the Great; Was King of England George III
Describes the relationship between angles of incidence and refraction Snell's Law (of Optics or of Refraction)
Last King of Lydia who was defeated by Cyrus Cresus
Named for a village where the artists gathered in France; during the Realism movement Barbizon School
WWI raids that the legality of citizenship of radical leftists Palmer Raids
lies almost completely within the lithosphere, separates the crust from the mantle Moho (Mohorovičić discontinuity)
Friday is named for this god; Mother of Balder, Bragi, Hodur, Hermod, Thor, Tyr, and Hodur; spun the thread of life Frigga
Like water color, but heavier Guasch
Superconductivity effect that is defined as the expulsion of magnetic fields from a superconductor Meissner Effect
French King, ruled from 1715-1774; Took throne at the age of 5 Louis XV
A person who seeks to expose or reveal corruption of a business or government Muckrakers
Was a model for the League of Nations and UN; Headed by Austrian statesman Metternich; Redrew map of Europe Congress of Vienna
4 time governor of Alabama; ran for president 4 times; Pro-segregation George Wallace
Author of Walden Two Skinner
Guard room at Fort William that held British POWs and 123 of 146 prisoners died Black Hole of Calcutta
the "father of numbers" and first person to call him self a philosopher (lover of wisdom) Pythagoras
Greek historian; noteed as the "father of history"; wrote "The Histories" Herodotus
A transition from a solid to gas phase with no intermediate liquid phase Sublimation
Prussian mathematician; Wrote a letter to Euler stating that every number > 2 is the sum of 2 primes Christian Goldbach
"first citizen of Athens"; ruled Athens during the Golden Age; started the Acropolis project Pericles
called the "smoking bay" Reykjavik
Headed the De Beers diamond monopoly in Africa Cecil Rhodes (hence the name Rhodesia)
known as the "father of history" Herodotus
Point (temperature and pressure) at which 3 phases of a substance are at equilibrium Triple Point
Known as vitamin B1 Thiamin
Egyptian God of the Sun and God of War; denoted by a falcon Horus
Court painter to Napoleon David
Process that is used to make ammonia Haber Process
Planned plot to kill King Charles II of England and his brother James, Duke of York Rye House Plot
Ugandan dictator from 1971-1979 Idi Amin
increases blood sugar level; opposite of insulin Glucagon
Naturally occurring hormone produced by the adrenal cortex and is release in times of stress Cortisol
produced in the pineal gland; regulates the circadian cycle and is only produced in darkness Melatonin
Stimulates the maturation of egg cells in the ovary and stimulates production of sperm Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
Found as nodules in chalk or limestone; used to spark Flint
means "somewhere else" in Latin Alibi
cloud that reside at 23,000 ft; made of ice crystals and appear wispy Cirrus clouds
Clouds that can form supercells Cumulonimbus
Clouds that are layered and indicative of rain nimbostratus
Artificial cirrus clouds left by aircraft exhausts Contrails
a solid formed during a chemical reaction Precipitate
First laws to codify Athens; Extremely harsh Draconian Laws
signed the Compromise of 1850 Filmore
Signed Missouri compromise Monroe
Signed Kansas-Nebraska Act Pierce
Signed Homestead Act Lincoln
A liquid within a gas (hairspray) Aerosol
A gas in a liquid (whipped cream) Foam
A liquid in a solid (butter) Gel
A liquid in another liquid Emulsion
won 1945 Pulitzer Prize for photographs on Iwo Jima Joe Rosenthal
Discovered by Sir William Crookes in 1879; called it "radiant matter" Plasma
Chinese-born American architect; designed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Bank of China Tower, the John Hancock Tower, and the pyramids of the Louvre I.M. Pei
marked the start of Nero's reign the Great Fire of Rome
Biblical man who lived 969 years Methuselah
hung on November 11, 1831, led a group of slaves and killed 55 people Nat Turner
Wrote the novel Contact; hosted a TV series called Cosmos: A Personal Voyage; Carl Sagan
Ran for a third term as President under the "Bull Moose" ticket Teddy Roosevelt
Its models were Nan (the artist's sister) and Byron McKeeby (local dentist) American Gothic (by Wood)
Political party whose 2004 Presidential candidate was Michael Badnarik and have a 15-point platform Libertarian Party
This country was headed by Mugabe and declared independence from Great Britain in 1965 Zimbabwe
Thor's hammer Mjolnir
The heaviest naturally occurring element Uranium (atomic number 92)
Prison that was build in 1383 in the Hundred Years' War Bastille
18887 experiment that disproved luminiferious ether Michelson-Morley Experiment
Psychological experiment that revealed people would submit to authority, pushing and electric shock button if told to Milgram Experiment
President after Garfield was shot on July 2, 1881 Arthur
Athenian philosopher who made a virtue out of poverty; wandered the streets with a lamp looking for an honest man Diogenes
Set up a 13-member Committee of the States Articles of Confederation
Last Whig President Filmore
Capital of Wales Cardiff
The only crusade that didn't attack any Muslim cities, instead hit Constantinople Fourth Crusade
Tallest monument in the world; Designed by Eero Sarinin Gateway Arch
These are the 2 houses of British Parliament House of Commons and the House of Lords
Parliament of Israel Knesset
Parliament of Japan Diet
Type of neutron star that is very dense and very magnetic that rotates and emits a electromagnetic beam at a certain interval Pulsars
Amendment that gives 18 yr olds the right to vote 26th Amendment
Compounds with single unpaired electrons; dissociated by light in the air Free Radicals
British PM from 1902-1905; Foreign Secretary from 1916 to 1919; namesake declaration about making Palestine a Jewish state Balfour
Arose from the European Coal and Steel Community the EU
Indian God; Father of Ganesh; destroyer of Trimurti Shiva
The only spin-0 particle in the Standard Model; could explain difference between weak nuclear and electromagnetic forces; would explain why some matter has mass Higgs boson
Nuclear proteins that serve as beads for DNA to wrap around Histones
Carol Bartz heads this company Yahoo
Only holocaust survivor to serve in Congress Tom Lantos
1814 battle that is also called the Battle of Plattsburgh Battle of Lake Champlain
His famous speeches include "Message to the Grassroots" and "Ballot or the Bullet" Malcom X
Finest classical Greek sculpture; famous for Zeus at Olympia Phidias
Defined as the tendency of an atom to attract electrons in a bond; measured on the Millikan or Pauling scales Electronegativity
Largest hydroelectric plant in the US Grand Coulee Dam
Reservoir of Grand Coulee Dam FDR Lake
Largest US reservoir; belongs to the Hoover Dam; Valley of Fire park is along its shores Lake Mead
1690 battle between the catholic King James and the Protestant King William; named for a river the battle was fought on Battle of the Boyne
Low mass stars (no more than 40% of the Sun's mass); slowly fuse hydrogen and can live for 100 billion years; only about 10% of the sun's luminosity Red Dwarves
The hottest layer of the sun; the plasmic "atmosphere"; 1 to 3 million K hot Corona
the point and line at which all points on a parabola are equidistant Focus and Directrix
King of the Geats; fights Grendel Beowulf
Has 2 sisters--Stheno and Euryale and was raped by Poseidon Medusa
Replaced Alan Greenspan as chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke
Fear of heights Acrophobia
Fear of the number 13 Triskaidekaphobia
Fear of birds Orinthophobia
1st US president to have never held an elected office; did in 1850 and was replaced by VP John Tyler Zachary Taylor
Greek for "without pain"; mild forms include aspirin and ibuprofen Analgesic
H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide
Royal Navy ship mutiny; William Blight was commander (he eventually made it to Australia and was a Governor of New South Wales and sparked the 1808 Rum Rebellion--only successful armed rebellion in Australian history) HMAV Bounty
First American to win the Nobel Prize in Literature Sinclair Lewis
Theoretical particle that travels faster than the speed of light Tachyons
Defined as various forms of one element Allotropes
Has white and red allotropes Phosphorus
Wrote "The History of the Peloponnesian War Thucydides
Also known as the citric acid cycle Krebs Cycle
Man who shot MLK Jr. James Earl Ray
A toxic substance made by a fungus Mycotoxins
Roman Emperor that built a wall across England to keep barbarian Scots out; ruled from AD 117-138 and was known as one of the "Five Good Emperors" Hadrian
Lost 1996 Presidential election to Bill Clinton Bob Dole
Cells that HIV attacks CD4+ Helper T cells
H2SO4 Sulfuric Acid
Refused to sign the Constitution due to a lack of a Bill of Rights; Drafted the Virginia Declaration of Rights which led to the Bill of Rights George Mason
Johnston Stoney predicted their existence in 1874, but Thomson didn't discover them until 1897 Electrons
This "army" was led by Walter Waters and was stopped by Douglas MacArthur Bonus Army
Was Jimmy Carter's VP Walter Mondale
The 2 departments created by Carter Department of Energy and Department of Education
Was discovered by Ponce de Leon; keeps Norway's ports ice-free Gulf Stream or North Atlantic Drift
Shinto personified deities; Hirohito claimed he was one and had to denounce such claims after the nuclear bombings Kami
Proposed the Connecticut Compromise Roger Sherman
President of Pakistan from 2001-2008 Musharraf
Freud described this as a mixture of a father figure and cultural morals Superego
Proposed the existence of the neutrino and proved fermions have 1/2 integer spin Pauli
Also known as the Law of Segregation Mendel's first law
Ohio river that caught fire in 1969; once known as the most polluted river in the US and is described as "oozes rather than flows" Cuyahoga River
Ruled England from 1837-1901 and was the last Hanover British monarch Queen Victoria
Known as base 60; used by the Babylonians Sexigesimal
Has the smallest US coastline and contains the Merrimack River New Hampshire
Any one-celled organism which moves via pseudo pods Amoeba
1854 plan to buy or conquer Cuba from Spain; written by John Mason and James Buchanan Ostend Manifesto
Claimants to, but not recognized as the head of the Roman Catholic Church Antipopes
Cathedral that was redesigned after the Great Fire of London St. Paul's Cathedral
The world's largest cave; lies in Kentucky Mammoth Cave
Last Communist leader of Romania; executed in 1989 Nicolae Ceausescu
Was the last king of independent Scotland; King of England from 1603-1625; Took throne of Scotland when he was just 13 months old James IV of Scotland of James I of England
Author of Far From the Madding Crowd Hardy
Device used to measure wind speed Anemometer
artist who painted The School of Athens Raphael
novel by Herman Wouk which features Captain Queeg The Caine Mutiny
most common name for the North Star Sirius
Name of the island shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic Hispaniola
Founder of the American Red Cross Clara Barton
Supreme Court case that said a woman had a constitutional right to an abortion because it violated a woman's right to privacy Roe v. Wade
French queen known as "Madame Deficit" Marie Antoinette
first ever US Poet Laureate Warren
the right to vote suffrage
Second largest desert in the world Arabian Desert
place where the temple of Zeus was constructed Olympia, Greece
last King of England William III
Roman God of Fire Vulcan
element with symbol "Pa" Protactinium
Author of Pilgrim's Progress Bunyan
American playwright who wrote Barefoot in the Park, Lost in Yonkers, and The Odd Couple Neil Simon
composer of the opera The Pearl Fishers Bizet
Crowned Napoleon Emperor in 1804 Pope Pius VII
Poet who wrote Ode on a Grecian Urn Yeats
Main hormone produced in the adrenal glands Cortisol
First Prime Minister of India Nehru
First female Prime Minister of India Indira Ghandi
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