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Blk 1 Final 3

Questions to study for final

The angle between the chord line and the relative wind is the _____________ Angle of Attack
When an airplane tends to return to its original position after the disruptive force is removed. It is said to have _________ static stability Postive
The most often used lift-modifying device for airplanes is the Wing Flap
When air is flowing at supersonic speeds the air acts like a ____________ fluid Compressible
The most difficult flight regime for an airplane because part of the wing experiences subsonic and part is experiencing supersonic airflow is called _____flight Transonic
A four cylinder engine has a cylinder bore of 3.5 inches and is 8.5 inches deep. Piston on bottom center the top of the piston is 4 inches from the bottom of the cylinder. What is the piston displacement 173 inches
4-3[-6(2+3) + 4}= 82
Express 7/8 as a percent 87.5%
If the volume of a cylinder with the piston at bottom center is 84 cubic inches and the piston displacement is 70 cubic inches the the compressionratio is ___ 6 to 1
What is the speed of the spur gear with 84 teeth driven by a pinion gear with 14 teeth, turning 420 RPM. 70 RPM
(-3 +2)(-12 -4) +(-4 + 6) x 2= 20
Leading edge slots are placed ahead of the ailerons for what reason so during a wing stall the inboard part of the wing stalls first and the ailerons are still useable
Atmospheric pressure at any altitude is due to the weight of air above it, pressure ________ with increased altitude decreases
Allowable takeoff gross weight is reduced for operations in humid areas. Why? humid air is less dense than dry air
Which rotor system is used with a two blade main rotor semi-rigid
Left and Right sides of the aircraft correspond to how the pilot sets in the cockpit
Maximum weight of an aircraft is defines as maximum authorized aircraft weight and its contents
Useful load of an aircraft is the difference between the maximum gross weight and empty weight
What stability of an airplane involves the amount of time it takes for it to react to its static stability after it has been displaced form a condition of equilibrium dynamic stability
Balance tabs and servo tabs move in the opposite direction of the flight controls trailing edge providing what? a force that helps the flight control move
What in physics denotes both speed and sound of an object and the direction in which it is traveling Velocity
In physics what are the factors necessary to determine power (3) Force exerted, distance the force moves, and time required to do the work
The empty weight of an airplane is determined by subtracting tare weight form the scale reading and adding the weight of each weighing point
Zero fuel weight is what? maximum permissible weight of a loaded aircraft with passengers, crew, and cargo without fuel
To obtain useful weight data for purposed of determining the CG, it is necessary that an aircraft be weighed in a level flight attitude
Created by: swarden
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