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Blk 1 Final 2

Study Questions

Movement around the longitudinal axis is called Roll
Purpose of the Trim Tabs Create an aerodynamic force that keeps the flight control in a deflected position
Air flowing at subsonic speeds is said to be a ________ fluid. incompressable
What rotor system are the blades not hinged for movement up/down or fore/aft rigid
The monocoque fuselage relies largely on the strength of the _______ to carry the primary loads. Skin
What are the six simple machines used in reference to Physics lever,pulley,wheel and axle,incline plane,screw, and the gear
Energy at rest or stored is know as ________ energy potential
1 horsepower equals how many foot pounds of work per minute 33000
The speed of sound varies according to what density and temperature of the atmosphere
What is not stress but the result of stress strain
FAA document gives the leveling means for weight and balance of an aircraft TCDS
When an aircraft is being weighed it should be located in a closed hanger
When adding equipment to an aircraft, what determines if the value is + or - location of the equipment in reference to the datum
Determining the empty weight of an aircraft certified since 1978 the oil in the tank is part of the empty weight
Improper loading of a helicopter which results in exceeding fore or aft CG is hazardous due to reduction or loss of effective cyclic pitch control
Sound is measured in ______ Decibels
In the throat of a venturi, the velocity of the fluid will be __________ and the pressure will be _______ increased, reduced
Mass is a measure of what in an object quantity of matter
-6[-9(-8+4)- 2(7+3)]= -96
Physicists recognize two basic principles in machines. What are the two machines lever and inclined plane
Heat is a form of energy that is produce by what the conversion of one of the other forms of energy
The measurement of the pull of gravity acting on the mass of an object is called ________ Weight
2/4 (30 + 34)5= 160
What is the formula for Work FxD Force x Distance
Most common type of airframe Construction semimonocoque
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