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Chief Formula Herbs

Dosage, Functions, Contraindications

Sang Ye 4.5 - 9 g L, Lv, Sweet, Bitter, Cold ٠Light, rising, cooling & moistening. ٠Disperses wind heat. ٠Cools & drains the Lu & Lv None noted
Ju Hua 4.5 - 15 g L, Lv, Sweet, Bitter, Sl. cold ٠Cooling, aromatic & light. ٠Can ascend & descend. ٠Drain or tonify ٠ Particularly effective for dispersing wind heat ٠Cooling & tonifying the Lv ٠Brightening the eyes ٠Resolving toxicity Don't use in large dosage in patients with: ٠Qi xu ٠Stomach cold ٠Diarrhea
Ge Gen 9 - 21 g Sp, S, Sweet, Acrid, Cool ٠Raises the clear yang qi of yangming. ٠Encourages the St Qi. ٠Releases the muscle layer heat. ٠Vents rashes. ٠Alleviates thirst by raising St fluids. ٠Treats diarrhea None noted
Chai Hu 3 - 9 g G, P, Lv, SJ, Bitter, Acrid, Cool ٠Treats alternating chills & fever. ٠Releases heat in the muscle layer. ٠Harmonizes Shaoyang stage disorder. ٠Raises the clear Qi of the St & GB. ٠Relieves Lv Qi constraint ٠Should not be used when the true yin has been severely damaged. ٠Don't use with hyperactivity of Lv yang.
Shi Gao 15 - 60 g Lu, St Sweet, Acrid, Very cold ٠Very cold ٠ Excels at cooling Lu & St Fire ٠Desperses to vent to the exterior and release the muscle layer CI'ed: ٠Cold from Sp & St xu ٠Fever from yin xu
Sheng Di Huang 9 - 15 g H, K Liv, Sweet, Bitter, Cold ٠Enriches yin ٠ Cools the blood ٠Clears heat CI'ed: ٠Significant dampness from Sp xu ٠ In those with loose stools & abdominal fullness
Huang Lian 1.5 - 9 g H, LI, Liv, St, Bitter, Cold ٠Cools heat ٠Drains fire, esp from Ht & St ٠Dries damp ٠ Resolves toxicity Caution in those with: ٠ Patterns of cold ٠Yang xu or yin xu ٠Cold from Sp/St xu
Long Dan Cao 3 - 9 g G, Liv, S, Bitter, Cold ٠Drains fire from excess in Lv & GB ٠Eliminates lower burner damp heat CIed in cases of cold from deficieny of Sp or St
Jin Yin Hua 6 - 20 g LI, L, S, Sweet, Cold ٠Disperses heat ٠Resolves toxicity ٠Cools the blood ٠Charred: Stops bleeding CIed: ٠Sp & St deficiency cold ٠Qi deficient sores with clear pus
Lian Qiao 6 - 15 g H, L, G, Bitter, Sl acrid, Sl Cold ٠Cools & vents heat, particularly in the Upper Jiao & Ht ٠Resolves toxicity ٠ Disperses clumps Within normal doses, no side effects
Qing Hao 6 - 12 g K, Liv, G, Bitter, Acrid, Cold ٠Clears all types of yin level heat without injuring the qi, blood, & yin CI'ed: ٠Weak digestion ٠Watery diarrhea
Da Huang 3 - 15 g H, LI, Liv, S, Bitter, Cold ٠Purges clumped heat to the Intestines ٠Cools the blood ٠Removes blood stasis ٠Charred: Stops bleeding CI'ed: ٠Not in those with a weak stomach ٠Avoided by Qi & blood xu people who don't have stagnation CAUTION: ٠Menstruation ٠Pregnancy ٠Lactation
Fu Ling 9 - 15 g H, Sp, K, L, Sweet, Bland, Neutral ٠Tonfies Spleen ٠Eliminates dampness ٠Calms Heart Spirit Caution: ٠Yin xu ٠Sunken Sp Qi ٠Cold from deficiency w/ spermatorrhea
Zhu Ling 6 - 12 g Sp, K, B, Sweet, Bland, Sl. Cool ٠Promotes urination ٠Leaches out dampness ٠Facilitates fluid metabolism Don't use in the absence of dampness
Ze Xie 4.5 - 9 g K, B, Sweet, Bland, Cold ٠Facilitates the fluid pathways ٠Clears blazing ministerial fire Caution: ٠Sunken middle burner qi
Mu Tong 3 - 6 g B, H, SI, Bitter, Sl. Cold, Can be toxic ٠Promotes urination ٠Directs fire & damp-heat downward & out through the urine ٠Facilitates lactation Caution: ٠Pregnancy
Du Huo 3 - 9 g K, B, Bitter, Acrid, Warm ٠Treats painful obstruction in lower body ٠Dispels lurking wind in the Kid channel ٠Drying & readily injures the Yin Caution: Yin or blood xu ٠Should not be used in patients with internal wind
Chuan Bei Mu 3 - 9 g H, L, Bitter, Sweet, Sl. Cold ٠Cools, moistens, directs the Lu Qi & Ht fire downward to transform phlegm ٠ Alleviates cough ٠Relieves constraint ٠Disperses clumped phlegm heat Unsuitable for probs associated with ٠Cold phlegm or ٠Damp phlegm
Zhe Bei Mu 4.5 - 9 g H, L, Bitter, Cold ٠Cold, Drains heat ٠Transforms phlegm heat ٠Releases constraint ٠Dissipates nodules, esp in the neck & breast None noted
Zhu Ru 4.5 - 9 g L, S, G, Sweet, Sl Cold ٠Cools the Lungs, St & GB ٠Scours phlegm ٠Releases constraint ٠Alleviates nausea None noted
Ban Xia 3 - 9 g L, SP, S, Acrid, Warm, Toxic ٠Opening, slippery for directing rebellious qi downward ٠ Bitter for drying ٠Best used for thin phlegm or dampness as well as rebellious St Qi Caution: ٠Dry cough from Yin xu ٠Sore throat from fire excess ٠Bleeding
Zi Wan 5 - 9 g L, Acrid, Bitter, Sl. Warm ٠Acrid- dispersing ٠Bitter- draining ٠Warm & moistening w/o drying ٠Stops cough ٠ Facilitates urination ٠Enters both the qi & blood None noted
Zi Su Zi 3 - 9 g LI, L, Acrid, Warm ٠Best at directing qi downward to disperse phlegm & calm wheezing ٠Moistens the intestines, except in its prepared form CI: Severe diarrhea from Qi Xu
Bai Bu 3 - 9 g L, Sweet, Bitter, Sl Warm ٠Excels at directing qi down to alleviate all types of cough, particularly chronic & deficient types CI: Loose stools from SP xu
Cang Zhu 3 - 9 g Sp, S, Acrid, Bitter, Warm ٠Dries damp ٠Induces sweating ٠Strengthens Sp & St ٠Treats atrophy disorders from DampHeat of Low Burner ٠Helps vision CI: ٠Internal heat from Yin xu ٠Profuse sweating from deficiency in exterior
Shan Zha 9 - 12 g Liv, Sp, S, Sour, Sweet, Sl Warm ٠Reduces food stag, especially meat & greasy foods ٠Invigorates the blood flow ٠ Alleviates diarrhea & dysentery Caution: Sp or St weakness or xu ٠Large doses are absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy. Can lead to fetal death
Chen Pi 3 - 9 g L, Sp, S, Acrid, Bitter, Warm, Aromatic ٠Promotes flow of qi. ٠Dries damp Caution: ٠Heat from excess ٠Unsuitable for dyr coughs due to qi or yin xu ٠Long term - can injure primal qi
Ju Hong 3 - 9 g Lu, St, Acrid, Bitter, Warm Used primarily for ٠ Vomiting ٠Belching ٠Phlegm damp coughs ٠More aromatic & drying than Chen Pi ٠Less effective in harmonizing the Middle & Regulating Sp & St None noted
Xiang Fu 6 - 12 g Liv, SJ, G, Acrid, Sl bitter, Sl sweet, Neutral ٠Promotes flow of qi in the Lv & St ٠Regs menstruation ٠Alleviates pain CI: ٠Qi xu & no stag ٠Yin xu & heat ٠Heat in the blood
Tao Ren 4.5 - 9 g H, LI, Liv, L, Bitter, Neutral, Sweet ٠Invigs blood ٠Dispels stasis ٠Moistens the Intestines ٠Stops cough & wheeze CI: ٠Blood xu ٠During pregnancy
Zhi Cao Wu 1.3 - 3 g Liv, Sp, K, Acrid, Bitter, Hot, Very Toxic ٠Scours out wind ٠Disperses cold ٠Eliminates pain from cold ٠Breaks up accumulations due to Qi stag None noted, except this herb is really toxic & must be processed
Gan Jiang 3 - 9 g H, L, Sp, St, Acrid, Hot ٠Warms the Sp ٠Transforms thin mucus ٠Unblocks the channels ٠ Revives the yang CI: ٠Internal heat from yin xu ٠Heat in the blood leads to bleeding ٠Caution: Pregnancy
Wu Zhu Yu 1.5 - 4.5 g Liv, Sp, S, Acrid, Bitter, Hot, Sl Toxic ٠Strongly warms the middle & lower burner ٠Stops nausea & vomiting due to cold ٠Alleviates cold pain in the chest & abdomen Should not be consumed long term ٠CI: Yin xu leading to heat signs
Ren Shen 3 - 9 g, .5 - 1 g (powder), up to 30 g (ER) L, Sp, Sweet, Sl Bitter, Sl warm ٠Powerfully tonifies the primal qi of the five organs ٠Nourishes the yin ٠Revives from collapse ٠Stops heavy bleeding ٠Can contribute to retention of pathogen. NOT TO BE USED: ٠Steaming bone disorder ٠ Bleeding d/t heat in the blood ٠Ascendant Lv yang ٠Any condition d/t fire from constraint ٠Not to be taken w/ caffeine or other stims
Huang Qi 9 - 15 g, up to 30 g L, Sp, Sweet, Sl Warm ٠Raises the yang qi ٠Tonifies Lu & Sp Qi ٠Stops sweating ٠Facilitate urination ٠Promotes the discharge of pus ٠Generates flesh Inappropriate: ٠Early stages of sores ٠When there is significant heat toxin present after the sores have ulcerated
Shu Di Huang 9 - 30 g H, K, Liv, Sweet, Sl Warm ٠Tonifies the blood ٠Enriches the yin ٠Generates the essence ٠Augments the marrow ٠Very cloying & readily leads to stag of dampness.٠Impedes digestion ٠CI: ٠Qi Stag ٠Profuse phlegm ٠Phlegm, fullness & pain in abdomen ٠Reduced appetite ٠Diarrhea
Bai Shao 6 - 15 g Lv, Sp, Bitter, Sour, Mildly cold ٠Tonifies Lv Blood ٠Extinguishes wind ٠Stops pain ٠Nourishes the Lv & Sp yin None noted
Gui Ban 15 -45 g H, K, Lv, Salty, Sweet, Cold ٠Strongly tonifies Lv & Kd yin ٠Subdues the yang ٠Strengthens the bones ٠Unblocks the Ren CI: ٠Pregnancy ٠In those w/ cold dampness of the St
Bie Jia 9 - 30 g Liv, Sp, Salty, Sl Cold ٠Tonifies the yin ٠Subdues the yang ٠Clears heat from xu ٠Softens areas of hardness ٠Disperses clumping CI: ٠Pregnancy ٠In those w/ deficiency of the Sp & St
Fu Xiao Mai 15 - 30 g H, Sweet, Sl. Salty, Cool ٠Augments the Ht Qi ٠Inhibits the Ht fluids ٠Clears heat from the pores & interstices, so it stops spontaneous sweats & night sweats CI:٠Sweating from pathogen
Suan Zao Ren 9 - 15 g G, H, Lv, Sp, Sweet, Sour, Neutral ٠Nourishes the Ht Yin & Lv Blood ٠Promotes sleep ٠Inhibits sweating CI: ٠Severe diarrhea ٠Heat from excess
Gou Teng 6 - 15 g P, Lv, Sweet, Sl. Cold ٠Drains Lv heat ٠Settles Lv wind Caution: ٠Absence of wind-heat ٠Heat from excess (Don't decoct for longer than 20 mins)
Tian Ma 3 - 9 g Lv, Sweet, Neutral ٠Calms the Lv with gentle nourishment None noted
Shi Jue Ming 15 - 30 g K, Lv, Salty, Cold ٠Cools Lv heat ٠Anchors Lv yang ٠Extinguishes Lv wind ٠Nourishes Lv yin Caution: Cold from deficiency of Sp & St w/reduced appetite & loose stools
Gui Zhi 3 - 9 g L, B, H, Acrid, Sweet, Bitter ٠Light & warm ٠Releases the muscle layer ٠Unblocks the yang Qi. Warms the middle CI'd in: ٠Warm heat pathogen disease. ٠Yin xu w/heat signs. ٠Heat in blood w/ vomiting. Use only 6 g or less when pregnancy or excessive menses. Use discouraged if signs of pathogenic heat.
Qiang Huo 3 - 9 g B, K, Acrid, Bitter, Aromatic, Warm ٠Clear, strong aroma, ٠Travels thru Qi level ٠Light in weight, reaches vertex & upper body. ٠Travels thru the limbs. ٠ Expels superficial dampness. CIed in blood deficient painful obstruction
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