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Quiz 2

Airport City Code

DCA Washington DC
IAD Dulles Washington
FLL Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood FL
JAX Jacksonville FL
MIA Miami FL
MCO Orlando FL
TPA Tampa FL
ATL Atlanta Hartsfield FL GA
KOA Kailua HI
OGG Kahului HI
HNL Honolulu HI
BOI Boise ID
MDW Midway IL
ORD Chicago, O'Hare IL
PIA Peoria IL
SPI Springfield
FWA Fort Wayne Id
IND Indianapolis IN
SBN South Bend IN
CID Cedar Rapids IA
DSM Des Moines IA
SUX Sioux IA
ICT Wichita KS
SDF Louisville KY
LEX Lexington KY
BTR Baton Rouge LA
MSY New Orleans LA
SHV Shreveport LA
PWM Portland ME
BWI Baltimore MD
BOS Boston, Logan MD
DTW Detroit Metropolitan MI
FNT Flint MI
GRR Grand Rapids MI
LAN Lansing MI
MBS Freeland,MI
DLH Duluth MN
MSP Minneapolis/St.Paul MN
RST Rochester MN
JAN Jackson MS
MCI Kansas City MO
STL St Louis, Lambert MO
SGF Springfield IL
CMH Columbus OH
RFD Rockford, IL
SAV Savannah GA
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