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Herb Summaries.

Tonifying herbs and Interior Warming

Gan Jiang Rescues devastated Yang from collapse. ٠Esp. for tx of cold from Sp/St xu. ٠Long lasting effect. ٠Disperses cold from MidJ iao. ٠For pain & feeling of cold in epigastrum. ٠Warms Lu. ٠Transforms phlegm. Stops cough ٠Warms Sp. For pain & diarrhea.
Zhi Fu Zi Rescues devastated yang from collapse. ٠Warms/assists Ht & Kd yang ٠For cold/Yang xu from Low Jiao xu. ٠Less localized, more penetrating & immediate than Gan Jiang.٠Revives yang ٠Warms/tonifies Mingmen fire ٠Strongly disperses cold. Used correctly = Safe.
Rou Gui Warms & tonifies fire at Mingmen. ٠Treats yang xu & cold from lower jiao xu.٠Milder in action than Zhi Fu Zi. ٠NOT for rescue from yang collapse ٠Spec. For treating lower jiao disorders. ٠Leads Mingmen fire back to its source
Wu Zhu Yu Disperses cold from Mid Jiao. ٠For pain & feeling of cold in epigastrum. ٠Cold bulging disorders ٠Diarrhea due to cold in Low Jiao ٠For burping & throwing up when Liv is involved.
Gao Liang Jiang Warms St more than Gan Jiang. ٠For epigastric pain & coldness with burping or throwing up
Bi Ba Treats cold from Mid Jiao xu disorders. ٠Hotter than other herbs. ٠For deeply sunken middle jiao cold causing Ab pain, Nausea, Throwing up.
Hua Jiao For cold from Middle Jiao xu disorders. ٠Dries damp ٠Kills parasites
Xiao Hui Xiang Warms Middle & Lower Jiao ٠Tonifies Kd yang ٠Regs flow of Qi (thru Lv chan) ٠Treats bulging disorders. ٠Stops pain
Ding Xiang Warms Middle & Upper Jiao ٠Tonifies Kd Yang ٠Directs Qi downward & stops hiccups.
Hu Jiao Limited to warming Middle Jiao & dispersing St cold with sx of ٠ throwing up ٠diarrhea ٠abdominal pain
Dang Shen Substituted for Ren Shen. Preferred over Ren Shen in cases of Lu & Sp xu
Ren Shen Use when Qi & Yang collapse ٠Preferred herb when want to tonify Yuan Qi
Huang Qi Strongly tonifies Yuan Qi. ٠Raises Qi ٠Enhances Wei Qi ٠Improves fluid metabolism ٠Combined with Blood Tonifying herbs to increase Blood production
Bai Zhu Focused on Strengthening Sp & drying damp. ٠For when Qi xu either causes dampness or dampness blocks the Sp ٠Used with Ren Shen to support Sp function & ensure ongoing production of Qi.
Shan Yao Relatively neutral, mild. ٠Used to tonify Qi & Yin ٠Not greasy ٠To tonify Lu, Sp, & Kd Qi & Yin. ٠Astringent-->for ٠incontinence ٠collapse
Gan Cao Moderate. Counteracts toxic effects of other herbs. Guides actions of herbs into the 12 channels & tonifies qi.
Da Zao Moderate. Counteracts toxic effects of other herbs. ٠Tonifies Qi & Blood ٠Calms spirit
Shu Di Huang Tonifies Lv & Kd Blood & Yin essence ٠Focuses more on Kd than Zhi He Shou Wu ٠Viscous, cloying
E Jiao More moistening than Shu Di Huang. ٠Enriches Lu yin ٠Stops bleeding ٠Best for blood xu with concurrent bleeding
Dang Gui Treats patterns of pain & blood xu ٠Tonifies, warms & invigorates blood
Bai Shao For patterns of pain & blood xu. ٠Secures yin, somewhat cool. ٠Best for treating blood xu accompanied by heat. ٠Comforts Lv
Gou Qi Zi Enriches Kd & Lu Yin ٠Nourishes Lv blood. Warm in nature ٠Mildly tonifies Kd yang, Kd Yin, Liv & Moistens Lu.
Sang Shen Primarily tonifies Ht, Lv, Kd Yin & Blood. ٠Cool in nature. ٠Mild actions
Long Yan Rou Tonifies both Ht & Sp Blood & Qi ٠Calms spirit
Lu Rong Strong & balanced Kd yang tonic. ٠Fortifies Yuan Yang ٠Generates essence ٠Augments marrow & blood. ٠Strengthens sinews. ٠Imp for reg the Chong & Ren; Augments Du
Rou Cong Rong Tonifies Kd. ٠Fortifies Yang ٠Augments essence ٠Moistens Intestines ٠For impotence ٠infertility ٠Weakness of Low back ٠Constipation. ٠More moistening than Suo Yang ٠Better than Suo Yang for infertility in Women
Suo Yang Tonifies Kidneys ٠Fortifies Yang ٠Augments Essence ٠Moistens Intestines For ٠Impotence ٠Infertility ٠Weakness of low back ٠Constipation ٠More potent in tonifying yang. ٠Better than Rou Cong Rong for impotence in Men
Ba Ji Tian Fortify Kd yang. Strengthens sinews ٠Expels wind damp ٠Fairly mild, not very drying ٠ Augments Essence & strengthens sinews & bones. ٠Best used in cases of Yang xu w/ cold-damp
Yin Yang Huo Fortifies Kd Yang. ٠Strengthens sinews. ٠Expels wind damp ٠Very drying, readily injures yin. ٠Esp useful for painful obstruction in pts with waning fire in Mingmen.
Xian Mao Fortify Kd yang. Strengthens sinews. ٠Expels wind damp. ٠Stronger & harder than Ba Ji Tian & Yin Yang Huo ٠Very effective. Not to be taken long term or in lg doses.
Du Zhong Tonifies Lv & Kd. ٠Treats pain in low back ٠Calms restless fetus ٠More effective when problem is primarily due to deficiency
Xu Duan Tonifies Lv & Kd ٠Treats low back pain ٠ Calms restless fetus ٠Used more for treating low back pain with significant aspects of both 1)wind damp & 2) Kd deficiency
Gu Sui Bu Strengthens sinews & bones Indicated for ٠Tinnitus ٠ Deafness ٠Wandering teeth due Kd deficiency
Bu Gu Zhi Tonifies Kd & warms Sp. ٠For treating both diarrhea & urinary incontinence ٠Kd tonifying props are more pronounced
Yi Zhi Ren Tonifies Kd & warms Sp. ٠For treating both diarrhea & urinary incontinence ٠Predominant quality- Sp warming
Tu Si Zi Tonifies Kd. ٠Retains Essence ٠Nourishes Lv ٠Brightens eyes ٠Focuses more on tonifying
He Tao Ren Tonifies Kd & Lu. ٠For cough & wheeze due to Lu & Kd xu
Hu Lu Ba Fortifies Original Yang ٠Drives out cold & dampness from lower jiao. ٠Often used for ab pain caused by cold-type bulging disorders ٠Its mild aroma drives out luring cold qi congealed in Lower jiao
Sha Shen Produces fluids ٠ Moistens Lu ٠Tonifies Lu Yin
Mai Men Dong Produces fluids ٠ Moistens Lu ٠ Tonifies Lu yin. Focused more on Upper & Middle Jiaos. ٠Treats St Yin Xu. ٠Often used with Tian Men Dong for dry cough associated with Lu Yin Xu.
Bai He Produces fluids ٠ Moistens Lu ٠ Tonifies Lu Yin
Tian Men Dong Colder & more effective than Mai Men Dong in 1) Clearing & moistening dry heat in the Lu & 2) Reducing fire from Kid Yin xu ٠Heavily viscous, cloying nature, which readily produces stagnation
Xi Yang Shen Strongly tonifies both qi & yin. ٠Cools fire from Yin xu which causes long term wheezing & coughing of blood streaked sputum
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