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RNA viruses

Mod 5 lec 2

Arenavirus ss, envelope, helical capsid, meningitis, rodent resevoir, BIo level4
Bunyavirus ss, envelope, helical capsid, encephalitis, hantavirus, not isolated in lab
calicivirus ss, no envelope, icosahedral, norovirus and Norwalk virus
Coronavirus ss, envelope, pleomorphic/spherical capsid with large club-shaped projections, SARS and common cold
Filovirus ss, helical, long and slender, monkey reservoir, bio-level4, Ebola
Flavivirus ss, envelope, icosahedral, hepatic diseases- yellow and dengue fever, west nile virus, HCV
HCV only human vector, serology- EIA, western blot, RIBA, also by molecular
Orthomyxovirus ss, segmented, helical capsid, envelope. Replicated in cytoplasm. Neuraminidase and hemagglutinin surface ags- flu
Influenza A,B,C segmented genome allows for heavy reassortment N, H ags provide subtpye. Cultured using CPE, hemadsorption
Paramyxovirus ss, helical, envelope, replicate in nucleus and cytoplasm. mumps, measles, RSV, parainfluenza
Parainfluenza resp infection, 4 antigenic types, throat swab, cell culture w/ hemaadsorption
measles maculopapular rash, fever, resp disease. culture w/ hemadsoption
mumps infects partoid salivary glands, also testis, ovaries, kidney. throat swab or urine, ID'ed with hemadsorption
RSV- respiratory syncytial virus bronchioltis, pneumonia in infants. Produces typical CPE, rapid tests, confirm with monoclonal ab
Metapneumovirus Acute resp tract infections in adults and children. PCR for diagnosis, annual in winter/spring
Picornavirus ss, very small, icosahedral, no envelope, replicate in cytoplasm
Rhinovirus common cold, can be cultured, acid sensitive, only URT, limited growth at 37c
HAV fecal/oral transmission, no cell culture, diagnose with serology
Reovirus Respiratory Enteric Orphan. ds, no envelope, icosahedral, replicates in cytoplasm, infantile diarrhea, ELISA diagnosis
Retrovirus ss, envelope, RT(reverse transcriptase), integrates into genome, replicates in cytoplasm and nucleus
HIV cylindical or conical shape, infects CD4 cells, ELISA and Western blot. secondary diseases- CMV, Kaposi's sarcoma, pneumosistic pneumonia
Rhabdovirus ss, bullet shaped, replicates in cytoplasm, rabies
Rabies infected animals, effects CNS, incub 2-6wks. diagnosed in suspect animal bu immunofluorescence of brain tissue
Togavirus ss, envelope, icosahedral, rubella
Arbovirus E and W equine encephalitis, bird resevoir- mosquito vector. culture possible but ususally diag by serology
Rubella droplet transmission, mild disease in children, causes birth defects if occurs during pregnancy. usually serology but can be cultured
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