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Immno Multi Choice

Immunology Questions Medical Laboratory Science Multiple Choice

Which 2 are common to both RNA and DNA? a) exists primarily as single-stranded molecule. b) consists of sugar, phosphate reside, and a purine or pyrimidine base. c) contains pyrimidine and uracil. d) linked by phophodiester bonds b)consists of sugar, phosphate reside, and a purine or pyrimidine base. d) linked by phophodiester bonds
12 weeks after onset of the disease, pt with uncomplicated acute hep B usually will demonstrate what in their serum? a) HBsAg b) Anti-HTLV c) Anti-HBe d) Anti-HIV c) Anti-HBe
Define hapten: a) a carrier molecule for an antigen that is not an antigen alone b) a nonimmunogenic material capable of stimulating an immune response only when bound to a carrier protein c) an Ig functional only in the presence of complement b) a nonimmunogenic material capable of stimulating an immune response only when bound to a carrier protein
The rheumatoid factor in rheumatoid arthritis is primarily which type of Ig? a) IgM b) IgG c) IgA d) IgD a) IgM
Light chains of Ig can be comprised of? a) alpha or beta b) alpha or lambda c) kappa or lambda d) kappa or beta c) kappa or lambda
Corneal tissue may be transplanted successfully from one PT to another because: a) the absence of class II transplantation antigens b) the cornea is non-antigenic c) anti-corneal antibodies are easily suppressed d) corneal antigens dont activate Tcell a) the absence of class II transplantation antigens
What is the half life of IgG? a) 2-3 days b) 1-3 days c) 7 days d) 23 days d) 23 days
Which is responsible for causing graft-versus-host reactions? a) lymphocytes b) monocytes c) granulocytes d) platelets a) lymphocytes
What class of Ig is able to agglutinate RBCs after anti-human globulin is added? a) IgG b) IgA c) IgM d) IgE e) IgD a) IgG
The prozone effect, when performing a screening titer, is most likely to result in: a) false positive b) false negative c) no reaction d) mixed reaction b) false negative
Which assay is most helpful in identifying specific allergens? a) RAST b) RIA c) CRP d) complement fixation a) RAST
What part of the Ig molecule is responsible for the different classes? a) Fc b) Fab c) heavy chains d) light chains c) heavy chains
What disease is suspected with these findings? Total Protein=8.4 gm/dL | ANA >1:2560 speckled | CRP = pos | C3 = 30 | C4 = 5 a) scleroderma b) Sjogren's syndrome c) SLE d) rheumatoid arthritis c) SLE
What mediator is released during Tcell activation? a) serotonin b) lymphokines c) thymosin d) Ig e) cytoplasmic granules b) lymphokines
Which of the following genes initiate synthesis of DNA, promote cell division, and inhibit cell death? a) proto-oncogenes b) tumor suppressor genes c) oncogenes d) levi a) proto-oncogenes
HLA-A and HLA-B antigens can be detected using which of the following techniques? a) standard crossmatch b) immunofluorescent staining c) lymphocyte cytotoxicity d) mixed lymphocyte cultures c) lymphocyte cytotoxicity
T or F: The DNA strand ending with a phosphate group is the 5' end. True
What reaction occurs when an insoluble antigen is mixed with its specific antibody? a) precipitation b) agglutination c) sensitization d) fixation b) agglutination
What reaction occurs when a soluble antigen is mixed with its specific antibody? a) precipitation b) agglutination c) sensitization d) fixation a) precipitation
Which is not considered one of the systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases? a) Systemic lupus erythematosus b) Systemic sclerosis c) Rheumatoid arthritis d) Hashimoto disease d) Hashimoto disease
What temp is optimal for Taw polymerase activity? a) 20 degrees C b) 37 degrees C c) 72 degrees C d) 95 degrees C c) 72 degrees C
In skin tests for an allergy, a wheal and flare development indicates what? a) immediate hypersensitivity b) delayed hypersensitivity c) anergy d) arthus reaction a) immediate hypersensitivity
What is the "gold standard" for ANA detection a) RIA b) ELISA c) lateral flow immunoassay d) slide-base IFA d) slide-base IFA
A cause of false-positive results in RPR test for syphilis is: a) strep infection b) staph infection c) HIV d) infectious mono d) infectious mono
Phagocytosis is greatly enhanced by: a) hemolysins b) opsonins c) haptens d) antitoxins b) opsonins
Which nitrogenous base is present in DNA but not in RNA? a) guanine b) cytosine c) adenine d) thymine d) thymine
Created by: AM3GA
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