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Art Chapter 1.1

Definition Term
A printmaking technique where they scratches or gouges image into the surface of plate Engraving
The basic of art - line, form, shape, etc Elements
Ways the element of art constructed in a work of art - contrast, balance, unity, variety, rhythm, emphasis, pattern, etc. Principles
Implied or Outermost line Outline
Height and weight Two Dimensional
Height, Weight, & Depth Three dimensional
A flat surface, often implied in the composition Plane
The creation of the illusion of depth in a two-dimensional image by using mathematical principles Perspective
The distance between identifiable points or planes Space
A line not actually drawn but suggested by elements in the work Implied Line
A printmaking process that uses acid to bite the engraved design into the printing surface Etching
A continuous, uninterrupted line Actual Line
The part of work depicted furthest from the viewer's space, often behind the main subject matter Background
A graphic image used to identify an idea or entity Logo
The optical effect caused when reflected white light of the spectrum is divided into separate wavelengths Color
The space filled or enclosed by a three-dimensional figure or object Volume
A person who draws Draftsman
A work of art assembled by gluing materials, often, paper onto a surface Collage
An arrangement of predictably repeated elements Pattern
An area of lightest value in a work Highlight
A shape defined by its surrounding empty space Positive Shape
An empty space given shape by its surround Negative Space
Art imagery that departs from recognizable images from the natural world Abstract
A work in which the communication of an idea or group of idea are most important to the work Conceptual Art
Suppressing conscious control to access subconscious sources of creatively and truth Automatic
A characteristic way in which an artist or group of artists uses visual language to give a work an identifiable form of visual expression Style
A portrait or figure represented in outline and solidly colored in Silhouette
A print created from an incised piece of wood Woodcut
The relationship between one shape and its background, so that the shape becomes the background and the background becomes the shape Figure-Ground Reversal
Vincent Van Gough Had a brother, Draftsman , work was not famous, tried to commit suicide, then later committed suicide, now his work is worth millions
Georgia O'Keeffe
Created by: adrianajashae