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CIS CH8 Collaborating with Technology

Ray Tomlinson credited with sending first email message
SMTP server simple mail transfer protocol, for outgoing email
IMAP Internet mail access protocol, handles incoming email
microformats set of formats that rely on the XML family of standards to represent metadata in HTML code, and that support electronic exchange of business cards, calendar appt's, and other kinds of data
vCard file format used to exchange business card information electronically
iCalendar format widely used to transmit calendar data
IM instant messaging, or "chat." Real-time text-based interactions over a network.
presence awareness IM software feature that allows users to display their current status to their contacts, colleagues, or buddy list.
war room large area in which team members on the same project work closely together, surrounded by whiteboards, large digital displays, & other tools to facilitate impromptu meetings & smooth collaboration.
group decision support system (GDSS) collaborative technology that helps groups brainstorm & make decisions in face-to-face meetings, led by facilitators. Participants can contribute anonymously via their computers
web conferencing technology that supports online meetings or "webinars" via the Internet. Participants join from their own computers or smartphones
telepresence the impression created when remote participants in an interactive video meeting are almost life-sized and vividly clear; useful for sensitive negotiations.
shared workspace capabilities for teams discussion forums, calendars, announcements, task lists, email alerts, member lists, search functionality, content mgmt w/ version control, collaborative doc editing, workflow mgmt
blog short for "web log" & used to facilitate collaboration & knowledge sharing. Posts are displayed in reverse chronological order so that most recent appears on top.
shared workspace area on server in which team members can post documents, maintain membership lists, feature news & announcements, & collaborate on edits & updates.
wiki web software frequently used to build knowledge bases that allows users to add & edit interlinked web pages
microblogging form of blogging in which the posts are quite short, & especially suitable for mobile devices. As in blogs, entries appear in reverse chronological order. Twitter
hashtag microblogging tool invented by web users in which posts on a similar topic all include a keyword prefixed by a #
virtual world graphical, often 3D environment in which users can immerse themselves, interacting w/ virtual objects & one another using avatars
virtual reality describes what ppl experience when some of their sensory input is not from the real world, but from a computer-generated one. Tech such as stereoscopic goggles & specially wired gloves enhance the illusion of physical immersion.
unified communications, UC technology that integrates multiple communications channels & applications into a single interface, which is accessible from many different devices.
universal dashboards help ppl manage their unified communications, providing quick access to multiple applications
unified communications that may be integrated voice calls, conferencing, messaging, instant message, presence awareness
psychological characteristics of an online environment unfamiliar communication tools, reduced media richness, greater physical distance, heightened anonymity, unclear audience
media richness a measure of how well a communication medium can reproduce all the nuances & subtleties of the messages it transmits
Web 2.0 and more advanced technologies provide extensive collaboration support, w/ blogs, wikis, social networking, microblogging, & virtual worlds.
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