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ftce ela 6-12 stack

English literary periods and authors

Old English time span c450-1100
Old English poems Beowulf; The Seafarer
Middle English time span 1100-1500
Middle English work by unknown poet Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Early Middle English writer Geoffrey Chaucer work The Canterbury Tales
Early Modern English important events printing press; great vowel shift
English Renaissance span 1550-1660
Early Modern English queen/ruler/era Elizabethan
Elizabethan political climate strict social sexual conservatism
Early Modern English/Elizabethan writer Shakespeare
Early Modern English/Elizabethan writer John Milton work Paradise Lost 1667
Early Modern English/Elizabethan writer Cervantes work Don Quixote
Early Modern English/Elizabethan writerSpenser work The Fearie Queen
Late Renaissance time span 1625-1660
late Renaissance metaphysical poet John Dunne
Well known John Dunne poem The Flea, The Good Morrow; Don Juan
English Restoration Age time span 1660-1700
Restoration Age important event Neoclassicism
17th century writer John Bunyan work The Pilgrim's Progress
Jonathan Swift work Gulliver's Travel 1726
1750-1798 Age of Sensibility; precursor to Romanticism
Thomas Payne Common Sense
Renaissance characteristics Rebirth in humanism; new discoveries in fine arts, music, literature, philosophy, science and technology, architecture, religion and spirituality.
Restoration Age Meaning Monarchy restored to England (King Charles ll)
Restoration Age characteristics Rejection of Puritanism and Renaissance literature; reflected spiritual and moral laxity.
Early Modern English writer Christopher Marlowe work Tamburlaine; Dr. Faust
Age of Sensibility also called Age of Johnson
Age of Sensibility characteristics Relied on emotional response from reader and characters
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