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Grave Personal Comp

Graves Personal Computer History

Who gave the "Mother of All Demos" video conference that showed off computers as tools for communication Doug Englebart
What new things were shown during the "Mother of All Demos"? The mouse, desktop publishing, e-mail, video conferencing, and hypertext
Who watched the "Mother of All Demos" video conference and made the Alto Personal Computer for their company? Xerox engineers
What was the 4th generation of computer electronics? The microprocessor
What was special about the microprocessor? It combined the function of many integrated circuits onto one chip of silicon
What company first made a commercially successful personal computer? Apple Computer
Who founded Apple Computer? Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
What company followed up Apple in making a successful personal computer? IBM
What operating system (OS) did IBM-PCs eventually use? MS-DOS
What company made MS-DOS? Microsoft
Who started Microsoft? Bill Gates and Paul Allen
Which company sold the first operating system with a GUI (graphic user interface), based on using a mouse? Apple Computer
What was the first commercially successful personal computer (in 1984) to have a GUI? The Apple Macintosh
What was Microsoft’s response to the Macintosh with its GUI? Windows
What was the first successful computer with a finger touch–based input? The iPod and iPhone
What was the 5th generation of computer electronics? The multicore processor
What was special about the multicore processor? It combined the functions of multiple microprocessors onto one chip of silicon
What is a GUI? A Graphical User Interface is a system that lets a user control a device by using a pointing device with pictures on a screen.
Created by: EdwardgRM