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a&efinal KD/BL

val's class 2009

which BL point regulates lung qi (bronchitis, pleurisy, pneumonia, pulmonary TB, nightsweats, spontaneous sweating) BL13****
what is the back shu point of the LUNG? BL13
which BL point regulates HT qi, blood and yang, invigorates the channels for palps, tachychardia, chest pain, coughing blood, intercostal neuralgia, absent-mindedness, cold extremities, psychosis) BL15***
which BL point smooths the liver & gall bladder, moves stagnant qi for acute or chronic hepatitis, jaundice, eye disorders, liver invading sp and st BL18****
which BL point tonifies the SP & drains dampness, promotes SP function of transformation & transportation (abdominal distention, constriction inhibiting swallowing, diarrhea, jaundice, undigested food in stool, anorexia, prolapse (any type) BL20****
what is the back shu of the SPLEEN? BL20
what is the back shu of the LV? BL18
what is the back shu of the HT? BL15
which BL point tonifies KD qi, yin and yang, tx all kd issues, regulates menses, affinity with uterus BL23****
which BL point opens the chest and regulates qi for chest fullness & tightness, palps, cough, vomiting, chest pain from accumulated qi in diaphragm, often used for HT problems BL14**
which BL point regulates ST qi & sedates rebellious qi for hot or cold diarrhea, epigastric pain and distention, st ulcer, vomiting, anorexia, loss of appetite BL21***
what is the back shu point of the ST? BL21
what is the back shu point of the PC? BL14
which BL point opens and facilitates the waterways, regulates the transforming function of qi (edema, abdominal distention, diarrhea, stiffness, indigestion) BL22**
what is the back shu point of the TW? BL22
which BL point strengthens the low back and legs, regulates the ST & intestines BL25****
which BL point clears damp-heat (urinary or intestinal), addresses issues of hot/damp nature (hematuria, enuresis, incontinence, leukorrhea, spermatorrhea, wasting and thirsting) BL27***
which BL point unblocks and regulates the bladder, for both hot and cold problems BL28***
what is the back shu of the LI? BL25
what is the back shu of the SI? BL27
what is the back shu of the BL? BL28
which BL point opens and regulates the waterways, and is the lower he sea point of the triple warmer? BL39***
which BL point regulates and harmonizes blood and circulation, expands the chest and diaphragm, is both the meeting point of blood and is the diaphragm back shu? BL17****
what are the four flowers? BL17 and BL19 (bilaterally)
which BL point drains damp-heat from gall bladder and addresses chest/rib pain, cholecystitis, jaundice, vomiting, gall stones, flank pain, bitter taste in the mouth, headache/chills, mental disorders associated with GB BL19***
what is the back shu of the GB? BL19
which BL point regulates the lower warmer & strengthens yang (is often used as a local point) for difficult urination, enuresis, frequent urination, abd distension, diarrhea, wasting and thirsting BL26**
which BL point circulates LU qi and is the point that connects to the lung spirit (po/corporeal soul) BL42**
which BL point unbinds the chest, regulates qi, calms shen and connects to the spirit of the heart (shen/consciousness) BL44**
which BL point smoothes LV and regulates Qi, and connects to the spirit of the liver (hun/etheral soul) BL47**
which BL point strengthens Sp & harmonizes ST and connects to the spirit of the spleen (yi/intellect) BL49**
which BL point tonifies the KD, benefits jing and connects to the spirit of the kidneys (zhi/will) BL52***
which BL point strengthens the back and knees, moves the channel (for low back and sacral pain, sciatica, paralysis of lower limb, painful or difficult urination, genital pain, hemorrhoids) BL54**
which BL point relaxes the hamstrings, strengthens the buttocks and lower back (MP for upper hamstring injury and local pain) BL36***
which BL point strengthens the back and spine, moves the meridian and alleviates pain (important sciatica point) BL37**
which BL point strengthens low back and knees, clears heat and detoxifies fire poison, cools and drains summer heat, tx hot skin diseases (cooling quality), for acute and chronic low back pain, is said to control low back (dr so used for w-h flu) BL40***
which BL point disperses wind and releases the taiyang channels, is good for excess above/deficient below, (h/a, lower limb pain, blurry vision) and is the luo connecting pount of the bladder channel BL58**
which BL point relaxes soft tissue, expels pernicious influences in the taiyang channels, promotes labor, pulls the qi down, is known as the "aspirin point", and is an important point for sciatica? BL60***
which group of points treat (in a general sense): genito-urinary as well as low back and sacral problems, a wide variety of d/o's due to both stagnation and deficiency, and induce labor the points in and around the four sacral liao
which BL pount tonifies KD's, strengthens low back, regulates menstruation and promotes fertility, invigorates the blood and alleviates pain (for dysmenorrhea, irreg menses, infertility, LBP) BL31***
which BL point invigorates blood, regulates menstruation, regulates qi and alleviates pain, warms lower warmer, stops vaginal discharge, raises prolapse BL32****
which BL point regulates menstruation and stops vaginal discharge, invigorates blood, disperses cold and alleviates pain BL33***
which BL point tonifies the KD's and strengthens the low back, unobstructs and regulates excretion (for painful lin, difficult urination, blood in stool, lumbosacral and coccyx pain) BL34***
which BL point releases the exterior and disperses wind (both external and internal and esp wind-cold), and is MP for stiff neck and shoulders BL10***
which BL pount releases the exterior/expels wind, benefits that bones and joints, is the meeting point of the bones, and has influence on neck, back and upper respiratory system BL11***
which BL point releases the exterior/expels wind, circulates the lung qi and clears heat, is also MP for wind with a bias toward exterior wind, and in general benefits the upper respiratory system BL12***
which BL point tonifies LU deficiency, regulates LU qi, strengthens and cultivates original qi, strengthens for deficient conditions (esp those of the lung) and is considered the "point for 100 cures" BL43****
which BL point disperses wind and drains fire (locally), brightens the eyes, and is MP for eye disorders BL1***
which BL point disperses both wind and heat for acute conjunctivitis, facial paralysis, sinusitis, twitching of the eyelid BL2**
which BL point disperses both wind and heat for eye pain and eye disorders, headache, nasal polyps, stuffy nose, used as local point BL4**
which BL point opens and benefits the nose, is important point for the nose, sinuses and nasal congestion, vertex h/a, rhinitis, loss of smell BL7**
which BL point tonifies KD's and strengthens lower back, is the MP for hemorrhoids (esp chronic ones) and is used for pain at the tip of the coccyx BL35**
which BL point unblocks the LI (for constipation) and reduces hemorrhoids, regulates qi and alleviates pain, MP for hemorrhoids and calf cramps, IP for heel and foot pain BL57***
which BL point disperses wind and releases the exterior for both internal and external wind (h/a, facial paralysis, dizziness, mania, internal wind moving) BL62****
which BL point adjusts the position of a fetus (to prevent breech birth) and brings excess down from the head BL67**
which KD point nourishes and benefits KD's, calms LV, disperses agitation and calms spirit, nourishes yin and clears deficient fire (sends qi down, internally generate wind best used in xcess/above conditions) KD1***
which KD point tonifies the KD qi, yin and yang, stabilizes kd qi, assists kd's in grasping (has effect on both yin and yang aspects) KD3****
what is the source point of the kidney channel? KD3
which KD point nourishes yin and benefits kd's, moistens dryness, is MP for nourishing yin, MP for sore throat (empty heat) from deficient yin KD6***
which KD point regulates the menses and body fluids, regulates sweat, moistens (MP for water pathway and water metabolism disorders, MP to regulate sweating, IP for edema) KD7***
which KD point regulates the lower warmer, cools and regulates kd yang (for damp-heat or empty-heat) KD2***
which KD point unblocks the lower warmer, is a cooling point (water point on the channel)(tx irregular menstruation, uterine bleeding, constipation) KD10**
which KD point benefits the kd's and regulates menstruation and is the xi cleft point of the yin qiao mai KD8**
which KD point relieves muscular spasms and calms the spirit and is the xi cleft point of the yin wei mai (tx seizures, manic d/o's) KD9**
which KD point tonifies and benefits the KD channel, tonifies kd and calms the spirit (tx heel pain, low back pain and stiffness that is worse with fatigue, and shen) KD4**
what is the luo connecting point of kidney channel? KD4
which KD point tonifies the liver and kidneys, reinforces CV8 and is the nominal front mu of the adrenal cortex KD16**
which KD point circulates and descends lung qi, calms wheezing and alleviates cough (for asthma, chest pain, adrenal exhaustion) KD27**
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