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a&efinal HT/SI

val's class 2009

which heart point moves the meridian, relaxes the shoulder for angina, chest pain, excessive perspiration, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder HT1**
which heart point clears heat & calms the spirit, relaxes soft tissue & calms spasm, MP for tremors and numbness of elbow, and for spirit issues d/t heat or phlegm stagnation in the heart channel HT3***
which heart point quiets the heart/calms spirit, opens & unblocks the tongue and throat, regulates heart qi and is MP for speech and vocal d/o's HT5***
which heart point quiets heart/calms spirit, clears HT heat, reduces swelling, nourishes HT yin, and is MP for nightsweats and acute emotional trauma HT6***
which heart point quiets heart/calms spirit, clears the HT and nourishes Ying, nourishes yin/clears def fire and is most nourishing point on HT channel, MP insomnia HT7****
which heart point clears HT fire and heat, drains heat from SI (MP for SI affecting BL), MP for heart channel fire conditions, with focus on physical heart issues HT8***
which heart point quiets heart/calms spirit, quells HT fire and opens the channels HT9**
what is the ying spring point of the heart channel HT8
what is the source point of the heart channel HT7
what is the xi cleft point of the heart channel HT6
which SI point benefits the shoulder for pain and numbness of the scapula, shoulder and arm, frozen shoulder, and diseases of the shoulder and joint SI9**
which SI point regulates soft tissue locally for posterior shoulder and scapular pain, frozen shoulder, hemiplegia, soreness & lack of strength in arm SI10**
which SI point unbinds the chest, benefits breasts and promotes lactation, IP for breast problems, IP for shoulder and upper back pain SI11***
which SI point benefits the shoulder for upper limb pain or numbness and supraspinatus tendonitis SI12**
which SI point relaxes soft tissue of the shoulder and scapula, for upper back & scapular pain, trapezius muscle spasm w/ neck pain SI13**
which SI point warms the channels & dispels cold, is used as a local point for stiff neck, upper back, scapula & shoulder pain and soreness SI14**
which SI point clears the upper warmer, and is typically used locally SI15**
which SI point disperses wind & alleviates pain, is a local wind point for facial paralysis, eye twitching, toothache SI18**
which SI point opens the ear & benefits hearing, alleviates pain, for any ear problem, IP for jaw issues SI19***
which SI point drains fire and opens the collaterals, promotes lactation, unblocks the throat, and acts on the eyes and breasts SI1***
what is the jing well point of the SI channel? SI1
which SI point disperses wind (int or ext), benefits the spine, relaxes soft tissue & alleviates pain, treats breast pain and low back pain SI3****
which SI point disperses heat & brightens the eyes, relaxes soft tissue locally and through the channel SI6***
what is the xi cleft point of the SI channel? SI6
which SI point clears heat & unblocks GB, relaxes soft tissue, and is typically used locally SI4**
which SI point benefits the shoulder and is used for arthritis of the wrist, elbows and fingers, cholecystitis, jaundice SI9
what is the luo point of the SI channel SI7
what SI point is used for pain at the elbow or forearm, and has spiritual/psychological applications (used w/HT7 for anxiety, mania, etc) SI7
Created by: moatis