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CEH Exam v9

Certified Ethical Hacker v9 exam

how to launch the executable bad.exe within NoProblems.txt start noproblems.txt:bad.exe
OSI-approved open source for daily system scans Python
Blackjacking tool BBProxy
Fraggle uses this protocol UDP
SMURF uses this protocol ICMP
nc -L 56 -t -e cmd.exe spans command shell on port 8080 using NETCAT
NIST 800-53 US Gov security and privacy controls
Wrapping attacks involve messing with SOAP messages and replays them
Used to analyze and examine links between personnel or hardware using graphs and link analysis Maltego
Provides visibility and security controls for servers in a cloud CloudPassage Halo
Wireless symmetric encryption WEP
interactive and process controls OSSTMM
OSSTMM Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual
./snort -b -A fast -c snort.conf SNORT in IDS mode
Send specially created environment variables and trailing commands - what attack? SHELLSHOCK
a Perl module supporting IDS evasion libwhisker
provides specific services to untrusted networks or hosts Bastion host
unsolicited messages to the target using Bluetooth bluejacking
IETF specs for securing DNS records DNSSEC
which layer is STP spanning tree protocol layer 2
phishing mitigation netcraft and phishtank toolbar
obfuscate source of network connection proxy firewall
protects against MITM attacks in WPA MIC (Message integrity Check)
what is vulnerable to Chosen cipher-text attack RSA
protect internal intranet from enumeration for public-facing web server. remove A records for internal hosts
tool for firewall evasion tcp-over-dns
ping -l sets size of packet
separate data ownership from data custodian duties cloud computing
ICMP type 3 code 13 Administratively prohibited
encrypts the entire packet ESP in tunnel mode
Linux cmd someproc & run as background task, will stop when user logs off (needs nohup)
HttpOnly flag XSS mitigation
; used in what type of attack CSPP (connection string parameter pollution)
uses AES for encryption algorithm WPA2
DNS zone transfer port and protocol 53 TCP
DNS lookup port and protocol 53 UDP
TCP flag, buffer full, force transmission PSH
Integrity for WPA2 CCMP - Counter Mode with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol
VoIP packet decoding tool Cain and Abel
Copies websites for download Black widow
chmod 744 user, group, other (rwx,r--,r--)
RID of 500 Administrator account
IPSec VPN scanning tool IKE-scan
Linux password directory /etc
can be used to encrypt hard drives PGP (not S/MIME)
Windows wireless tool Netstumbler
XMAS scan you get RST/ACK, what does it mean Port is closed
migrate actual OS to virtual machine Hypervisor-level rootkit
superoneclick Android root tool
Common Criteria rating EAL - evaluation assurance level
type of product being tested Protection profile (PP)
Target for CC Target of Evaluation (TOE)
describes the TOE and any requirements ST (Security Target)
Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR PSK modulation two types
A block cipher that uses a 56-bit key (with 8 bits reserved for parity). Because of the small key size, this encryption standard became quickly outdated and is not considered a very secure encryption algorithm. DES
A block cipher that uses a 168-bit key. 3DES (called triple DES) can use up to three keys in a multiple-encryption method. It’s much more effective than DES but is much slower. 3DES
A block cipher that uses a key length of 128, 192, or 256 bits, and effectively replaces DES. It’s much faster than DES or 3DES. AES
A block cipher that uses a 128-bit key and was also designed to replace DES. Originally used in Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) 2.0, IDEA was patented and used mainly in Europe. IDEA
A block cipher that uses a key size up to 256 bits. twofish
A fast block cipher, largely replaced by AES, using a 64-bit block size and a key from 32 to 448 bits. Blowfish is considered public domain. Blowfish
Encompasses several versions from RC2 through RC6. A block cipher that uses a variable key length up to 2040 bits. RC6, the latest version, uses 128-bit blocks and 4-bit working registers, whereas RC5 uses variab RC (Rivest Cipher)
4 phases of successful social engineering 1. Research (dumpster dive, visit websites, tour the company, and so on). 2. Select the victim (identify frustrated employee or other promising targets). 3. Develop a relationship. 4. Exploit the relationship (collect sensitive information).
voice phishing vishing
People Search Tools Intelius www.intelius.com • Zaba Search www.zabasearch.com • PeekYou www.peekyou.com • ZoomInfo AnyWho www.anywho.com • 411 www.411.com • People Search Now www.peoplesearchnow.com • Veromi www.veromi.net
Competitive Intelligence MarketWatch www.marketwatch.com • SEC Info www.secinfo.com • Euromonitor www.euromonitor.com • Wall Street Transcript www.twst.com • Lipper www.lippermarketplace.com • Experian www.experian.com • The Search Monitor www.thesearchmonitor.com
Tracking Online Reputation BrandsEye www.brandseye.com • Alexa www.alexa.com • Social Mention www.socialmention.com • ReputationDefender www.reputation.com • Rankur
RSA is vulnerable to Chosen-cipher-Text attack
Circuit level firewall operates at which level of OSI 5
Blooover is designed to do a bluebugging attack, access phone commands without user knowledge.
IDLE scan IPID is incrementing randomly target is not an IDLE zombie
how to prevent privilege escalation vulnerabilities ensure services run with least privilege
enables unicode chracters to be displayed in ASCII lenght of 1 to 4 bytes UTF-8
command-line sniffer and packet analyzer tcpdump (similar to wireshark)
bluetooth DOS attack Bluesmacking
unsolicited phone messages bluejacking
malware for android phones affecting two-factor auth. Zitmo
U P F Seq flags XMAS scan indicator
access to both plain text and cipher text known-plain-text attack
sniffs wifi for usernames and passwords Airsnarf
takes advantage of fragmenting bug in older windows devices Teardrop
aborts connection immediately in TCP RST
OSSTMM process controls nonrepudiation, confidentiality, Privacy
Automated pen testing Core Impact, CANVAS
an API that allows different components to communicate SOA (service Orient Arch)
makes use of broadcast pings SMURF attack
SNORT default rules Pass, Drop, Alert, Log
what layer for Circuit level firewall 5
types of social engineering attacks Human, computer, mobile
sniffers operate at what layers 2 and 3
where is SAM stored on a Windows machine c:\windows\system32\config
where to find well-known services defined by IANA C:\Windows\System32\drivers \etc\services
who maintains webgoat OWASP
theft of information from a wireless device through a Bluetooth connection. Bluesnarfing
is the sending of unsolicited messages over Bluetooth to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones Bluejacking
Collecting profile information with bluetooth Blueprinting
DOS attack for bluetooth devices Bluesmacking
bluetooth wardriving Bluesniffing
Created by: conwaykc