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Lesson 5 MBC

Chapter, 5, 6, 7, & 8 Optum

What are the stages of meaningful use? *Data capture and sharing stage, advance clinical processes, improve outcomes.
Benefits of meaningful use include: *Complete and accurate medical records, better access to information, patient empowerment.
From the Meaningful Use Dashboard, you can: *Customize the requirements displayed o the dashboard for each participant provider, view a status of a provider's progress for the 90 days.
From the Meaningful Use Dashboard, you can: *hover over the percentage bar to review the data used to calculate the provider's percentage, click the menu items tab and then the drop-down arrow to download reference documents or run key performance indicator reports (KPI)
What are the Core Requirements of Meaningful Use: *Use computerized provider order entry (CPOE) for medication, laboratory and radiology orders. Generate and transmit permissible prescriptions electronically (eRx)
What are the Core Requirements of Meaningful Use: *Record demographic information, record and chart changes in vital signs, record smoking status for patients 13 years old or older. Use clinical decision support to improve performance on high-priority health conditions.
What are the Core Requirements of Meaningful Use: *Provide patients the ability to view online, download and transmit their health information, provide clinical summaries for patients for each office visit. protect electronic health information created or maintained by the Certified EHR Technology.
What are the Core Requirements of Meaningful Use: *Incorporate clinical lab-test results into Certified EHR Technology. Generate lists of patients by specific conditions to use for quality improvement, reduction of disparities, research, or outreach.
What are the Core Requirements of Meaningful Use: *Use clinically relevant information to identify patients who should receive reminders for preventive/follow-up care, use certified EHR technology to identify patient-specific education resources,
What are the Core Requirements of Meaningful Use: *Perform education reconciliation, provide summary of care record for each transition of care or referral, submit electronic data to immunization registries, use secure electronic messaging to communicate with patients on relevant health information.
Which feature in Optum allows practices to set clinical measures for health maintenance and disease management registries? *The Care Management Feature.
Where can you view exactly where the patient is in the visit process and how long they have been there? *The status tab in the appointment module within clinical today.
Progress notes include all the following types of information: *Patient history, medications, and allergies as well as complete record of all that occurred during the visit.
The information in progress notes is required for these 3 reasons: *Medical, legal, ad billing purposes.
What application allows you to capture charges, entered procedure & diagnosis codes and ndc info? *The visit application
The Medical Records module can be accessed by these 2 methods: *Clicking on the patient's name in the appointments application of the clinical today module. Pulling the patient into context and click on the medical record module.
The procedures screen shows: *Procedure codes that can be selected, a field to enter a modifier, a field to enter units.
Who is the person responsible for signing the progress note? *The provider is responsible for signing the progress note.
The diagnosis screen shows: *Diagnostic codes that can be selected.
Is the essential component required before entering and posting any final transaction. *The batch.
By default the batch name is: * User name followed by the current date.
The view mapping feature allows you to: *See a comparison between ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes.
It is a best practice to run a journal: *Prior to posting a batch.
Claims can only be generated: *After the batch has been posted.
Unapplied credit is: *A patient payment that has not been attached to a DOS.
What feature identified newly prepared claims that will be transmitted on the next claim run and claims that cannot be transmitted due to missing information? *The claims worklist.
A cross over claim is: *A claim that is automatically forwarded from Medicare to a second insurance carrier after Medicare has paid their portion.
The application allows you to focus on past due accounts and determine how long the balances have been outstanding: *The collections application.
Created by: Lizbeth Romo