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a&eIfinal LU / LI

val's class 2009

which LU point clears lung heat & lung qi, directs lu qi downward, expels phlegm from lungs, chronic or acute, ext or int, benefits elbow joint (he sea) LU5****
what is the front mu point of the lung? LU1***
which lung point clears heat, moistens lungs, alleviates cough and calms wheezing, benefits throat, cools blood/stops bleeding LU6***
what is the xi cleft point of the lung? LU6***
which lung point circulates and regulates lung qi (strong descending fx), strengthens descending and dispersing function of LU, expels wind and releases exterior (with a bias toward wind-cold), opens the water passages (luo point) LU7****
compare LU5,LU6,LU7 LU5:lung heat, dry or thick, sticky yellow (cools and transforms), LU6: acute cough, acute asthma, loss of voice (acute, moistens, stops bleeding), LU7:exterior wh or wc w/tightness in chest (wind, descending & stiff neck)
which lung point benefits throat, alleviates pain, clears lung heat (ying spring point) (laryngitis, hoarseness, fever, cools heat in the benefits the throat LU10**
which lung point clears heat from the upper warmer and wind-heat that has penetrated deeply into the chest (later stage, fever with heavy yellow or green phlegm) LU1***
which lung point clears lung heat and benefits the throat, revives from fainting or collapse (jing well) (tonsillitis, extreme sore throat d/t excess, cough, asthma, nosebleed, spasmodic pain of thumb) LU11**
which lung point tonifies lung qi and yin, transforms phlegm and alleviates cough, chronic, deficient cold sx, (yuan-source point, most tonifying warming and absorptive point on channel) LU9****
compare LU7 and LU9 lu7: exterior excess, affects qi, emotional component, weak at phlegm transformation, opens water passages, lu9: interior deficient, affects qi and blood, no emotional component, resolves phlegm, does not open water passages
which lung point clears heat in the upper warmer and regulates lung qi (often used as local point) (window of sky point) (asthma, nosebleed, pain in medial upper arm) LU3**
which LI point is the command point for mouth & face, MP for H/A, expels wind (exterior wind), releases exterior wind conditions (w-h), clears heat, reduces inflammation, alleviates pain, unblocks channels, reg qi & blood, awakens brain LI4****
which LI point releases ext & disperse wind heat, clears heat/drains dampness, moves qi, quells fire, cools blood heat and reduces fever (MP to eliminate heat) LI11****
which LI point clears yangming channel heat, benefits the throat, alleviates pain (for febrile conditions, high unrelenting fever, toothache, heat, pain, stagnation, shock, coma)? LI1**
what is the jing well point of the large intestine channel? LI1
which LI point opens and benefits the nose, disperses wind-cold and is MP for nose and sinus problems, local point for toothache, facial pain and swelling, and polyps LI20***
which LI point disperses wind heat for insect bites anywhere on the body, skin problems, and local wrist issues LI5**
which LI point is clears yangming channel heat, alleviates, and is a special point for mouth and tongue inflammations, acute oral inflammations, aching shoulder and arm, LI7**
which LI point moves the channel, benefits the shoulder joint and is a control point for the shoulder? LI15**
which LI point disperses stagnant blood, benefits the shoulder joint, treats diseases of the shoulder and soft tissues, spitting up blood from lungs, and stagnant blood in chest and lungs LI16**
which LI point strengthens wei qi, and immune systems and is a main forearm point for pain in shoulder and arm, and motor impairment of arm and hand LI10***
which LI point benefits the shoulder, clears vision, brightens the eyes for pain the arm and shoulder, any eye disease (esp wind-heat), usually used as a local point LI14**
which LI point unblocks the waterways, disperses wind-heat for neuralgia of the forearm, aching forearm, facial edema (wind-water) LI6**
what is the luo point of the LI? LI6
what LI point releases the exterior, disperses wind, disperses heat in the channels (toothache, fever, distal effect on the face) LI2**
what LI point clears yangming heat, benefits and moistens the throat, transforms damp heat (toothache, sore throat, local inflammation usu) LI3**
Created by: moatis