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SB - General Science

Science Bowl General Science Questions

SA - The number 4.56 x 10^11 has how many zeroes? 9
SA - Giving your answer in grams, subtract 200 grams from 6.2 kilograms 6,000 (ACCEPT 6 x 10^3)
SA - What is the SI base unit for length? METER
SA - Name all of the following 3 choices that are measurement units for speed: mach; newton; knots MACH; KNOTS
SA - If there are 640 ounces of water in 5 gallons, how many ounces are in 1/2 gallon? 64
SA - Name all of the following 4 choices that are measurement unit of area: meter; hectare; acre; mile HECTARE; ACRE
SA- What is the common name for the antiseptic, found in many homes, that decomposes into water and oxygen? HYDROGEN PEROXIDE
SA - What is the chemical formula for hydrogen peroxide? H2O2
SA - What general term describes the angle or degree north or south of the equator? LATITUDE
SA - The geographic north pole is at what latitude? 90 (ACCEPT: 90 NORTH)
MC- Which of the following can sometimes result after a moderate to severe blow to the head: W). Down syndrome X). meningitis Y). impetigo Z). concussion Z). CONCUSSION
SA - What is the year of a person's death who was born in the year 580 BC and lived 63 years? 517 BC (ACCEPT: 517)
SA - What is the kelvin temperature that represents a condition of no molecular motion? 0 (ACCEPT: ABSOLUTE ZERO)
SA - How many grams are in 1 metric ton? 1 MILLION (ACCEPT: 1 x 10^6)
SA - What is the general name for a plastic material composed of a polymer of styrene? POLYSTYRENE (ACCEPT: STYROFOAM)
MC- Which of the following is a product found in most toothpastes for the purpose of making the teeth more resistant to decay by promoting remineralization: W). fluoride X). melamine Y). titanium dioxide Z). diethylene glycol W). FLUORIDE
MC - Which of the following best describes a smaller stream that merges with a larger stream: W). delta X). rip-rap Y). streamer Z). tributary Z). TRIBUTARY
MC- Which of the following is a structural adaptation of ducks that is most helpful in keeping them dry: W). an oil-producing gland X). hollow fur Y). darkly colored plumage Z). ability to float W). AN OIL-PRODUCING GLAND
MC- The lead-acid battery is most commonly found in: W). automobiles X). cell phones Y). flashlights Z). laptop computers W). automobiles
SA- From what biological polymer is paper primarily composed? CELLULOSE
MC- Which of the following does the prefix "ambi" (spell out the letters a, m, b, i) mean, as in the word ambidextrous: W). equal X). both Y). neither Z). always X). BOTH
SA- Arrange the following 4 choices from the one with the LOWEST mass to the HIGHEST mass: decigram; microgram; centigram; hectogram MICROGRAM; CENTIGRAM; DECIGRAM; HECTOGRAM
SA- One quintillion contains how many zeroes? 18
SA- A single U.S. quarter is 2 millimeters thick. Find the height, in centimeters, of a stack of 50 quarters: 10
SA- What hard silvery-grey metal is the 9th most common element in the Earth's crust, has an atomic number of 22, and takes its name from the Titans? TITANIUM
SA- What state in the U.S. has the largest continuous system of mangroves in the world? FLORIDA
MC- Which of the following types of maps would be most useful on a hiking trip through the Alps: W). synoptic X). topographic Y). planimetric Z). Mercator projection X). TOPOGRAPHIC
MC- Regarding computer technology, which of the following BEST describes the bit: W). an analogue magnetic storage sequence X). a computer processor Y). a memory value of 1 through 9 Z). a binary digit that stores information Z). A BINARY DIGIT THAT STORES INFORMATION
SA- What is the most common element in most steel? IRON
SA- Stainless steel is differentiated from other steels based mainly on the content of what element? CHROMIUM
MC- Which of the following does the prefix endo (spell out the letters e, n, d, o) mean, as in the word endoscope: W). under X). dark Y). inside Z). invisible Y). INSIDE
SA- Arrange the following 3 choices in order in INCREASING speed: 3 ft per minute; 5 yards per minute; 30 yards per hour 30 YARDS PER HOUR; 3 FEET PER MINUTE; 5 YARDS PER MINUTE
MC- Which of the following BEST describes the SI unit called the Newton: W). a unit of power X). a unit of force Y). a unit of work Z). a unit of energy X). A UNIT OF FORCE
SA- Rounded to the nearest whole number, how many meters per second is equal to 40 kilometers per hour? 11
MC- Which of the following instruments consists of a weighted glass tube or bulb, which is floated in a liquid to measure the liquid's relative density: W). hydrometer X). hypsometer Y). densitometer Z). sensometer W). HYDROMETER
SA- Identify each of the following 3 materials as derived from a plant or animal source, respectively: lanolin; silk; jute LANOLIN = ANIMAL; SILK = ANIMAL; JUTE=PLANT
MC- Which of the following is the study of bees: W) herpetology X) apiology Y) ichthyology Z) ornithology X). APIOLOGY
MC- Which of the following is CLOSEST to the height, in meters, of a person who is 4 feet and 11 inches tall: W) 1.2 X) 1.5 Y) 1.8 Z). 2.2 X). 1.5
SA- What is the common term for the most accepted theory on how the universe came into being? BIG BANG
SA- What letter is most often used by scientists as a symbol for light or the speed of light? C
MC- Which of the following is CLOSEST to the volume of 4 liters in quarts: W) 3.8 X) 4.0 Y) 4.2 Z) 4.4 Y). 4.2
SA- Arrange the following 3 choices in order of INCREASING mass: largest moon of Saturn; Brown dwarf star; Earth LARGEST MOON OF SATURN; EARTH; BROWN DWARF STAR
MC- Which of the following is NOT a property of diamonds: W) extremely hard X) transparent Y) poor thermal conductor Z) good electrical insulator Y). POOR THERMAL CONDUCTOR
SA- Give the roman numeral equivalent of 2009 MMIX (DO NOT ACCEPT: MMVIIII)
SA- From what element are most semiconductors primarily composed? SILICON
MC- Which of the following is CLOSEST to 56 miles per hour in kilometers per hour: W) 20 X) 50 Y) 90 Z) 120 Y). 90
SA- What specific cell in your body becomes sickle-shaped if you are afflicted with sickle cell anemia? RED BLOOD CELL (ACCEPT: RBC OR ERYTHROCYTE OR RED CORPUSCLE)
SA- Name all of the following 4 laboratory tools that would require a user to read a meniscus: graduated pipet; pH paper; watch glass; Buchner funnel CRADUATED PIPET
SA- From what constellation do the Geminids meteor shower appear to originate? GEMINI
MC- Which of the following astronomers devised a system of the orbits for the planets that is considered heliocentric and published in his book “On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres”: W) Galileo X) Copernicus Y) Newton Z) Kepler X). COPERNICUS
MC- A blimp that uses helium as its lifting gas primarily controls its buoyancy by doing what: X)heating/cooling the helium gas within the outside bladder of the blimp Y) intaking or venting air Y). INTAKING OR VENTING AIR
SA- Arrange the following 4 choices from the one with the LOWEST mass to the HIGHEST mass: virus; mouse spleen; mosquito; water molecule WATER MOLECULE; VIRUS; MOSQUITO; MOUSE SPLEEN
SA- What is the physical state of a saturated fat and a polyunsaturated fat, respectively, at room temperature, if both have 18 carbons per molecule? SATURATED FAT = SOLID; UNSATURATED FAT = LIQUID)
MC- Which of the following is closest to the maximum running speed of a human: W) 0.3 meters per second X) 30 meters per second Y) 18 kilometers per hour Z) 38 kilometers per hour Z). 38 KILOMETERS PER HOUR
SA- What fossil fuel is the greatest fuel source for electricity generation in the world? COAL
SA- The acidity of a water sample with a pH of 5 is how many times as great as that of a sample with a pH of 6? 10
SA- If a star has a mass of 10 solar masses, how many times as much mass does it have as the Sun? 10
MC- The majority of stars in the universe are thought to have surface temperatures of: W) about 20,000 K X) about 10,000 K Y) about 6,000 K Z) less than 3,500 K Z) LESS THAN 3,500 K
SA- What is the name for the time zone immediately east of the Eastern Time Zone? ATLANTIC TIME ZONE (ACCEPT: ATLANTIC)
SA- Ignoring boundary adjustments, most individual time zones are how many degrees of longitude apart? 15
SA- One degree of latitude at the Earth’s surface is equal to how many nautical miles 60
SA- Arrange the following 4 liquid measures from the one with the SMALLEST volume to the LARGEST: 1.5 gallons; 128 ounces; 1 deciliter; 2 liters 1 DECILITER; 2 LITERS; 128 OUNCES; 1.5 GALLONS
MC- Acid-base indicators are substances that change color with changing pH and are usually derived from: W) plants X) animals Y) chemical sedimentary rocks Z) alkaline Earth metal W). PLANTS
SA-Of all the essential minerals present in the human body, which one is the most abundant? CALCIUM
MC- Which of the following is LEAST accurate regarding acid rain: W) forests are not negatively impacted because they are naturally resistant to acidic pH’s X) lakes with limestone bedrock have some natural protection against acidification W). FOREST ARE NOT NEGATIVELY IMPACTED BECAUSE THEY ARE NATURALLY RESISTANT TO ACIDIC pH'S
SA- During the proton-proton chain that occurs during the fusion process of a main sequence star, how many hydrogen atoms are typically needed to produce a helium atom? 4
MC- Which of the following is a water-purification process that uses pressure across a semi-permeable membrane: W) filtering with activated charcoal X) ultraviolet treatments Y) reverse osmosis Z) ozonation Y). REVERSE OSMOSIS
SA- How many liters of water will completely fill a container measuring 100 centimeters by 1 meter by 80 centimeters? 800
SA- What precious metal is the catalyst in most automobile catalytic converters? PLATINUM
SA- What is the most common name for the apparent circular movement of the celestial poles against the background of fixed stars that will eventually result in Polaris drifting away from the north celestial pole? PRECESSION
MC- Which of the following would be most useful for separating blood into its component parts: W) cross matching X) precipitation Y) centrifugation Z) atomization Y). CENTRIFUGATION
MC- Which of the following is closest to the diameter of a standard compact disc or DVD: W) 3 centimeters X) 12 centimeters Y) 20 millimeters Z) 1500 millimeters X). 12 CENTIMETERS
SA- What parasitic disease is one of the most common infectious diseases in the world and got its name because it was thought to be caused by or associated with bad air? MALARIA
MC- Which of the following contains the FEWEST calories: W) 1 large, fresh apple X) 1 large, baked potato Y) 1 cup raw spinach Z) 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil Y). 1 CUP RAW SPINACH
MC- Chickenpox is a disease caused by a: W) bacteria X) fungus Y) virus Z) protozoan Y). VIRUS
MC- Which of the following is an autoimmune disease: W) Lupus X) spina bifida Y) scabies Z) yellow fever W). LUPUS
SA- The Pleiades is an open cluster whose stars all formed from the same interstellar cloud. What basic force holds this cluster together? GRAVITY
MC- If we were to use human developmental stages for the age of our Sun, in which of the following stages of life would our Sun be considered: W) infant X) teenager Y) middle age Z) elderly Y). MIDDLE AGE
SA- What fraction of the celestial sphere can be seen from the Earth’s South Pole? 1/2
SA- Name all of the following states of matter through which sound can travel: solid; liquid; gas; plasma ALL
MC- Which of the following filters can withstand temperatures up to 1400ºC: W) paper cellulosic X) borosilicate glass Y) polyester Z) ceramic Z) CERAMIC
SA- Convert 60 miles per hour into feet per second: 88
MC- Which of the following best describes a coelacanth (read as: SEE-la-canth): W) living fossil fish X) extinct amphibian Y) extinct mammal Z) an air-breathing extinct fish W). LIVING FOSSIL FISH
SA- Which of the following 3 choices are reference scales commonly used in describing the hardness of materials: Rockwell; Austenite; Ferrule ROCKWELL
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