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SB- Math

Science Bowl Math Questions

SA - How many degrees are in one-third of a right angle? 30
SA - Round the number 535,279 to the nearest ten-thousand: 540,000
SA - In a right triangle, what is the name for the side opposite the 90 angle? HYPOTENUSE
SA - Rounded to the nearest meter, find the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle in the legs measure 5 and 12 meters? 13
SA - What is the name for any segment with one endpoint at the center of a circle and the other endpoint on the circle? RADIUS (ACCEPT: RADII)
SA - Rounded to the nearest ten-thousandth, convert 1/3rd to a decimal 0.3333 (ACCEPT: .3333)
SA - What is the exact circumference, in centimeters, of a circle whose radius is 3 centimeters? 6pi
SA - Change each of the following 3 fractions, respectively, to equivalent fractions with a denominator of 30: 1/3; 3/5 ; 5/6 10/30; 18/30 ; 25/30
SA- Every triangle has how many vertices? 3
SA - If the perimeter of a triangle is 45 centimeters and the lengths of two of its sides are 16 and 12 centimeters, find the length of the third side, in centimeters 17
SA - What is the measure, in degrees, of each angle is an equilateral triangle? 60 (ACCEPT: 60, 60, 60)
SA - Reduce the following fraction to a proper fraction in lowest terms: 125/1000 1/8
SA- Find the volume, in inches cubed, of a rectangular solid whose dimensions are 3-inches by 5-inches by 8-inches 120
SA - Convert 150% into a mixed fraction in lowest terms: 1 1/2
MC- Minuends and subtrahends are used in which of the following mathematical operations: W). addition X). subtraction Y). multiplication Z). division X). SUBTRACTION
SA- If the area of a square field is 1,600 square feet, how many feet long is one of its sides? 40
SA- What is the identity element for addition on the integers? 0
SA- The sum of two numbers is 16 and their product is 55. What are the two numbers? 11; 5 (IN ANY ORDER)
SA- Evaluate the following, giving your answer as a proper fraction in simplest terms: (-12/8)(-4/12) 1/2
SA- Find the area, in meters squared, of a parallelogram whose base measures 8 meters and height measures 10 meters: 80
SA- What is the degree measure of a semicircle? 180
SA- How many degrees are in the 4th angle of a quadrilateral whose other 3 angles are 85*, 95*, and 100*? 80
SA- The equation (2+x)=y=2+(x+y) best illustrates what basic property of addition? ASSOCIATIVE
SA- Change the decimal 0.88 to a fraction in lowest terms: 22/25
SA- In the real numbers, a number times its multiplicative inverse equals what? 1
SA- Find the elapsed time, in hours and minutes reduced to their lowest terms, between 12:15 AM and 5:05 PM 16 HOURS 50 MINUTES
SA- What is the mathematical term for coplanar lines that never intersect? PARALLEL
SA- What is the least common denominator of the following 3 fractions: 2/3; 5/6; 1/5 30
SA- Find the reciprocal of 10 1/5 5/51
SA- Convert 5/3 into a percent, rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent 166.7 (MUST BE EXACT)
SA- Divide x^5 by x^3 and simplify: x^2
SA- Evaluate the following and give your answer as a mixed fraction in lowest terms: 9 1/2 - 5 2/5 4 1/10
SA- Solve the following equation for x: 15x + 8x - 3x = 120 6
SA- Divide 5/9 by 3/5 and give your answer as a proper fraction in lowest terms: 25/27
SA- Name all of the following 3 statements which are always TRUE: 1). a square is a regular polygon 2). an equilateral triangle is equiangular 3). a scalene triangle has 2 sides of equal length 1 AND 2
MC- Which of the following is evenly divisible by each of the counting numbers 1 through 8: W). 360 X). 1,250 Y). 1,800 Z). 2,520 Z). 2,520
SA- Give the numerical value of 8 factorial divided by 8 factorial 1
SA- Evaluate the following expression 10 + [8 + (2-10)] 10
SA- Evaluate X/Y when x = 0 and y = –8: 0
SA- Jill has $2.25 consisting of U.S. dimes and quarters. If she has 5 more dimes than quarters, how many dimes and quarters, respectively, does she have? DIMES = 10 ; QUARTERS =5
SA- In what quadrant of the coordinate system are both x and y negative? 3 (ACCEPT: III OR THIRD)
SA- Bottled water is selling for 60-cents per bottle. If you buy a dozen bottles and hand the cashier a ten-dollar bill, how much change are your owed, in dollars and cents? $2.80
pick any point in the interior of a circle 12in in diameter&cut the circle into 8 slices by cutting at 45º angles through that point. If you color alternate pieces blue&yellow then the total area of the blue slices will: EQUAL THE AREA OF THE YELLOW SLICES
SA- Consider the four angles formed by two intersecting lines. If one angle measures 50º, find the measure of the remaining three angles, in degrees: 50; 130; 130
SA- Any number, except zero, to the zero power equals what? 1
SA- Give the numerical value of 20 factorial divided by 18 factorial 380
SA- How many terms are in the following variable expression and what is the coefficient of the second term: 5x2 – x – 12yz^2 + 9 TERMS = 4; COEFFICIENT =-1
SA- Sue and Sierra are making necklaces. If Sue makes an average of 3 every 30 minutes and Sierra averages 6 every hour, how many necklaces do they average every hour if they work together? 12
SA- For the equation y = mx + b, b represents what value? Y-INTERCEPT (ACCEPT: WHERE THE LINE CROSSES THE Y OR ORDINATE AXIS)
SA- Find a number such that 10-times the number reduced by 3 equals 4-times the number increased by 15: 3
SA- Find the product of 2^3 x 3^2 72
SA- Arrange the following 4 choices in INCREASING order: 200^1; 5^3; 3^5; 20^2 5^3; 200^1; 3^5; 20^2
SA- Evaluate | –x | (read as: the absolute value of negative x) for x = –5: 5
SA- Maxine buys a stock for $100.00 and then sells it for $75.00. She repurchases the stock for $125.00, and 3 months later sells it for $200.00. What was her profit, in dollars? 50
MC- Which of the following is NOT true: W) a line that intersects 2 other lines at different points is called a transversal X) if a ≤ 0 (read as: if a is less than or equal to 0), then the absolute value of a equals a X) IF A ≤ 0 THEN THE ABSOLUTE VALUE OF A EQUALS A
SA- A college student has a budget of $600.00 per month. If at the end of a given month she spent $350.00 and earned an extra $150.00 in wages, how much is left in the budget at month’s end? $400.00
Name the following 3 statements which are always TRUE: 1)smaller angle formed by the hands of a clock @ 2 o’clock is acute 2)2 non-vertical parallel lines have the same slope 3)altitude of an equilateral triangle forms two, 45º 45º 90º triangles 1 AND 2
SA: If a staple-gun misfires 5 times for every 200 shots, how many times will it be expected to misfire in 4,000 shots? 100
SA- Solve the following inequality for x: 3(x + 1) ≥ 9 x ≥ 2
SA- r Evaluate the following complex fraction, giving your answer as an improper fraction in lowest terms: (2 - 1/7) / (1- 1/2) 26/7
MC- Which of the following is NOT true: W) largest angle in a right triangle is 90º X)each side of a regular polygon has the same length Y) the side opposite an obtuse angle is the shortest side of a triangle Z) a triangle can have only 1 obtuse angle Y). THE SIDE OPPOSITE AN OBTUSE ANGLE IS THE SHORTEST SIDE OF A TRIANGLE
SA- In her first year after graduating college, Lucy earned $25,000 in her first full-time job. Five years later her salary had risen by 300%. What is her current salary? $100,000.00
By words or number, name all of the following 3 statements which are ALWAYS TRUE: 1)trapezoid has a pair of parallel sides 2)2triangles with the same area have the same perimeter 3)if 2 straight lines intersect, vertical angles have the same measure 1 AND 3
SA- The following daily Fahrenheit temperatures were recorded over a 5-day period: –15º, 2º, 0º, 13º, and –5º. Find the average daily temperature for this period, in degrees Fahrenheit: -1
SA- Simplify the following completely: (-2x^2y^3)^3 -8x^6y^9
SA- The outdoor temperature at 6:00 AM is –8ºC. If it rises at a rate of 3ºC per hour, what is the temperature, in degrees Celsius, at noon? 10
SA- Solve the following equation for x: 5/8 x=200 320
SA: A certain ore contains 2% of a precious metal. How many tons of ore must theoretically be mined to obtain 16 tons of the metal? 800
SA- Find the product of (x^3y)(x^2y) x^5y
SA- Find the following product and give your answer to the first decimal place: (5/3)(3/5)^2 0.6
SA- Find the mean and median, respectively, of the following set of 6 numbers: 10, 10, 10, 11, 11, 11 MEAN = 10.5; MEDIAN = 10.5 (ACCEPT: BOTH 10.5)
SA- Consider a line that contains the points ABCD in order from left to right. If AB = 10, BC = 26, and AD = 56, find CD: 20
SA- Simplify the following expression, combining like terms: 2x – 3y – (5x – 4y) -3X + y (ACCEPT: y-3x)
SA- A scale drawing of a tractor is drawn as 1 inch equal to 4 feet. If the width of the bucket is drawn as five-eights of an inch, what is the actual width of the bucket, in feet to the first decimal place? 2.5
SA- Subtract 2 root 7 from 5 root 7 , giving your answer in its simplest radical form: 3 root 7
SA- If on average 2 out 7 students prefer vegetarian sandwiches over nonvegetarian sandwiches, how many vegetarian sandwiches should be ordered for 1400 students? 400
SA- For the equation, –3x + 4y = 16, find y when x = 0: 4
SA- If the point on a graph with coordinates (3, 2) is translated 1 unit to the left and 3 units down, and then another 3 units to the left and 2 units up, what are the new coordinates? (-1, 1)
SA- Expand the following expression, giving your answer in standard form: (x+10)^2 x^2 + 20x + 100
SA- Find the following product, giving your answer in standard form: (2x + y)(x + y) 2x^2 + 3xy + y^2
SA- What is the x-intercept of a graph of the following equation: y = –7x + 7 1 (ACCEPT: 1, 0)
SA- Multiply the polynomial, 3x^2 - 4xy + y^2, by -3xy, and simplify -9x^3y + 12x^2y^2 - 3xy^3
SA- What is the common ratio of the geometric series with the first three terms, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 1/2
SA- What is the least common multiple of the numbers 30, 45, and 60? 180
SA- Reduce the following expression to lowest terms: 3x+y / xy 3x+y / xy (ACCEPT: CANNOT BE REDUCED)
SA: Find the prime factorization of 90: 2 x 3 x 3 x 5 (ACCEPT: 2 X 3^2 X 5)
Created by: rileylyngar