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SB-Physical Science

Science Bowl Physical Science Questions

SA - What physical state of matter is intermediate between a solid and a gas? LIQUID
MC - Which of the following BEST describes the term static: W). STATIONARY X). LOW Y). CONSTANT Z). USED W). STATIONARY
MC - Mary tried to lift her couch by exerting 500 newtons of force but it doesn't budge. If the couch weighed 2,000 newtons, how much work did she do: W). 0 X). 50 watts Y). 500 joules Z). 2000 joules W).0
SA - Jeff walks west in a straight path for 100 meters and then east in a straight path for 150 meters. What is the magnitude of his displacement, in meters? 50
SA - What atomic particle balances the charge of protons to produce a neutral atom? ELECTRON
SA - Isotopes of the same element are based on their different numbers of what atomic particle? NEUTRONS
SA - An ionic state of an atom of hydrogen would have how many protons? 1
SA - What is the name for the biochemical process that converts grape juice into wine or soy beans into soy sauce? FERMENTATION
SA - What term do scientists use for the force of gravity acting on anything that has mass? WEIGHT
SA - How many protons are present in a single helium nucleus? 2
SA - What is the most common term for the energy an object has because of its position or configuration? POTENTIAL
SA - Which one of the four basic forces of the universe is most directly involved with maintaining the planets in their orbits? GRAVITY
SA - What is the most common term for the ratio of the output force to the input force of a simple machine? MECHANICAL ADVANTAGE (ACCEPT: ACTUAL MECHANICAL ADVANTAGE)
MC- Which of the following most directly contributes to the actual mechanical advantage always being less than the ideal mechanical advantage: W). the basic design of any machine X). friction Y). how simple machines are combines Z). the input distance W). FRICTION
MC- If a chimpanzee were to throw darts at a Periodic Table, he would most likely hit an element with which of the following characteristics: W). a naturally radioactive element X). a solid at room temperature Y). a gas at room temperature X). A SOLID AT ROOM TEMPERATURE
MC- Which of the following has the most inertia: W). 1 kilogram of iron X). 2 kilograms of flour Y). 5 newtons of iron Z). 4 kilograms of iron Z). 4 KILOGRAMS OF IRON
MC-Which of the following is TRUE regarding mixing pigments W)violet is typically considered a primary color for pigments X).only primary pigment colors can be mixed to give other colors Y). as more pigments are mixed, the darker the resulting mixture Y). AS MORE PIGMENTS ARE MIXED, THE DARKER THE RESULTING MIXTURE BECOMES
SA - What color will red colored objects appear to a human if it is illuminated by a red light? RED
SA- What nucleon balances the charge of electrons to give an atom a neutral state? PROTON(S)
SA- Nitrogen has 7 protons. What is the atomic mass of its common isotope, rounded to the nearest whole number? 14
SA- What is the mass, in grams to the nearest whole number, of one cubic centimeter of pure water at standard temperature and pressure? 1
SA- Name all of the following 3 choices that a physicist would consider to be simple machines: bicycle, lever, ramp LEVER; RAMP
MC- Which of the following BEST describes how the SI unit called the Newton derived: W). the product of force x time X). the energy in 1 kilogram traveling at 1 m/s^2 Y). the force needed to accelerate 1 kilogram 1 m/s^2 Y). THE FORCE NEEDED TO ACCELERATE 1 KILOGRAM AT ONE METER PER SECOND SQUARED
SA- A car is traveling at a constant speed of 20 kilometers per hour on a long straight road. How many minutes will it take to travel a distance of 5 kilometers? 15
MC- When using the periodic chart, what number give the number of protons in a given element: W). period number X). group number Y). atomic number Z). average atomic mass Y). ATOMIC NUMBER
MC- Which of the following is NOT true: W). compounds have atoms from more than one element X). atoms can bond together to make molecules Y). all helium atoms have one more proton than all hydrogen atoms Z). all oxygen molecules have 8 neutrons Z). ALL OXYGEN MOLECULES HAVE 8 NEUTRONS
SA- If the angle of incidence for a beam of light on a mirror is 27 degrees, what is the angle of reflection, in degrees? 27
MC- What of the following is TRUE of gases: W). they have a definite shape X). they are highly compressible Y). they behave like a fluid Z). their particles are in uniform motion X). THEY ARE HIGHLY COMPRESSIBLE
MC- Which of the following BEST explains why a concrete floor feels colder than a wooden floor if both are at 21*C W). wood is not as dense as concrete X). concrete conducts heat better than wood Y). wood is alive and concrete is not X). CONCRETE CONDUCTS HEAT BETTER THAN WOOD
SA- Molasses flows more slowly than water. What is the most common scientific term for the ability of different substances to flow more or less freely? VISCOSITY
MC- Which of the following laws most directly limits the ability of a simple machine to an efficiency of 100% or lower: W). Hooke's Law X). Law of equal proportions Y). The first law of motion Z). The law of conservation of energy Z). THE LAW OF CONSERVATION OF ENERGY
SA - To the first decimal place, what is the ideal mechanical advantage of a lever with a resistance arm of 200 centimeters and an effort arm of 3.4 meters? 1.7 (Solution: MA = EA/RA = 340/200 = 1.7)
MC- What is the mass of an electron: W). about the same as a proton X). about 1/2 as much as a proton Y). about 1/1,800th of a proton Z). electrons have no mass Y). ABOUT 1/1800TH OF A PROTON
SA- A 10,000-newton car is on the top floor of a parking garage 25 meters above the ground. Relative to the ground, what is the gravitational potential energy, in joules, of the car? 250,000 (ACCEPT 2.5 x 10^5) (Solution= 10,000N x 25m = 250,000 J)
MC- Alkali metals all have the same: W). number of electrons in their outer shells X). atomic radii Y). electronegativities Z). melting points W). NUMBER OF ELECTRONS IN THEIR OUTER SHELLS
MC- Which of the following liquids at room temperature and 1 atmosphere would have the GREATEST surface tension: W). distilled water X). ethanol Y). methanol Z). acetone W). DISTILLED WATER
MC- Which of the following chemical formulas gives an indication of the arrangement of atoms and bonds in a chemical compound: W). empirical X). molecular Y). structural Z). polyatomic Y). STRUCTURAL
SA- How many total atoms are in any one molecular of Epsom salts, or MgSO4 * 7H20 (read as: Mg, S, O, $ dog, 7, H, 2, O) 27
MC- Which of the following is generally NOT true: W)boiling point of water decreases w/ increased altitude on Earth X) the melting point of table salt is much higher than glucose Y) radon is radioactive Z) metals react w/ nonmetals to form new metals Z). METALS REACT WITH NONMETALS TO FORM NEW METALS
SA- What is the percent efficiency, rounded to the nearest whole number, of a simple machine that requires 600 joules of energy input to achieve 400 joules of energy output? 67 (Solution: 400/600 = 0.67 x 100 = 67%)
SA- Light typically travels in waves that are oriented in all planes traveling in a given direction. What is the term for light waves that are traveling in one plane? POLARIZED (ACCEPT: LINEAR POLARIZED)
SA- Name all of the following 4 choices that are electromagnetic radiation: radio waves; x-rays; cathode rays; visible light ALL
MC- In which of the following units would capacitance most likely be given: W) webers X) farads Y) teslas Z) ohms X). FARADS
SA- Name all of the following 3 choices that are DC voltage sources: 9-volt battery; lightning; static electricity ALL
SA- What is the resultant force when a force of 50 newtons is opposed in an opposite direction by a 10-newton force? 40
Dogsled team runs @ 15kilometers/hr for 6hrs& gets stuck in semi-melted lake for 3hrs &make no progress.Then runs at 10 kilometers/hr for another 5hrs& crosses the finish line.What is the dog sled team’sVaverage speed for the entire race in kilometers/hr? 10
SA- What is the most commonly used scientific name for the compound with the chemical formula C6H12O6, which is a product of photosynthesis? GLUCOSE (ACCEPT: D-GLUCOSE OR DEXTROSE)
SA- Arrange the following 4 substances in order of DECREASING pH: normal human saliva; black coffee; bleach; stomach acid BLEACH; NORMAL HUMAN SALIVA; BLACK COFFEE; STOMACH ACID
SA- How many wavelengths per second are equal to 5 5,000
SA- What is the percent efficiency for a lever that has a work input of 2,000 joules and a work output of 1,600 joules? 80
MC- A fifty-fifty solution of distilled water and pure ethanol will appear: W) clear X) cloudy Y) purple Z) heterogeneous W). CLEAR
MC- Which of the following chemical names is NOT correctly matched with its chemical formula: W) H2SO4 and sulfuric acid X) HCl and hydrochloric acid Y) BeCl2 and boron dichloride Z) SO2 and sulfur dioxide Y). BeCL2 AND BORON DICHLORIDE
SA- How many times as much momentum does a truck have traveling at 40 kilometers per hour if it triples its mass? 3
SA- Name all of the following 4 substances that will turn blue litmus paper red: citric acid; carbonated water; ammonia; sodium hydroxide CITRIC ACID; CARBONATED WATER
SA- According to Charles’s gas law, the volume of a fixed amount of gas varies directly with what property? TEMPERATURE
MC- Which of the following processes is exothermic: W) solid water changes to water vapor X) solid water changes to liquid water Y) liquid water changes to solid water Z) liquid water changes to water vapor Y). LIQUID WATER CHANGES TO SOLID WATER
SA- Giving your answer in scientific notation to the second decimal place, how many molecules are in 10 moles of H2O? 6.02 X 10^24
SA- Using proper chemical formulas, finish balancing the following equation: N2 + 3H2 ->what? 2NH3
SA- What is the name of the particle that carries the electromagnetic force? PHOTON
SA- If a wave has a frequency of 2,000 hertz, what is its period, in seconds? 0.0005 (ACCEPT: 5 X 10^-4)
MC- Which of the following MUST change if constructive interference occurs between two light waves: W) compression X) frequency Y) amplitude Z) speed Y). AMPLITUDE
SA- Order the following 4 colors of light from the one with the LONGEST wavelength to the SHORTEST wavelength: orange; violet; red; yellow RED; ORANGE; YELLOW; VIOLET
MC- Which of the following is an electronic device that amplifies electronic signals and was used as a switching device in the first electronic computers: W) vacuum tubes X) crystals Y) potentiometers Z) rheostats W). VACUUM TUBES
SA- Name all of the following 3 choices that are typically considered scalar quantities: electric charge; acceleration; average speed ELECTRIC CHARGE; AVERAGE SPEED
Which is NOT true for a substance: X)water&steam are 2 different forms of the same substance Y)all compounds are substances&all substances are compounds Z)a pure substance cannot be separated by physical means Y). ALL COMPOUNDS ARE SUBSTANCES AND ALL SUBSTANCES ARE COMPOUNDS
MC- Which of the following is NOT a spontaneous reaction under normal atmospheric pressure: W) rusting of a ship’s hull at sea X) liquid water changing to water ice at 25ºC Y) the combustion of propane in air Z) evaporation of water above 212ºF X). LIQUID WATER CHANGING TO WATER ICE AT 25ºC
MC- Which of the following is a substance that does NOT conduct electricity when it is a solid but does conduct electricity when it is melted or in a molten state: W) lead X) copper Y) water Z) sodium chloride Z). SODIUM CHLORIDE
MC- Chemical bonding between which of the following pairs of atoms would MOST likely be ionic: W) copper and chlorine X) carbon and carbon Y) hydrogen and carbon Z) sulfur and oxygen W). COPPER AND CHLORINE
SA- How many covalent bonds are in a molecule of methane? 4
SA- Giving your answer in the SI units for resistance, what is the resistance of an electric flashlight operating on a 9-volt battery that requires 0.5 amps to run? 18 OHMS (MUST GIVE UNITS)
MC- Which of the following is a simple instrument often used to demonstrate electrostatic induction: W) electroscope X) voltmeter Y) electrometer Z) spectrometer W). ELECTROSCOPE
SA- What is the most common term for the form of radio telecommunications that broadcasts electromagnetic information by varying the wave frequency? FREQUENCY MODULATION (ACCEPT: FM)
MC- Which of the following is LEAST accurate regarding the element helium: W)it is the second most abundant element in the universe X) it is constantly escaping from Earth’s atmosphere into space Y) it is toxic to humans even is very low concentration Y). IT IS TOXIC TO HUMANS EVEN IN VERY LOW CONCENTRATIONS
MC- Which of the following substances when pure typically contains ONLY carbon atoms: W) isopropyl alcohol X) glass Y) graphite Z) natural gas Y). GRAPHITE
MC-Which of the following is NOT true: W)the freezing point of pure water is 0ºC @sea level X)when pure water freezes, it reaches its maximum density @ 0ºC Y)adding salt to ice will lower its melting point X). WHEN PURE WATER FREEZES, IT REACHES IT MAXIMUM DENSITY AT 0ºC
SA- Name all of the following 4 processes where energy is released: water melts; water freezes; evaporation; condensation CONDENSATION; WATER FREEZES
SA- Giving the proper charges, what are the chemical formulas for the major ions present in a aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide, or NaOH? Na+ AND OH– (in any order)
SA- Arrange the following 3 pure substances in order of INCREASING melting points at 1 atmosphere of pressure: iron; oxygen; water OXYGEN; WATER; IRON
SA- As what color will a red object appear when illuminated by a blue light? BLACK
SA- What is the wavelength, in meters, of a sound wave that has a frequency of 4 kilohertz and a speed in a medium of 400 meters per second? 0.1
SA- If the density of a metal alloy is 5,430 kilograms per cubic meter, what is its specific gravity, rounded to the second decimal place? 5.43
A runner braces himself against a stationary set of foot blocks&accelerates w/ a horizontal magnitude of 2 meters/second squared. How many newtons of horizontal force does the runner exert on the blocks to produce this acceleration if his mass is 70 kg? 140
MC- Randy was precise in his lab experiment but he was not accurate. Which of the following best describes his measurements: Y) his data was not close to the true value but reproducible Z) his data was not close to the true value and reproducible Y) HIS DATA WAS NOT CLOSE TO THE TRUE VALUE BUT REPRODUCIBLE
SA- Using a gravitational acceleration of 10 meters per second and giving your answer in appropriate SI units, if dropped off a cliff, how fast will a rock be falling at the end of 2 seconds, if friction is ignored? 20 METERS PER SECOND (must give units)
MC- Which of the following most likely occurs when one molecule is oxidized: W) another molecule is reduced X) there is a release in work Y) the system becomes more ordered Z) the reaction is at equilibrium W). ANOTHER MOLECULE IS REDUCED
SA- Arrange the following 3 pure substances in order of INCREASING evaporation rates at 1 atmosphere of pressure and at room temperature: water; acetone; aluminum ALUMINUM; WATER; ACETONE
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