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Optum Lesson 4

How do you send messages within Otum PM and Physician EMR? By sending them to a to do list
How long is your personal password good for? 90 days
What is the maximum idle time in Optum PM? 180 minutes
There are system readiness requirements that must be met prior to logging in to Optum. Prior to each time that you log in and work in Optum, you must do what? Clear the cache
When can you find recording training sessions, live webinars, support documentation, and quick reference tools in Optum? Help-training
The meaningful use dashboard is designed to assist providers who are participating in which incentive program? Medicare and Medicaid
What is displayed on your dashboard? Everything you have access to
Password must be characters? 8
If you need to add an extra line for additional information, which button would you use? The more button
What is the function of the (.....) button? Search the data base
Working on patient demographics, which are required fields? First name, last name, date of birth, gender, telephone number, address and insurance information and doctor.
What button or combination of buttons will automatically put in the punctuation and capitalize, while setting up a new patient profile? Tab
Which tab in the name bar would you use to get a pop-up to register a patient? Under new
Which is not one of the four sections of the patient alert window? Outstanding balance
What is the name of the document that describes a medical practice's policies and procedures of protected health information? NPP (Notice of Privacy Practice)
What is the term used to describe the conversion of letters and numbers to code or symbols so that its contents cannot be viewed or understood? Encryption
What is recall? A reminder for future appointments
The gray shaded area in the book application means that they are? Unavailable
Why would you want to cancel an appointment if the patient was a no show? No missing charge tickets or encounter forms, to keep record of patients no-shows
When patients have an upcoming recall where are they listed? Dashboard
Created by: Lizbeth Romo