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Session 1 Phys- Skin

Physio- Skin lecture for PA 2011

List the major functions of Skin Protection, Thermoregulation, Osmoregulation, Sensory Perception, Excretion, Metabolic Function(Vit D synthesis), Absorption of UV Radiation.
What are the two basic layers of skin and what seperates them Epidermis and Dermis seperated by basal lamina
What is the primary function of the Epidermis protection
Where is thick skin found palms and soles of feet.
What are the cells of the epidermis called and what is there function keratinocytes extracellular water barrier
What are the layers of the epidermis starting from innermost layer Stratum Basale, Stratum spinosum, Stratum Granulosum, Stratum Luciderm (only in thick skin) and Stratum Corneum
What are the characteristics of stratum basale keratinocytes attached to basal layer these are the cells that divide to make the next layers
What are the char of stratum spinosum thickest epidermal layer start to fill with tonofilaments and are attached together by desmosomes.
What are the char of stratum granulosum most superficial layer that still has nuclei they produce karatohyalin granules and then exocytose the granules contents from apical end that covers the cells in a lipid layer that provides water barrier of epidermis.
What are the char of stratum lucidum only seen in thick skin. Nuclein and organelles degenerate and skin is filled with keratin filaments
What are the char of stratum corneum several layers of flat fully keratinized cells. as they loose there desmosome attachments they are known as squames
How often does skin turnover every 20-30 days
what is keratinization cells in the granulosum are converted to fully keratinized cells of the stratum corneum. Converting tonofilaments into keratin filaments.
What is keratin and what are the major monomers of keratin found in the epidermis intermediate filament common to all epithelial cells. K5 and K14 monoers found in basal keratinocytes, K1 and k10 synthesized in spinosum replace k5 and K14
What are melanocytes cell in the epidermis that produce pigment melanin
Which melanin is brown-black and which type of melanin is reddish-yellow Eumelanin is brown-black, and Pheomelanin is red-yellow.
What is tyrosinase enzyme that converts tyrosine, into dopa and then dopa to melanin.
How does melanin get into the keratinocyte melanin is stored in melanosomes which get exocytosed and then phagocytosized into the keratinocyte.
What are langerhans cells phagocytic cells derived from bone marrow precursor they stimulate t lymphocytes and serve as antigen presenting cells.
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