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Network Protocols

HTTP Port 80 (443 for HTTPS)
HTTP Layer Layer 7 / Application
HTTP Purpose Used for transferring hypertext and web media. Typically uses TCP. Uses a request-response format where a URI is used to request certain resources and the server sends those resources back.
HTTP Encryption Plaintext unless HTTPS is used
SMTP Port 25 (mail servers) / 587 (mail clients to mail server)
SMTP Layer Layer 7 / Application
SMTP Purpose Used primarily for sending and receiving mail between mail servers. Mail clients usually only use SMTP to send mail to mail servers (over port 587).
SMTP Encryption Plaintext
SMB Port 445
SMB Layer Layer 7 / Application
SMB Purpose Used for network file, directory, and share access and sharing. Used by hosts on the network, printers, and other network connected devices that might need file access.
SMB Encryption SMB2 doesn't encrypt, SMB3 supports encryption
SSH Port 22
SSH Layer Could be argued for Application (using ssh for remote shell), Presentation (encryption of data), Session (encrypted tunneling), or Transport (data transfer with encryption). Who tf knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
SSH Purpose Provides a secure channel for communication over an insecure network. Other services can run on top of SSH to encrypt data being sent.
SSH Encryption Encrypted
SCP Port 22
SCP Layer Application (user interaction to get files from the server / host)
SCP Purpose Used for file sharing between hosts. Usually clients can upload files to a server and pull down files from that server. Runs over SSH.
SCP Encryption Encrypted
Telnet Port 23
Telnet Layer Application
Telnet Purpose Provides text based communication with remote hosts. Usually over a command-line interface.
Telnet Encryption Plaintext
FTP Port 20 (data transfer) and 21 (command / control port)
FTP Layer Application
FTP Purpose Used for transferring files between a client and server. Can use FTPS (over SSL/TLS) or SFTP (over SSH) for encryption. Active mode (client tells server what port to send data to, server sends from port 20 to that port). Passive (client behind firewall)
FRP Encryption Plaintext
DNS Port 53
DNS Layer Application
DNS Purpose
DNS Encryption Plaintext
BGP Port 179 (Using TCP)
BGP Layer Application
BGP Purpose Allows Autonomous System to share routing information so each AS can route between one another. Manually configured to allow each neighboring AS to connect to one another only if both agree. Finds optimal routing paths for destinations in other AS
BGP Encryption Plaintext
Created by: icazadori