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BL1.2A Dual Court

BusLaw1 Dual Court System

appellate courts The United States courts of appeals.
appellate jurisdiction Any part to a suit decided in a federal district court may appeal to the federal court of appeals in the circuit where the case was tried.
delinquent child A minor child under a certain age who has committed an adult crime.
diversity of citizenship Cases that involve citizens of different states and in which the amount of money in dispute exceeds $75,000.
general jurisdiction A general trial court that handles criminal and civil cases. All cases that involve major crimes and large amounts of money must begin in one of these courts.
intermediate courts The courts between the lower and higher courts.
jurisdiction The power and authority given to a court to hear a case and to make a judgment.
limited jurisdiction Local courts that handle minor matters such as misdemeanors and civil actions involving small amounts of money.
neglected or abused child A child who is homeless, destitute, or without adequate parental care.
original jurisdiction Authority of a court to try a case the first time it is heard.
unruly child A minor who has done something that is inappropriate that is not considered an adult crime.
Created by: C.Westcott