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Beginning of precert

Precert review ( not finished )

The implementation of EHR is an essential component of HIT
The most common health care delivery model used for reimbursing Providers in the US is the Fee for service
Which model of health care emphasizes quantity of service rather then quality of service Fee for service
Accountable care organizations ( ACO) Group of doctors hospitals and other health care providers who come together voluntarily to give coordinated high quality care to Medicare PT
Triple aim initiative Initiated by (INI) A movement by the institute for health care improvement 3 dimensions/ PT experience of care / improving health populations / and to reduce per capita cost of health care
PT centered A model of care that emphasizes care coordination/ places needs and preference of the PT at the core
The average life expectancy in 2015 79
What is the name most seniors prefer to be addressed by Mr or mrs
What color leash would a signal dog be wearing Orange
What gesture would be acceptable by most cultures/ people Warm smile
Who would be responsible for arranging for an interpreter during an office visit for an LEP PT The providers office
When assisting a blind PT Never move the. PT belonging w/o telling them
Correct room arrangements for using an interpreter Triangle field of vision
Speech reading Reading lips
What is paramount in the eyes of most seniors Professional behavior
Ways to stimulate PT compliance Include family members/ calling the PT after session / being a good role model
Which of the following would not reflect a cholesterol number PT should strive for HDL THAT IS LESS THEN 40
PT on anticoagulant therapy should Avoid liver /take there MEDS as directed/ and at same time each day
All of the statements are true regarding BP monitoring Adult PT 140/90 considered controlled / a goal of less then 150/90 diastolic is used for PT over 60 /
Final step in the infection cycle Susceptible host
Yeast and molds would fall under the classification of Fungi
In which of the following ways can a pathogen enter a susceptible host Inhalation/ ingested/ sexual transmission
In which stage of infection would a PT be if presenting with a general complaint of malaise Prodromal
Which of the following would be considered a systemic sign of inflammation Fever
Which of the following are components that participate in the immune system Response T-cells / B-cells/ antibodies
During which type of immunity are T-cells present Cell- mediation
Which of the following would be an example of an engineering control Device used to separate employees from hazards and puncture-resistant sharps containers
Which of the following must be available to all employees regarding the use of hazardous chemicals used in the facility SDS forms
To determine if a pack is sterile check the Sterilization date / sterilization indicator / general condition of the wrapping material no signs of moisture holes or defects
Which of the following is true regarding labeling of a sterilization pack List the name of the item/ date of sterilization and the first initial and last name of person who prepared the pack for sterilization
The type of suture material that is used when suturing deeper layers of the skin or when suturing structures that are difficult to reach is called Absorbable
The most common gas used for sterilization because of its ability to kill all forms of microorganism including bacterial endospores Ethylene oxide
The most dependable and cost effective method of sterilization used in medical clinics is Autoclaving
Which of the following steps would come last when sanitizing an instrument Wiping dry with a non- producing material such as muslin cloth
Which of the following is a skin cleanser used to prepare the skin prior to surgery Betadine
An instrument used to grasp and hold tissue and other items is Forceps
Which of the following is used to pack wounds and acts as an antiseptic that inhibits the growth of microorganism Dodo form sterile packing material
Which of the following is a topical aerosol product that causes temporary relief from pain by cooling the skin also known as ' cold spray' Ethyl chloride
Which of the following drapes should be placed under the PT before cleansing the skin Water proof drape
When bandaging one needs to check for signs of poor circulation Blueness around the nail beds / pallor / tingling sensation and numbness
Which of the following exudate a contains serum only Serous
Which of the following exudate so contains both serum and blood Serosanguineous
Which of the following types of bandage types is used to immobilize a joint Figure 8
Which of the following bandaging techniques is used to anchor a bandage at the beginning or end of most bandaging applications Circular turn
A card that lists all of the specifics regarding physician preference for procedures regularly performed is referred to as Surgical procedure card file
When setting up the surgical tray it should be positioned so that the top of the tray is Even with the waist of the provider
Which lad test would a provider order to test for liver functions Comprehensive GI function panel
The lab test GI FUNCTION PANEL Measures inflammatory, digestive, immune and to detect abnormal GI functions
CILA WAVIED TESTS HbA1c / hematocrit / ESR
Not CLIA wavied Differential count
Into which of the following categories does PPM fall Moderate complexity
Which of the following test is classified PPM Urine sediment examination
Procedures that are designed to ensure the accuracy and precision of laboratory test are known as Quality assurance
Transportation of blood tubes sent to lab Kept in upright position
Leaving the tourniquet on for more then one minute can result in Hemoconcentration
Correct placement of the tourniquet 3/4 inches above the elbow
Wiping the first drop of blood away in a finger prick Diluted with tissue fluid
If anisocytosis is reported on a differential count this means that there are variations in the Size of the red blood cells
Which of the following is an inherited disorder caused by the presence of abnormal hemoglobin ( hemoglobin s) Sickle cell anemia
Which of the following counts within a CBC would help with diagnosing , evaluating, and treating different types of anemia so and bleeding disorders Red blood cell indices
A neutrophil count on a differential is reported as 75% which of the following conditions would likely be responsible Bacterial infections
Which is a screening test for syphilis VDRL
When homeostasis is disrupted the body responds by doing what It increases or lowers chemicals that are out of normal range
Before collecting a specimen for an OGTT the PT is required to Fast for ten hours prior to testing
What is the tumor marker for colorectal cancer CEA
Most common cause for a peptic ulcer HELICOBACTER pylori
What determines a persons blood type Antigens
Applications of a topical medication to a joint to relieve pain is a Local action
Which of the following is the exclusive name of a drug substance or drug owned by a company under a trademark Trade name
Clot -busting drug Tissue plasminogen activator Given 3 hrs from onset of stroke symptoms
AMBROSE PARE Father of modern surgery
WILLIAM HARVEY Circulation of blood
ANTON VAN LEEUWENHOEK Made first lens strong enough to see bacteria
EDWARD JENNER Vaccination of small pox
CLARA BURTON Founder of the red cross
LOUIS PASTEUR Father of bacteriology and father of preventive medicine Prevention of anthrax
HIPOCRATES Oath of medicine
When a physical exam has been performed and he physician documents PERRLA what part of the body is this term referring to Eyes
Which region is referred to when charting a notation about the area near the navel Umbilical
Which of the following practitioners would treat PTs for ADHA/PTSD/ and bipolar disorder Psychiatrists
Which abbreviation would be unlikely to appear on a chart in a gynecologist office LOC
To measure intraocular pressure the instrument used is the TONOMETER
Hearing loss associated with age is known as Presbycusis
Schedule 2 inventories must be made every 2 yrs
A sterile cover placed over a wound to prevent contamination is the Dressing
The generic name for lopressor is Metoprolol
A liquid preparation which mixes fine droplets of an oil into water is an Emulsion
Hydrocortisone is a drug used to suppress Inflammation
A drug that causes the pupils of the eyes to dilate is called Mydriatic
The buccal method of administering a drug is done by Placing the medication between the gum and cheek
Schedule 1 drugs include Substances that have no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse
A surgical scrub involves washing Hands and forearms
The autoclave Forces the temperature of steam above the boiling point
A small surgical clamp for grasping blood vessels is called Hemostatic forceps
Autoclave indicator tape changes color ( after Autoclaving) to Black
Which of the following classes of drugs is most appropriate for PTs with a persistent cough Antitussives
Which of the following agents are used to relieve itching Antipruritics
Which of the following measures is equivalent to 500mg 0.5
Destruction of all living microorganism by specific means is called Sterilization
Which of the following instruments is used to examine the vagina Speculum
Which type of drug may be refilled five times in 6 months Schedule 1V
A diluted solution of formaldehyde used to preserve biological specimens is Formalin
Most drugs are eliminated from the body by the Kidney
In the chain of infection which link allows the infectious antigen to leave the reservoir host Portal of exit
Albuterol aerosol inhalants are a type of Bronchodilator
When performing a venipuncture the tourniquet should be wrapped around the arm ________inches from the site 3-4 inches
The slant tip of the needle that enters the vein is called the Bevel
The total magnification while looking through the high power objective of a microscope is 400
The appropriate site for performing a capillary puncture on an infant is the Heel of the foot
The single most effective method of preventing the spread of infection is Hand washing
in performing phlebotomy on a child it is best to Talk softly and gently tell the truth enlist the help of the parents
Test that pose insignificant risks to PT if errors occur in the test performance are called WAVIED tests
A _______stopper evacuated tube is used for the collection of a CBC Lavender
Which of the following precautions should the phlebotomist take when preparing to draw on a postoperative PT who had a right-sighted mastectomy Draw from the left arm
Which of the following tests is performed to identify bacteria in the blood Blood culture
Which of the following must be followed exactly whenever a phlebotomist draws a specimen that may be used in a legal proceedings Chain of custody
Quality control testing of a glucometer is important because It promotes accurate test results
A vein might be prone to collapse if the Vacuum tube is too large for the vein
If a blood sample is ordered 2 hours post-prandial the phlebotomist should collect the sample 2 hours after a meal
The physician. Orders AST , ALT , ALKALINE phosphate, GGT AND BILIRUBIN, what organ is the physician checking Liver
Which of the following is not a proper procedure for performing the Multistix 10 reagent strip test Dicolored strips should be discarded
A healthy adult excretes daily approximately _________of urine 1 to 1.5 liters
The functional unit of the kidney is Nephrons
Casts are ? Small molds of the kidney tubules
In the POL which of the following would most likely be performed Bacterial cultures
Zone of inhibitions Are measured using a template or ruler
All of the following may be consulted for drug information except Medical dictionary
All of the following may be consulted for drug information PDR, PRODUCT INSERT,USP/NF
All of the following are steps for proper instrument care except Keeping instruments with ratchets in a closed position
drug inventory records must include the following information Healthcare providers name / signature of the person who took the inventory/DEA number
Drug inventory records must include the following information except Signature of PT who accepted the drug
Clean technique is another term for Medical asepsis
Instruments that come in contact only with a PT mucus membranes should be Disinfected
The autoclave Forces the temperature of steam above the boiling point
A small surgical clamp for grasping blood vessels is called Hemostatic forceps
Autoclave. Indicator tape changes color ( after Autoclaving ) to Black
Which of the following is a common route for the administration of parenteral medication Injection
Which of the following agents are used to relieve itching Antipruritcs
The following medication is prescribed for a PT ERYTHROMYCIN 500 mg x7days the pharmacist has only 250mg dose in stock. How many 250 mg capsules will the pharmacist dispense to the PT 28
The two most important components of hand washing are Running water and friction
Which drug prevent or inhibits sleeping Antihypnotic
Drugs used to constrict the pupils Miotics
Drugs used to diolate pupils Mydriatics
The blood lancet is used for the collection of blood specimens by Skin puncture
The standard point of the lancet to be used when collecting blood from a new born heel is 2.0 mm
To determine the size of the needle remember that the higher the gauge number the ________the needle Smaller the lumen of
When performing a veinupucture the tourniquet should be wrapped around the arm________from the site 3 to 4 inches above site
To cleanse the typical venipuncture site begin at the intended site of draw and Work in a circle to the periphery ( cinnamon bun 😊)
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