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English 8 review

Outsiders, Jason's Gold, Anne Frank play, The Giver

How old was Anne when she died? 15
Why did Mrs. Van Daan get mad when Anne spilled milk on her fur coat? It was from her father.
What did Dussel do for a living before he went into hiding? Dentist
What was Anne Frank's sister's name? Margot
What label was given to boys like Ponyboy, Dally, Sodapop, Steve and Johnny? Greasers
Why did Ponyboy and Johnny run away the first time? Darry hit Ponyboy.
How was Dally killed? Shot by police.
Who did Johnny kill? Bob
Who is the nonJewish friend that helps the Frankes get food and news? Miep
What was the name of Anne's love interest and son of Mrs. Van Daan? Peter
Why were the annex inhabitants close to kicking Mr. VanDaan out? He was stealing food in the night
How was King important in Jason's survival and journey? He carried cargo for Jason and defended him during the bear attack.
What theme was prominent in Jason's Gold? Never give up on what you want. Stay strong and keep going.
How did Jason and his brothers make a living in the Yukon? Working in and eventually owning a sawmill.
What was Jason's ultimate travel goal throughout the book? Dawson City
How did King die? Defending Jason from bears
What were the names of the 2 trails Jason and King followed? White Pass (or Dead Horse) and Chilkoot
What were the names of Jason's brothers? Abraham and Ethan
Why did Dally set himself up to be shot by the cops? He couldn't live without Johnny.
What did Johnny say to Ponyboy before he died? "Stay gold."
Why did Johnny kill a Soc? Because he was drowning Ponyboy.
How did Ponyboy feel about his brother Darry at the beginning of the book? He felt like they just didn't "dig" each other and Darry treats him like a kid.
How old are Johnny and Ponyboy throughout the book? 16 and 14
Who did Pony and Johnny go to for help after Johnny killed the Soc? Dallas Winston
Where did Dally tell Johnny and Pony to go? The church in Windrixville
How did Johnny die? Injuries from a fire where he was a hero and rescued children.
Who was the Receiver before Jonas? What happened to her? Her name was Rosemary and she asked for release.
Why did the Giver call himself "the Giver?" He was the Receiver, but is now giving Jonas his memories.
Why did Rosemary ask for release? She got a lot of pain from some memories she received.
Why was Jonas the last one to get his job of all the 11 year olds? He was the receiver, a position of great respect.
Why did the community want sameness? To eliminate jealousy and have peace with each other.
How was Jonas different from other people? He could see beyond.
Why did Jonas' dad release only one of the twins? To keep the community from overpopulation.
What role did the moose play in Jason's Gold? He injured Jason, causing him to meet Charlie and ultimately causing the death of King.
Who was Jack London? A real life author who became Jason's friend in the book and helped him.
Why was Charlie's leg amputated? It got infected after being frozen
Who is Jason's friend that lived with him throughout the winter? Charlie
What was the name of the sawmill? Hawthorn Brothers Sawmill
At the beginning of the book where was Jason and what was he doing? NYC selling newspapers
Why was Jason looking for his brothers on the way to Alaska? He hoped they would have enough grub and supplies for the three of them to find gold. His brothers had taken his inheritance after all!
Why does Jonas see red while others see only grays? He has special powers that enable him to see beyond and will help him become the Receiver.
What happened to the church? It caught fire.
What was the name rich kids in Ponyboy's school were called? Socs
What was Ponyboy's biggest focus in life? Education
Why did Dallas rob a store and get shot by cops? He couldn't live without Johnny
Name 4 characters from The Outsiders. Ponyboy, Dallas, Two Bit, Johnny, Darry, Sodapop, Steve
How much money did Jason's father leave him? $500
Where was the gold discovered? Yukon
What are two large animals that attacked Jason? Bears and moose
Where was Jason from originally? Seattle
What caused Jason to pass out in the street in Skagway? He ate spoiled horse meat; food poisoning
Who found Jason and helped him after he passed out? Jamie Dunavent
Who is the princess of Dawson City? Jamie Dunavent
How did Jason meet King? King's owner was trying to drown him in a fit of anger.
What state did Jason grow up in? Washington
What did Johnny kill Bob with? Blade
In the Giver, what is the practice called that eliminated hills, color, weather changes, etc Sameness
Who wrote Jason's Gold Will Hobbs
What are the basic differences between greasers and socs? Money and how they deal with emotions
What happened that made Johnny start carrying a knife? He got beat up by a group of socs.
Why were Johnny and Ponyboy considered heroes in the end? For saving the kids from the burning church
What was the name of Bob's girlfriend that Ponyboy was friends with? Cherry Vallance
How did Cherry help the greasers even though she was a soc? She brought them information
How did Pony and Johnny travel when they ran away On a freight train and on foot
Why did Darry slap Pony the night they ran away? He was afraid because Pony had stayed out so late.
Why did Charlie's uncle leave him? They didn't have any food and thought Charlie would slow them down and cause certain death.
Who was Robert Henderson? a real historical figure who told about the gold rush
Who owned the cat in Anne Frank's hiding place? Peter
What was the mane of Jonas' sister? Lily
Who wrote the poem that Johnny quotes to Ponyboy before he dies? Robert Frost
Why did the Curtis brothers live alone? Their parents had died
What makes Ponyboy start to realize that life is more complicated than just greaser/soc feuding? Randy's visit to his sickbed
What is the event that makes Sodapop run out of the house? Darry and Ponyboy argue and try to get him to choose sides.
How does Jason travel from NYC to Seattle? Train
What did Kid Barker want from Jason? He wanted him to help steal from other passengers.
What are Jonas's parents' jobs? Father is a nurturer, mother works for dept. of justice
Why does Lily think it would be fun to be a birthmother? Good food and gentle exercise
Why doesn't Lily's mother want her to become a birthmother? There is no honor in that job.
Why does Gabriel come home to stay with Jonas's family? He has trouble sleeping at night
What does Jonas have to do when he first reports his stirrings? Take a pill
Why does Jonas have to leave the community earlier than they had planned? He found out they were going to release Gabriel
How does Jonas remain hidden from heat seeking planes? He and Gabriel replay memories of cold
What is Jonas's vision at the end of the book? Lights and a home
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