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Mythology Quiz

a #Mythology #study #resource

What does Zeus do? God of all gods
What does Poseidon do? God of the sea
What does Hades do? God of the underworld
What does Hera do? Queen of gods
What does Demeter do? Goddess of the harvest
What does Hestia do? Goddess of the heart and home
What does Hephaestus do? God of blacksmith and craft
What does Aphrodite do? Goddess of beauty and love
What does Athena do? Goddess of wisdom
What does Apollo do? God of archery,music,truth, and prophecy
What does Artemis do? Goddess of hunt
What does Ares do? God of war
What does Hermes do? Messenger God
What does Myth mean? A traditional story that uses the supernatural to interpret natural events and to explain a culture's view of the universe and the nature of humanity
Use of the supernatural a: b: A: Gods B: Powers
Interprets natural events a: A: How the earth was created
Explains the nature of humanity a: b: c: d: A: Shows what people are really like B: Shows humans weakness C:Teachers lessons D: Gives warnings
Expresses a culture's view of the universe a: b: A: How everything is controlled B: Gods controlled the fate of men
Gods: a being possessing supernatural powers. a: b: c: A: Control the destines of men B: Delivered severe punishment to mortals who showed unacceptable behavior C: Controlled all aspects of the universe
Monsters a: b: A: Used by gods to terrorize humans B: Reinforce power of the gods
Heros a: b: c: A: A being go god-like ability B: A warrior C: Used by the gods
What does Theme mean? Myths contain universal themes. A message or idea that is conveyed through a text; a universal statement about life. Identify the theme by focusing on the main character and identifying the conflicts.
What are some themes that go with the gods stories? A: those who challenge authority face consequences B: Reward for goodness C: Curiosity is dangerous
Greek Heros a: b: c: d: A: Usually protects a society or a princess/love interest B: Represents the hopes and fears of Greek Society C: Comes from a royal of heavenly birth D: Possess superhuman abilities such as bravery, courage or magic items
Greek Heros continue... e: f: E: Performs extraordinary actions usually aided by the Gods F: Typically goes on a distant and dangerous quest
Created by: panda415
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