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Money Matters


If you make a mistake on your taxes, you can amend your tax return by filing a ______ form. 1040X
Most every U.S. citizen must file a federal income tax return on or before _____. April 15th
When you ______ on a loan or a credit card, this means you have stopped making payments, usually because you are unable to afford the payments. Default
If your payment arrives, even one day after the due date, you will be charged a _______________. Late Payment Fee
Credit scores range from ____ to ____. 500 to 810
Keep your ____ in a safe place and never write it on your card. PIN
The __________ is the actual amount of money you borrowed from the lender for your purchase. Principal
A ____________ policy’s premiums are adjusted, usually higher, each year when the policy is reviewed and renewed. Annual Premium
_________ is an insurance program designed for low-income individuals in low-income households. Medicaid
______________ is probably the most common form of insurance. Auto Insurance
What is the name of the act that everyone refers to as Obamacare? Affordable Care Act
What percentage of personal bankruptcies are due to medical bills? 60%
_______________ pays to repair your vehicle less your deductible when it is damaged in ways which do not involve an actual collision. Comprehensive Coverage
__________ is the interest rate used by most banks and based on the federal fund rate. Prime Rate
An ___________ may change during the term of the loan. Adjustible Rate
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