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ADM - Web Design

Adv. Digital Media

Child Page A page that is conceptually subordinate or below another
Compatibility Refers to the ability of a web application or HTML code to work effectively with all browser platforms
Debug The methodical process of finding and reducing the number of errors in a computer program making it behave as expected
Flowchart A graphic organizer that creates a visual representation of the components, sequences, and inter-relationships of a proposed project
Hexadecimal HTML colors are defined using a hexadecimal notation for the combination of red, green, and blue color values (RGB)
Navigation The system that a visitor can use to move around a website (global navigation, breadcrumb trails, related links, pagination (previous/next page), footer navigation, etc.) and the visual manifestation of such systems (hyperlinked text, tabs, buttons, etc.)
Parent Page The page that contains the link to the selected object
Pathname A statement of the location of a file or other item in a hierarchy of directories
Proofreading The careful review of a publication to detect and correct production errors of text or art
Root Folder The folder that holds all of the files that make up your actual website
Source Code Program or web page instructions in their original form
Text Editor Simple text editing program used to write or edit web design code; does not show a visual component
Visual Editor Design software that manipulates components of the web page without the user writing or editing code
Web-safe Colors Consist of 216 colors that display solid, non-dithered, and consistent on any computer monitor
Website Hosting The activity or business of providing storage space and access for websites
WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get
Created by: jaztheodore