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French Artists

French Artists of the late 18th-mid 19th century

A founder of realism, and strongly anticlerical. Works include: The Painter's Studio, The Diligence in the Snow, Return from the Fair, After Dinner at Ornans, The Burial at Ornans, and the Stone Breakers Gustave Courbet
A well-noted radical artist who caricatured society through his paintings of individuals like Robert Macaire and Ratapoil. Other notable paintings include The Print Collector, sketches of Don Quixote, and the Third Class Carriage. Honore Daumier
A prominent French neoclassicist, he painted works like The Death of Socrates, Brutus with his Dead Son, the Sabines, The Oath of the Horatii, and the Coronation of Napoleon and Josephine, and the Death of Marat Jaccques Louis David
This man was known for not using models in his later years as a painter, and some of his works inlcude Pan and Syrinx, Renaud and Armide, the Visit of Venus to Vulcan, and The Toilet of Venus. He also sketched Madam Pompadour Francois Boucher
A French Romanticist, his first work was "Dante and Virgil Crossing the Styx." The first painter to visit Islamic countries, some of his works include "The Women of Algiers" and "The Jewish Wedding." Also did "The Death of Sardanapalus" Eugene Delacroix
A famous artist influenced by Boucher, some of his works include "The High Priest Coresus Sacrificing himself to save Callirrhoe" along with "The Sacrifice of Jeroboam" and he painted many as 'fetes galantes' such as "The Swing" Jean Honore Fragonard
He painted numerous pictures of horses and Napoleonic soldiers, making works like "The Wounded Cuirassier" and "The Prince Regent as Colonel of Hussars." Also made famous paintings of people in an insane asylum, and painted "The Raft of the Medusa" Theodore Gericault
This classicist painted works like "Jupiter and Thetis" in addition to "The Apotheosis of Homer" and "The Vow of Louis XIII" and "The Apotheosis of Napoleon I." Most famous for "La Grande Odalisque" (it's like Olympia, but in reverse. And no servants) Jean Ingres
A founder of the Barbizon school his paintings like "The Woodcutters," "The Gleaners," "The Angelus," and "The Whisper" showed the gritty realities of peasant life. Look at his stuff. It's cool. Jean Millet
The ultimate French Classicist his works include "Selene and Endymion", "The Martyrdom of St. Erasmus," "The Massacre of the Innocents" and "A Dance to the Music of Time"(old man with wings is playing a harp, and people are dancing in the sky). Nicolas Poussin
The first painter of fete galantes, he was taught by Claude Gillot, and his works include "Recreations of War," "Recruits Rejoining the Regiment," "The Music Party," "Jupiter and Antiope," and "Embarkation for Cythera" Antoine Watteau
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