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The Manhunt

Simon Armitage

How does the form of the poem create effect to the reader? It has a vague, inconsistent rhyming pattern that helps to create a fragmented feel, mirroring the thoughts and feelings of the woman.
What techniques does Armitage use to create effect to the reader? • Enjambment is present in nearly every line- represents the erratic feel of the husband's mind.
How does Armitage use metaphors to create effect?(2) • War metaphors show how the war has never really left the husband's mind "the blown hinge of his lower jaw." • "The damaged porcelain collarbone" could be a metaphor for how the husband has become taciturn and uncommunicative about his experiences.
How does Armitage use verbs to create effect? • The wife uses caring, sensual verbs such as "mind", "attend" "feel" to symbolise the wife's love for her husband throughout his change, it also ties in with the theme of 'hope in the face of adversity through love'.
What is the context of the poem? • From the point of view of a soldier's wife (Laura's poem). • Wife of Eddie Beddoes- a soldier who was a UN protection force peacekeeper during the Bosnian conflict in the 1990's. • He was discharged due to injury and depression.
What is the message of the poem? The poem is essentially about the lesser thought of struggles of war, whilst many poets centre around the destruction left by conflict and its effects on civilians an innocent people involved in war, this poem focuses on the effect on the soldier.
Key words? • Pain • Struggle • Taciturn • Erratic • Fragmented • Understanding • Helplessness
Created by: GuyBrazier