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Tempest Quiz review

Rightful Duke of Milan Prospero
Spirit-servant to Prospero Ariel
Alonso's brother Sebastian
Nobleman who helped Prospero by supplying a boat Gonzalo
Prospero's slave Caliban
King of Naples Alonso
Prospero's daughter Miranda
the drunken butler Stephano
Goddess played by a spirit Ceres
Caliban's mother Sycorax
Alonso's son Ferdinand
Prospero's brother Antonio
Describe Caliban son of the bad witch, Sycorax, deformed and beast-like in appearance; Prospero's slave.
"They are both in either's powers. But this is swift business I must uneasy make, lest too light winning Make light the prize." Prospero referring to Ferdinand and Miranda
Anthony and Sebastian do this while the others sleep. Plot to kill Alonso
Comes across Stephano and Trinculo in the woods and mistakes Stephano for a god. Caliban
Scene one, Miranda and Ferdinand decide to ____________. get married
What does Caliban want to do while Prospero naps? to kill Prospero and help Stephano and Miranda become King and Queen of the island and make Caliban and Trinculo lords!
Prospero and Ariel play tricks on Alonso's people by _______. showing them a feast and then making it disappear.
Why does Prospero and Ariel play tricks on Alonso's people? to remind them of their sins and the way they treated Prospero.
Why were Iris, Ceres and Juno created by Prospero? to entertain at the celebration
"Let us not burden our remembrances with a heaviness that's gone" Prospero
Miranda's "brave new world" lines are ironic, why? the people that she believes represent a great humankind are really conspirators and would-be murders.
a small drum Tabor
a wedding Nuptial
complete and utter loss Perdition
Confirmed; long-standing Inveterate
Contempt Disdain
Corrupted Debauched
Courage; commitment Fortitude
Dangerous; harmful Malignant
Deeply absorbed; focused Rapt
Deprived Bereft
Extremely enthusiastic Ardor
Hypocritical appearance of being religious Sanctimonious
insulting; arrogant insolent
interfering in other people's business Meddle
Profane Blasphemous
Punish severely Chastise
Slander Aspersion
Storm Tempest
Strange; different-in a good way Quaint
predecessor Precursor
honor; respect Homage
to hate; to loathe abhor
overtake by force Usurp
annoyed Vexed
Created by: gdaenell