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Sentences 1

That's true. They do charge top dollar. 그렇긴 해. 거긴 가격을 비싸게 붗히긴 하더라
Well, they must be doing something right over there. Meanwhile, we're about to go belly-up. 그래도 거긴 뭔가 재대로 하나봐. 지금 우리는 길가에 내려 앉기 생겼어
Let's face it: your advertising campaign was a real flop. 솔직히 네 광고는 별로였어
Well then I'll go back to the drawing board. 그럼 다시 처음부터 시작해볼게
Can't we even talk this over? After all, I've been working here for 10 years! 한번만 봐주면 안되? 난 여기서 10년씩이나 일했잖아
Susan, I got canned today at work. 나 오늘 직장에서 짤렸어
Keep your chin up. Maybe he'll change his mind and take you back.. 기운내. 아마 그가 생각이 바뀌어서 다시 불를수도 있잖아
When pigs fly! Once he makes up his mind, he never changes it. Besides, I told him off. 그럴 일은 없을꺼야. 그는 한번 마음이 굳히면 바뀌지 않거든. 게다가 내가 또 그한테 대들었어.
Hang in there. I'm sure you won't be out of work for long. 기운내. 그렇다고 당신은 오랫동안 백수가 되진 않을거야.
Don't get too stressed out, Bob. We'll make ends meet. 너무 스트레스 받지마. 어떻게든 될꺼야.
I can always get a job at McDonald's as a last resort. 머하면 아르바이트라도 해야지
That’s right, son. Stop slacking off and start hitting the books! 그만 딴짓하고 공부좀 해
But I can’t stand chemistry class. Besides, it’s a lost cause. That class is way over my head. 하지만 그건 화학 수업이었단 말이에요. 이제 아무 소용 없어요. 이미 너무 뒤쳐졌어요
You need to buckle down. 제대로좀 해
That’s beside the point. 그건 아무 상관없어
Tom likes to walk around town in his pajamas — he doesn’t give a hoot what people think. 톰은 잠옷차림으로 동네를 돌아다니기 좋아합니다. 그는 다른사람들이 그를 어떻게 생각하는지 전혀 신경을 안씁니다.
She said my presentation was head and shoulders above the others. 선생님께서 제 발표가 다른 애들보다 훨씬 뛰어나다고 하셨어요.
You’re so gung ho about school. It drives me crazy. 넌 진짜 학교에 미쳐있구나. 짜증나게시리
Ted, don’t butt in! You’re just jealous. 테드. 끼어들지마 넌 그냥 질투하는거잖아.
Right. You hit the nail on the head. I’m green with envy. 맞아 너무 맞아. 나 질투하는거 맞아.
Would you just shut up? You’re on thin ice with me right now. 조용히좀 해줄래. 지금 나 되게 화났거든?
Oh no! Look at me. I’m shaking in my shoes! 아 그래? 어이고 무서워라!
I told Amber I’d drop by 제가 엠버한테 잠시 들른다고 했어요
Maybe go to the movies or to a party. Our plans are still up in the air. 아마 영화를 보거나 파티에 갈 것 같아요. 아직 뭐할지 안정했어요.
I don’t want to hang around here. Dad is really down in the dumps. 여기선 놀기 싫어요. 아빠 기분이 안좋으신걸요.
Don’t take this the wrong way, but she’s not exactly my cup of tea. 흥분하지 말고 들어. 엄만 걔 별로야
I guess there’s no accounting for taste. Have a good time. 취향은 존중해 줘야지. 좋은 시간 보내렴.
(under her breath) That’s what I’m afraid of! (소근) 내가 그걸 걱정하는거야!
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