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Paired herbs

Paired herbsSymptoms
Ma Huang + Gui Zhi Wind Cold Excess with Chills, Fever, No Sweating
Ma Huang + Xing Ren Wind cold → Cough & Wheezing
Ma Huang + Shi Gao Cough due to heat obstructing the Lungs, Nasal Flaring
Gui Zhi + Bai Shao Wind cold that presents as a disharmony of the Nutritive & Wei Qi with → Fever, Chills, Sweating
Gui Zhi + Chuan Xiong Expels wind damp, Warms the channels & collaterals, Helps joint movement, Relieves painful obstruction discomfort
Zi Su Ye + Xiang Fu Releases the exterior with those who have pre-existing Qi stag problems
Zi Su Ye + Jie Geng Common colds → Nasal congestion & Productive cough
Zi Su Ye + Dang Shen Benefits the Qi, Releases the exterior in weak/debilitated patients
Bo He + Jing Jie Exterior Wind Heat
Bo He + Ju Hua Headache due to wind-heat, Liver fire causing → Headache, Pain/redness/swelling of eyes
Bo He + Niu Bang Zi Sores d/t wind heat, Dry throat, Cough with yellow sputum, Incomplete expression of measles, Pruritic rash
Bo He + Gou Teng Prevents convulsions in children w/ febrile disorders
Sang Ye + Ju Hua Wind heat; Cough, Eye Redness/Swelling/Pain
Sang Ye + Ju Hua + Bo He Exterior Wind Heat
Sang Ye + Ju Hua + Bo He + Jie Geng For wind heat cough
Sang Ye + Ju Hua + Xia Ku Cao + Mu Zei Liver fire, Eye redness/swelling/pain
Sang Ye + Ju Hua + Shi Jue Ming + Mu Li Liver Yang Rising – Dizziness, Vertigo
Ge Gen + Chai Hu + Huang Qin Externally contracted Win Heat
Ge Gen + Ma Huang + Gui Zhi + Bai Shao Wind cold with Stiffness & Tension in the upper back & neck
Ge Gen + Sheng Ma + Jing Jie Early stage measles when rash hasn't appeared.
Chai Hu + Huang Qin + Ban Xia Shaoyang stage disorders- alternating chills & fever, Fullness in hypochondria and chest
Chai Hu + Qin Jiao + Di Gu Pi + Qing Hao Deficiency Consumption → Steaming bone, Tidal fever
Chai Hu + Bai Shao Liv Qi stag – Vertigo, Dizziness, Thoracic/Costal Pain, Menstrual Irregularity
Shi Gao + Zhi Mu High fever d/t heat disorder & heat from the Yangming channel w/ Irritability & Extreme Thirst
Shi Gao + Dan Zhu Ye Lingering fever from getting over a febrile disease; Cough with fever in children
Shi Gao + Xi Xin Stomach fire blazing → Toothache, Swelling gums
Zhi Mu + Huang Bai Clears heat & drains fire together; Steaming bone disorder; Yin xu w/ Night sweats, Dizziness, Vertigo
Zhi Mu + Huang Bai + Rou Gui Damp heat smoldering in the Lower Jiao causing *Obstruction & Dysfunction of the Bladder Qi causing *Urinary retention with afternoon fevers.
Zhi Mu + Huang Lian Stomach fire blazing → *Intense hunger, *Thirst, *Dry stools, *Dry yellow tongue coating, *Rolling rapid pulse
Zhi Zi + Dan Dou Chi *Deficiency of lingering heat in the chest. *Insomnia *Irritability
Zhi Zi + Mu Dan Pi Liver heat from stagnation → *Mestrual irreg, *Headache *Red eyes *Thirst
Zhi Zi + Chai Hu + Xiang Fu + Chuan Xiong Heat from constraint
Sheng Di Huang + Shui Niu Jiao + Mu Dan Pi Rashes d/t heat in the blood
Sheng Di Huang + Xuan Shen + Mai Men Dong Extreme heat in the Nutritive level of Warm Heat pathogen diseases → *Excessive thirst, *Irritability, *Scarlet tongue
Sheng Di Huang + Mu Tong + Dan Zhu Ye Heat in the Ht & SI → *Sensation of heat in the chest, *Irritability, *Insomnia, *Thirst, *Dark, scanty urine, *Mouth & tongue sores (possibly)
Xuan Shen + Niu Bang Zi + Jie Geng Wind Heat – Pain & swelling in throat, Purpuric rash
Xuan Shen + Jin Yin Hua + Dang Gui Obstruction by toxin leading to blood stasis – recalcitrant, ulcerated & painful sores
Xuan Shen + Bai He + Chuan Bei Mu Yin xu w/ Lu Dryness & Dry cough
Mu Dan Pi + Chi Shao Heat injuring the Ying & Blood levels → * Purpuric rash *Vomiting of blood * Irreg menstruation d/t heat & obstruction from blood xu
Mu Dan Pi + Huang Qin + Chai Hu Heat causing Premenstrual fevers; Nosebleed during periods
Mu Dan Pi + Bai Mao Gen Warm Heat pathogen disease – Bloody urine, Vomiting of blood, Nosebleed
Huang Qin + Huang Lian High fever & irritability in warm heat pathogen disease
Huang Qin + Zhi Zi + Yin Chen + Da Huang Damp heat jaundice
Huang Qin + Huang Lian + Bai Shao Damp heat dysenteric disorders w/ fever & tenesmus
Huang Lian + Mu Xiang + Bing Lang Dysenteric disorders w/ Qi stag & Intense tenesmus
Huang Lian + Huang Qin + Zhi Zi Fire toxin in the 3 burners → *High fever *Irritability *Dry mouth & throat *Dark urine
Huang Lian + Wu Zhu Yu Liv Fire or St Heat → Epigastric & ab pain, Acid Regurgitation, Epigastric upset
Huang Bai + Che Qian Zi Burning, painful & hesitant urination
Huang Bai + Chi Shao Hot, bloody dysenteric disorders
Huang Bai + Cang Zhu + Niu Xi Damp heat leg qi
Jin Yin Hua + Lian Qiao + Jing Jie + Bo He External wind heat → Common cold or Flu
Jin Yin Hua + Gan Cao Toxic swelling & sores
Jin Yin Hua + Lian Qiao + Jie Geng + Niu Bang Zi Pain/swelling of throat
Lian Qiao + Zhi Zi Heat entering the Pc → High fever, Impaired consciousness
Lian Qiao + Xia Ku Cao + Zhe Bei Mu + Xuan Shen Scrofula
Lian Qiao + Shan Dou Gen + Jie Geng + Gan Cao Throat painful obstruction
Ban Lan Gen + Xuan Shen + Zhi Mu Pain & Swelling in throat; Acute Tonsillitis; Diptheria
Ban Lan Gen + Qiang Huo Heat toxin affecting head & neck
Ban Lan Gen + Yin Qin Hao Damp heat jaundice; Damp heat in Liv & GB
Qing Hao + Bai Bian Dou + Hua Shi Summerheat → Fever w/o sweat; Dizziness; Stifling sensation in chest
Qing Hao + Di Gu Pi + Bai Wei Blood xu → Fevers; Afternoon fevers; Night sweats
Qing Hao + Bie Jia + Sheng Di Huang Heat in the blood → Purpuric rashes; Heat smoldering in the yin regions → Fever
Di Gu Pi + Mu Dan Pi + Bai Mao Gen + Ce Bai Ye Vomiting of blood; Nosebleed; Purpuric rashes; Menstrual dysfunction assoc. w/ blood xu; Steaming bone disorder; Suppurative swellings
Di Gu Pi + Sheng Di Huang + Tian Hua Fen Wasting & thirsting disorder w/ copious urination
Di Gu Pi + Sang Bai Pi Lung Heat cough or wheezing
Bai Wei + Di Gu Pi Steaming bone disorder d/t blood xu w/ intermittent fever & chills; Afternoon fevers d/t heat in the Ying level
Bai Wei + Dang Gui + Ren Shen Heat that cannot be gotten rid of; Unremitting chronic fever; Blood xu; Postpartum fever & irritability
Bai Wei & Bai Shao (prepared w/ wine) Hot painful urinary dribbling; Painful bloody urinary dribbling during pregnancy or postpartum
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