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Extra Points - CT

Channel Theory - Acupuncture - Extra Points

Shisencong Mental Retardation, poor development, memory, HA, dizziness, tinnitus, memory, calms epilepsy
Yintang Frontal HA, Nasal Congestion, insomnia, anxiety, calm spirit, descend qi, lo back pain, trigeminal neuralgia
Yuyao Eye problems, MP supraorbital pain, eye redness
Taiyang Temporal HA, Migraine, toothache, Trigeminal Neuralgia, eye, HTN, relieves pressure on Spehnoid and Sutures
Bitong Nasal Congestion, Allergic Rhinitis
Bailao Stiff Neck, cervical arthritis, postpartum exhaustion
Biyan Nasal congestion, allergic rhinitis
Jin Jin (L) Yu Ye (R) ER, restore consciousness, stuttering, tongue, salivary glands, Calm spirit, anyphalaxis
Qiuhuo Eye, Glaucoma, Cataract
Erjian Extreme Red Hot Swollen Painful Throat, Heat clearing, HTN, conjunctivitis
Haiquan Hiccups
Anmian Insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, throat
Dingchuan Stop Asthma, cough, wheeze, stiff neck
Huatojiaji Reinforces Back Shu Points, helps with rotation of spine, Herpes Zoster, Back/Shoulders/chest/Abdomen
Pigen Tumors, masses in abdomen, Epigastric pain, Hepatomegaly / Splenomegaly, Hernia, Cough, Low back pain
Yaoyan "lumbar eyes" Lo back, Strengthens KD, Irregular menses, Leukorrhea, Frequent urination, Asthma
Josen (Shiquizhuixia) Low back pain (L5 - S1), GYN disorders, lower limbs, dysuria, spine hinge, sacrum / pelvis
Weiguanxiashu Wasting and Thirsting, Diabetes, Generate Fluids, Dry throat, hypochondriac pain, clears heat
Liniao Promote Urination, hematuria, neprhitis, ST and Uterine Prolapse, abdominal pain, diarrhea
Zigongxue Uterus, dysmennorhea, uterine prolapse, hernia, appendicitis
Sanjiaojiu Infertility, hernia,borborygmus, umbilical pain, warms the uterus, regulate qi
Tituo Uterine prolapse, dysmenorrhea, Renal ptosis, Hernia, Raises Qi
Jianqian Frozen Shoulder, Benefits the shoulder joint, Upper Extremity paralysis, Moves qi & blood
Erbai Rectal Prolapse, Hemmorhoids
Shixuan ER Points on tips of fingers, Bleed to clear heat, reduce body heat for Hi Fever
Sifeng Infantile Malnutrition, malabsorption, poor digestion, upper GI problems, parasites
Baxie Hand / Fingers --> pain/ spasm, throat pain & swelling
Luozhen Stiff neck, whiplash, sprain
Yaotongxue Acute Low Back problems, lumbar sprain, esp. worse on 1 side, XS type of presentation
Zhoujian Scrofula, Carbuncle, Gangrene, Appedicitis, Cholera
Heding Patellar Tendinitis, Knee Problems
Xiyan All Knee disorders (Trauma, XS or XU)
Dannag Xue Gall Bladder, Gall stones, acute Cholecystitis
Lan Wei Xue can alleviate pain from Appendicitis
Nao Qing Mental Clarity, Memory, Dampness or Phlegm
Shimian Insomnia (needle or moxa)
Bafeng Toe Pain, snakebite, swelling of dorsum of foot
Baichongwo Skin issues (Rubella, ulcerations), wind, Ascariaisis (Roudnworms), Clears blood heat, resolve damp
Huanmen Tonifies Blood, Qi and yin
Jiachenjiang Trigeminal Neuralgia, Clear Heat, ACAP
Created by: bizziegold