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Post War - After WW2

8abcd - Study Guide

What is the United Nations? Why was it established? The United Nations was formed near the end of WW2 to create a body for the nations of the world to join together. Meetings are held at the United Nations to discuss important world issues, and to try to reach solutions before disputes turn into wars.
What is the Marshall Plan? What other policy did it help contribute to? George C. Marshall’s plan provided financial aid to rebuild European economies and prevent the spread of communism.
Why did the U.S. help Japan and Germany rebuild after the war? The United States felt it was in its best interest to help rebuild Europe and prevent political and economic instability.
What is the Iron Curtain and what are some countries that were behind it? The Soviet Union’s domination over Eastern European countries (Iron Curtain). Poland, Eastern Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and the Soviet Union.
What are the five reasons for economic growth after WWII? 1 Following World War II, Americans prospered due to an expanding economy stimulated by America’s involvement in the war. With rationing of consumer goods over, businesses converted from production of war materials to consumer goods.
What are the five reasons for economic growth after WWII? 2 Americans purchased goods on credit. The work force shifted back to men, and most women returned fulltime to family responsibilities. Labor unions merged and became more powerful; workers gained new benefits and higher salaries.
What is the definition of the containment policy? The US had a policy of containment meaning that the U.S. intended to push back attempts by any communist countries to take over any non-communist countries.
Why did the US get involved in the Korean War? What was the outcome of the Korean War? The US got involved to help stop the spread of Communism. North Korea was set up under a communist government by the Soviet Union. South Korea remained a separate nation friendly with the U.S.
Why did the US states not like Cuba having missiles? What is the outcome of the Cuban Missile Crisis? The missiles could hit US with no warning. President Kennedy ordered a blockade of Cuba by U.S. Navy to stop any more missiles from being brought in. Russia backed down and agreed to remove missiles it had put in Cuba. The US agreed to not invade Cuba.
What was the symbol for the divide between communism and the free world? When did it fall? The Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall was torn down in 1989 as people across Europe began openly defying communist leaders.
What is the result of the Vietnam War? The V. War ended for US - cease fire agreement was made between two sides - 1973. The US pulled troops out of country and S. Vietnam was alone. In 1975 N. Vietnam broke agreement. Its military invaded S. Vietnam in full force. S. Vietnam was defeated
List the events of the Cold War that we talked about in chronological order: 1. The Korean War 2. The Space Race 3. The Cuban Missile Crisis 4. The Vietnam War 5. Tearing Down the Wall - Berlin Wall
What bill gave education, housing, and employment assistance to veterans returning from war? The G.I. Bill.
Which president desegregated the military? Harry S. Truman
What is Globalization? The linking of nations through trade, information, technologies, and communication.
What is interdependence? A relationship between nations, countries, and societies depending on one another for goods, services, action, or influence.
What are the 5 impacts of globalization? Improvement communications - travel, telecommunications, Internet Variety foreign-made goods and services Outsourcing jobs & decline some US cities and industries Rise of international corps. Shift from manufacturing to a high-tech and service economy
How did labor unions affect the economy after WWII? Labor unions merged and became more powerful; workers gained new benefits and higher salaries.
What are 7 ways society changed in the US? How did they change society? 1 A strong economy (healthy job market, increased productivity) Interstate Highway system “Baby Boom” which led to changing demographics Greater investment in education - Americans could compete globally - National Defense Education Act.
What are the 7 ways society changed in the US? How did they change society? 2 Evolving role of women (expected to play a supporting role in the family while increasingly working outside the home) Expansion of human rights African Americans’ aspirations for equal opportunities
Look at study guide I SAID LOOK AT IT!!
What did most women do after WWII and how did that affect the economy? The work force shifted back to men, and most women returned fulltime to family responsibilities. As economic prosperity continued and technology boomed, the next generation of women entered the labor force in large numbers.
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