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Insurance Review

Your house is destroyed by a tornado and you need to rebuild. Homeowners Insurance
There is a fire in your apartment and you need to replace all of your clothes and furniture due to smoke damage. Renters Insurance
You are in a serious accident and although you do not need to be in the hospital, you require full time care. Long-term Care Insurance
Your car is stolen you need a replacement car. Automobile Comprehensive Insurance
You hit someone else’s car and damage it so you need to pay for the car’s repairs. Automobile Liability Insurance
The car you are driving causes an accident that injures someone else. Automobile Liability Insurance
You are elderly and need assistance to continue living at home. Long-Term Care Insurance
You hit a tree with your car and you need to repair it. Automobile Collision Insurance
You get food poisoning and visit the emergency room. Health Insurance
You fall down in your front yard and break your leg. Health Insurance
A sudden death of a family member results in a loss of income. Life Insurance
You cause a vehicle accident in your car and receive an injury. Automobile Personal Injury Protection
Your car is totaled in an accident caused by someone without insurance. Automobile Uninsured Motorist Insurance
You break your leg playing basketball and are unable to work for three months. Disability Insurance
A neighbor child falls out of a tree on your property and breaks their arm. Homeowners Insurance
Someone breaks into your apartment and steals your television. Renters Insurance
Your friend in injured while riding in your car when you collide with a tree. Automobile Personal Injury Protection
Your car is in the garage when your house burns down. Automobile Comprehensive Insurance
You lose control of your car and it rolls. You now need to repair your car. Automobile Collision Insurance
An unexpected death of a family members results in funeral expenses. Life Insurance
After back surgery, you are unable to work for six months. Disability Insurance
The amount paid out of pocket by the policyholder for the initial portion of a loss before the insurance company pays. Deductible
Money paid to purchase an insurance policy Premium
A consumer who purchases an insurance policy. Policyholder
An arrangement between an individual and an insurer to protect against risk. Insurance
Dangerous place, condition, or object that is attractive to children Attractive Nuisance
The type of insurance where both companies pay for damages to the insured’s own car No Fault
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