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Barber tab 2

The large variety of haircolor is influenced by the amount and distribution: Eumelanin and pheomelanin
Cilia is the technical term for: Eyelash hair
What would be used to determine if a bottle of hydrogen peroxide to still potent if the purchase date was no longer on the label? Hydrometer
The term used to identify anything that occupies space is called Matter
oxidant such as hydrogen peroxide at the ability to release: Oxygen
Short, fine, non-pigmented hair that covers most of the body is called: Vellus
Located at the bottom of follicle and supplies nourishment to the germinal matrix is the: Papilla
Human hair on average grows about: 1/2 inch per month
What is the condition in which alternating bands of gray and dark hair exist? Ringed hair
The three major layers of the hair are the medulla, cortex and: Cuticle
Lumps or swelling along the hair shaft is known as trichorrhexis nodosa or: Knotted hair
What is the pH of a clients natural hair that has been permed, colored, sculpted and designed properly within the past few months? 4.5 to 5.5
What term identifies the change assigned to an oxidative hair color procedure? Chemical change
What is not one of the main purposes of hair? Support
Which shampoo contains temporary color molecules that adhere to the hair and deposit color? Color shampoo
A mixture of two or more kinds of molecules evenly dispersed would be a: Solution
Removal methods for hypertrichosis range from tweeting to electrolysis, depend on all of the following except: Salon professionals preference
The number of active hair follicles per square inch on the scalp refers to: Density
Which party is responsible for distribution material safety data sheet (MSDS)? Manufacturer
The normal temporary hair loss occurring at the conclusion of a pregnancy is: Postpartum alopecia
Which of the following classifications would identify emulsions that are generally used by salon professionals? Oil-in-water emulsion
All matter that is living or once was living contains carbon and deals with: Organic chemistry
Basic substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances are called: Elements
The premature shedding of hair in the resting phase, which can be the result of childbirth, shock, drug intake or fever is: Telogen effluvium
Which conditioner will penetrate into the damaged hair shaft and deposit proteins into the cortex? Body-building conditioner
Brushing the hair prior to a shampoo will not accomplish: Decreasing blood circulation
Oil glands are attached to the side of the: Root sheath
Which bonds found in the hair can be easily broken by heat or water? Hydrogen bonds
The active growing stage of hair last: 2-6 years
Distilled water with a pH of 7 is considered: Neutral
Atoms make up elements. Elements make up matter. Therefore, all matter is comprised of: Atoms
How is human hair formed? Protein chains connect to other protein chains
The instructions on a product state to shake well before use, which indicates this product is probably a: Suspension
Alopecia or excessive hair loss is not caused by: Parasitic organisms
How should a salon professional handle a situation when areas of enlarged open follicles surrounded by clusters of red spots, indicating tinea capitis, are observed? Refer client to a physician
What shampoo would not be used for color treated or damage hair? Plain shampoo
The resting state of hair grow when the hair bulb has no attached root sheath is referred to as the: Telogen stage
Gray hair is caused by a: Reduced color pigment in the cortex layer of the hair
What determines the natural flow of hair? Angle of the follicle
When two hydrogen atoms combined with one oxygen atom the result is water, which is called a: Compound
If water contains certain salts, calcium, magnesium and other metals, it is classified as: Hard water
What is the side bond that is of the greatest concern to the salon professional? Disulfide bond
Dry flakes attached to the scalp or on the hair, which can appear translucent, are called: Pityriasis capitis simplex
Which of the following steps would occur last when performing a wet hair service inclusive of draping, shampooing and conditioning? Applying shampoo
A substance that is able to dissolve in another substance is called: Solvent
Which of the following components are contained within temporary colors? Certified colors
Long, thick pigmented hair such as scalp and eyebrow hair is referred to as: Terminal
Substances of acidic or alkaline nature dissolve in water and/or contain: Water
Which procedural step is generally used to determine if hair loss may be identified as androgrnetic alopecia? Ask questions about family history
Two or more Atoms joined together by a chemical bond is a Molecule
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