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Coding Lessons 3-5

Vocabulary Terms and Definitions for Coding Unit 2

Comments Text in your program that starts with a hashtag and is gray. It gives information about the code, but does not run or affect the program.
Copy Shortcut Ctrl + C
Cut Shortcut Ctrl + X
Else Statement A block of code containing commands that will run when a certain condition is NOT met.
If Statement A block of code containing commands that will only run if a certain condition is met.
Input Variable A special variable that saves a user’s response or input.
List Stores a group of values that separated by commas and surrounded by square brackets.
Loop A block of code containing commands that will be run more than once. When we loop through a list, the loop runs once for each value on the list.
Nesting Indentation that controls what commands belong to what blocks of code.
Parameters A number, string, or variable within parentheses that is used to change the location, size, or color of a shape or text.
Paste Shortcut Ctrl +V
String Any letter, word, or sentence surrounded by quotes. In Codesters, strings are green.
Undo Shortcut Ctrl + Z
User input Allows the user to control some aspect of the program.
Variable A label that stores a value (usually a name). In Codesters, variables are orange. Every sprite, shape, and/or list has a variable name that can be used to assign actions/commands to each sprite.
Created by: MsHallBusEd