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Barber tab 1

What is not a basic of make up application? Blush and lip color should always match
Where can the information about effectiveness of infection control products be found? Efficacy label.
Washing your hands is an example of: Sanitation
What is not a temporary effect of the positive pole of galvanic current? Softens tissues
Sterilization standards require the use of liquid sterilants and: Moist or dry heat
Pus-forming cocci group that forms into long chains and can cause strep throat or blood poisoning is called: Streptococci
What material does NOT allow a current to pass through it? Alcohol
Which type of bacteria does not produce diseases? Nonpathogenic
An ampere is a unit of electric: Strength
What is also known as actinic rays? Ultraviolet
Rod-shaped bacterial cells are known as: Bacilli
What product is applied to the skin to reduce microbes? Antiseptic
Which type of bacteria can be found in dairy products and can have health enhancing properties? Nonpathogenic
It is recommended that the cosmetologist wash his/her hands with this before each service: Liquid soap
A constant electric current flowing in one direction is called a: Direct current
What temporary effect will a negative electrode pole produce when applying galvanic current during an electrotherapy treatment? Increase in blood flow
When using ultraviolet rays, make sure you and your clients wear: Protective eyewear
Materials that do not allow electricity to flow through them are called: Insulators
What level of infection control is the most effective in destroying all microbes? Sterilization
When sitting in a chair, it is important to: Sit well back in the chair
Material that best transports electricity is a: Conductor
An alternating current which can be adjusted to different voltages to produce heat is: High frequency
Keeping the lower abdomen flat, the chin level and the head up are key points in having: Good posture
Chemical products used to destroy or kill bacteria and some viruses (except bacterial spores) are called: Disinfectants
A communicable disease refers to a disease that is easily: Spread from one person to another
What type of shoes should be worn to reduce fatigue from standing all day? Low, broad-heeled shoes
The exchange of thoughts and information through conversation or writing is defined as: Communication
Pure heat rays are produced by: Infrared rays
A unit of electrical resistance is called? OHM
What is not a responsibility of the professional code of ethics? Failure to fulfill obligations
Ingredients, associated hazards and storage requirements for a specific product are listed on the product's: MSDS
What will produce a mild, stimulating sensation while using high frequency current? Slightly separating the electrode from the skin
The process of forcing an acid or alkali into the skin by applying current to the chemical is called: Phoresis
What type of nonpathogenic bacteria live on dead matter and do not produce disease? Saprophytes
What does not help reduce neck or back pain? Reaching overhead for supplies
Disease causing bacteria or viruses that are carried through the blood or bodily fluids are known as: Blood-borne pathogens
Health hazards, such as impure air, improper storage and use of food, fall under the category of: Public hygiene
The electrode that is negatively charged during an electrotherapy treatment is known as a: Cathode
Bacteria that causes skin infections can be killed by: Ultraviolet light
Before using ultraviolet light on a client, the skin or scalp should be: Cleaned
The important key to good communication is: Listening
Applying the same infection control procedures on all clients is a practice known as: Universal precautions
The common cold hepatitis and measles are examples of: Communicable diseases
Spiraled or corkscrew shaped bacteria that cause highly contagious diseases like syphilis, cholera and Lyme disease are called: Spirilla
When preforming an electrotherapy procedure, what apparatus or current conductor is used to bring the current from the appliance to the clients skin? Electrode
What type of disinfectants kill bacteria, viruses, fungi & pseudomonas and are known as hospital grade or hospital level disinfectants? Broad spectrum disinfectants
How many milliamperes equal one ampere? 1000
The scientific study of small microbes is known as: Microbiology
What is halitosis? Bad breath
Which of the following devices breaks the flow of current when an overload occurs? Circuit breaker
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