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Stack #252067

[SCU - OMT2] Kidney (Key Symptoms)

Kidney Yin Def Soreness of lower back, tinnitus or deafness, aching bones, dry mouth at night, night sweating, red tongue with no coating
Kidney Yang Def Soreness of lower back, cold sensations, poor sexual function and infertility, abundant clear urination, pale wet swollen tongue, deep weak pulse
Kidney Essence Def Children: poor bone development, poor mental development Adults: sore lower back, weak legs and knees, falling hair and teeth, weak sexual function
Kidney Qi Not Firm Frequent urination, difficulty holding urine, nocturnal emissions without dreams, profuse clear leukorrhea, soreness of lower back, weak pulse in rear positions
Kidney Failing to Recieve Qi Shortness of breath on exertion, difficulty inhaling, spontaneous sweating, clear urination, soreness of the lower back
Kidney Yin Def. with Def. Fire Blazing Lower back soreness, mental restlessness, insomnia, low-grade fever or five-center heat, red tongue with no coating, possibly nocturnal emissions with dreams and/or increased sexual desire
Kidney Yang Def. - Water Overflowing Pitting edema worse below the waist, scanty clear urination, soreness of lower back, cold sensations, deep weak pulse, pale swollen tongue
Created by: mick3y