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patents Hillary B


Chuan xiong cha tiao wan W-C causing headache
Xiao qing long wan W-C with copious cold-type phlegm
Jing fang bai du wan W-C-D with body aches (excess)
Ren shen bai du wan W-C-D with body aches (deficiency)
Ge gen wan W-C with stiff neck & headache
Gan mao ling wan Early stage W-H
Chai ge jie ji wan Early stage W-H with shaoyang involved
Sang ju pian W-H with cough
Fang feng tong sheng wan ext. W with interior (Yangming) heatAll three avenues of clearing used
Yin qiao jie du pian W-H with sore throat
Ling qiao jie du pian More toxic heat than Yin qiao jie du pian
Pu ji xiao du yin wan Pills Epidemic w-h, especially involving head and neck
Gan mao family of patents for toxic heat for toxic heat Distinguish from Gan Mao Ling Wan
Gan mao tui re chong ji Sweetened form to mix as liquid, so good for kids, but not much for releasing exterior; moderate strength for moderate s/s
Zhong gan ling Ext W-H with high fever (contains shi gao)
Xin yi wan Nasal congestion, cold-type (watery, etc.)
Cang er zi wan Nasal congestion, some warm and some cool herbs; basic building block formula
Bi tong pian Nasal congestion; some heat, Y discharge; herbs include focus on LR
Bi min gan wan 1 Nasal congestion, with some heat, including from allergies (but brands differ in warm vs. cold herbs);
Bi yan pian Nasal congestion, acute; ext excess w-h
Bi yuan wan Nasal congestion, chronic; less or no fever; no outstanding OPI
Wu wei xiao du wan (2)Boils and other toxic fire in the skin; also general antimicrobial
Chuan xin lian kang yan wan (1)Upper jiao or lower jiao heat (DH or toxic heat); the magic of chuan xin lian
Gan mao qing jiao nang (3)Common cold clearing capsules Yet another Gan Mao formula for toxic heat
Huang lian su wan (1) Coptis concentrated extract pill Single ingredient; Ht & St heat; topical or internal; often combined with others
Huang lian jie du wan (1)Coptis relieve toxin pills Heat in all three burners
Da huang mu dan pi tang (2) Rhubarb and moutan decoction Intestinal abscess incl. appendicitis
Xiang lian wan (1) Aucklandia & coptis pills Diarrhea with cramping
Huang lian shang qing pian (1) Coptis upper clearing pills Focus on head for throat, mouth, eyes, etc. (St Fire)
Qing wei san wan (2) Clear the stomach powder pills Focus on head but not purging, some nourishing
Fu fang xi gua shuan (2)Medicinal compound watermelon frost Topical powder for mouth and throat problems (do not confuse with pg. 402)
Liu shen wan (3) Six spirits pills For severe sore throat; classical hrx; exotic ingr.
Dao chi san wan (1) Guide away the red powder pills Ht fire transferring to SI causing UTI; also St fire
Bai hu tang wan (2)White tiger decoction pills Qi-level heat; yangming jing stage heat; also St heat causing mouth probs.
Niu huang jie du wan (3) Ox gallstone resolve toxin pills High fever; throat & head; also constip; also skin rashes. Can combine with yin qiao jie du wan; check ingred.
Niu huang qing xin wan (3)Ox gallstone clear heart pills Note combo of warm & cold ingred; sometimes used for stroke sequelae with fever; tx xue for Wind
An gong niu huang wan (3)Peaceful palace ox gallstone pills Heart/PC fire causing delirium, LOC, etc. (more heat)
Zi xue dan (3) Purple snow pills Heart/PC fire causing convulsions (more wind)
Xiao er qi xing cha (2)Children’s seven star tea For food yu & heat causing dig. probs in kids
Qing gu san wan (1) Cool the bones powder pills Steaming bone disorder (clears xu heat; more branch than root)
Da bu yin wan (1) Great tonify yin pill Kd yin xu with empty fire (clear xu heat; anchors floating yang; branch and root)
Bai he gu jin wan (2) Lilium secure metal pills Lu yin xu, esp following febrile diz or caused by consumptive dz (HIV, TB, etc.)
Gu ben wan (or Ren shen gu ben wan) (3)Secure the root pills Lu/kd yin xu & dryness; also bu qi with moistening herb
Mai wei di huang wan = ba xian chang shou wan (1)Ophiopogon, schisandra & rehmannia pills = eight immortals long life pills Lu/kd yin xu; 3 to nourish, 3 to drain, plus 2 for the Lungs; stabilizes & binds Lu qi and yin
Sha shen mai men dong wan (3) Glehnia & ophiopogon pills Lu/St yin xu following febrile dz; uses yu zhu (doesn’t bind pathogen) & bai bian dou for spleen dampness
Jin sang zi pian (2)Golden throat lozenges Dry sore throat with yin xu (luo han guo for nourishing & moistening)
Qing yin wan (2)Golden throat tablets Dry sore throat with yin xu & cough (he zi for stopping cough)
Qing fei yi huo pian (1)Clear lungs and restrain fire pills Phlegm-fire in Lu; purges heat in the stools as well as urine
Li fei pian Benefit lungs pills Clears Lu heat, stops cough & bleeding, tonifies Lu
Shi hui san (3)Ten ash powder Lung fire causing bleeding; also bleeding elsewhere
Qing zao jiu fei wan (1)Clear dryness and restore lung pills Lingering Lung heat causing cough lasting after wind invasion (similar to yang yin qing fei wan, but more for branch)
Yang yin qing fei wan (1)Support yin and clear the lungs pills Chronic Lu heat (similar to Qing zao jiu fei wan, but more for root)
Qing qi hua tan wan (1) (similar to ban xia wan) Clear qi and transform phlegm pills Phlegm-heat in Lu; acute or chronic
Ning sou wan (2)Peaceful cough pills Phlegm-heat in Lu & moistens Lu
Chuan ke ling (2)Asthma cough effective remedy Clears heat local to Lu and transforms phlegm, stops cough; more chronic
San she dan chuan bei ye (1)Snake gallbladders with fritillaria liquid Stubborn phlegm with cough; good for kids
Er chen wan (1)Two aged herbs pills Chronic cough from sp xu (also sp xu indigestion)
Ban xia hou po wan (1) Pinellia and magnolia pills Plum pit qi
Jie geng wan (2)Platycodon pills Simple expectorant formula (good also for Lu abscesses)
Qi guan yan wan (2)Bronchitis pills Chronic copious cold-type phlegm with wheezing, etc.
Ping chuan wan (2)Calm wheezing pills Kd not grasping causing wheezing without phlegm;( important to check ingred.)
Ding chuan wan (2)Stabilize wheezing pills Asthma with phlegm
Bu fei tang wan (1)Tonify Lu decoction pills Asthma with yin xu
Chuan bei pi pa lu (1) Fritillaria & eriobotrya (loquat) syrup Cough with phlegm (slightly cooling; moistens Lu, xf phlegm, & stops cough)
Luo han guo pi pa lu (1)Momordica & eriobotrya (loquat) syrup Chronic cough with Lu yin xu; sweet liquid easy for kids. Also helps relieve thirst.
Bu yang huan wu tang (1)Tonify yang return five decoction Large dosage of huang qi; stroke sequelae with qi & xue xu; other xu patterns with pain or weakness (know side effects of huang qi)
Da huo luo dan (2)Great invigorate collatorals elixir Treats Wind & damp as well as bu qi, blood & jing & invig. Blood; Bi syndrome with xu and/or stroke sequelae (flaccid or spastic)
Niu Huang Qing Xin Wan (2)Ox Gallstone clear the heart pills Stroke sequelae with heat; exting. Wind, bu qi, blood & yin; opens orifices; tx LOC as well as flaccid or spastic paralysis
Zai zao wan family (1) Restorative Pills Bu qi & Blood; moves blood; stroke sequelae, gradual decline in strength with age; prevents HTN;
Du huo ji sheng wan (1) Angelica and loranthus pill WCD Bi syndrome with kd qi xu;
Yao tong pian (1)Lumbar back pain pills Lower back pain from Kd yang xu;
Tian qi du zhong wan (3)Notoginseng & eucommia pills Lower back pain from Kd Qi & yang xu; also bu yin & xue;
Kang gu zeng sheng pian (1)Combat bone hyperplasia tablet Bone spurs with Kd qi & yang xu; invig. blood & treats pain
Zuo Gu Shen Jing Tong wan (1)Sciatic nerve pain pills W-D bi causing lumbar or sciatic pain; expels W & D, moves blood
Juan bi wan (1)Remove painful-obstruction pills For wcd bi aggravated by cold, damp weather; contains herbs that rel ext.
Guan jie yan wan (2)Close down joint inflammation pills For wcd bi (or whd bi); chronic with swelling in the joints; mix of warm and cold herbs
Si teng pian (3)Four stem tablet Small formula; wd bi with stiffness, cramping, etc.; mix of warm & cool herbs
Shen tong zhu yu wan (1)Body pain drive out stasis decoction Moves qi & xue; painful joints & limbs; chronic deep pain, numbness, etc. Stronger than feng shi xiao tong wan for moving blood
Feng shi xiao tong wan (2)Wind damp disperse pain pills Dispels w & d, moves blood, stiff & painful joints, back, limbs, etc. Stronger than shen tong zhu yu wan for W & D.
San bi tang wan (2)Three painful-obstruction decoction pills W, C, and xu bi; ton yang, qi & blood;
Jian bu wan (2)Vigorous walk pills Bi syndrome from Kd xu, clears xu heat
Huang qi gui zhi wu wu wan (1) Astragalus, cinnamon, five substance decoction Bi syndrome with wei qi xu; gentle formula very similar to gui zhi tang
Fu fang shou wu wan (3)Medicinal compound he shou wu pills Bi syndrome with xue xu; also bu kd yang & yin, strengthens & moistens sinews.
Xiao huo luo dan (1)Minor invigorate collaterals pills Dredges channels; warms with aconite species; for cold & phlegm-damp obstructing channels
Dang gui si ni wan (2) Angelica four-counterflow pills Cold obstructing channels
Feng shi pian (3)Wind damp pills More for wind with cold obstructing channels, but has toxic herbs.
Xuan bi tang wan (1)Diffuse painful-obstruction pills WDH bi, contains si miao san; also wei syndrome with dh blocking channels
Si miao san wan (2)Four marvelous powder pills Like xuan bi san wan, but smaller, not as strong
Shang shi zhi tong gao (1)Injury & Damp stop pain plaster Aromatic herbs for dampness & moving qi & blood; warming for WCD
Bai hua you (3)White flower oil, Moves qi & blood; opens channels; Fratkin says for WCD bi, but contains peppermint oil
Jin gu die shang wan (1)Muscle & bone traumatic injury pill Moves & bu blood for trauma or internal xue yu; also tonifies yang & strengthens sinews; acute or chronic pain
Huo luo xiao ling wan (1)Invigorate collaterals effective efficacious pills Simple, 4-herb formula to move & bu blood; trauma or internal blood yu
Yun nan bai yao (2)Yunnan white medicine capules Secret ingredients; main herb is tian qi to stop bleeding, invig. blood to treat trauma, OB/GYN, etc.; special little red pill for shock
Tian qi wan (2)Notoginseng capsules Just tian qi; otherwise similar to Yunnan bai yao, but you know exactly what’s in it.
Jing wan hong (1)Capital ten thousand red Burn ointment
Yun nan bai yao (2)Yunnan white medicine Various forms
Die da zhi tong gao (2)Traumatic injury stop pain plaster Good for injuries, fractures, etc.
Zheng gu shui (3)Rectify bone liquid Specialty is fractures; alcohol base
Die da wan hua you (2) Traumatic injury ten-thousand flowers oil Any soft tissue injury (incl. open wounds with caution); oil base
Yan hu suo zhi tong wan (1)Corydalis relieve pain pills Yan hu suo for pain; can be sedative; H/A, toothache, other pain; analgesic
Qi ye lian zhi tong pian (1)Schefflera relieve pain pills Joint pain, RA, trauma; also nerve pains (sciatica, neuralgia, etc.); analgesic
Shao yao gan cao wan (2)Peony & licorice pills Muscle spasms (abdominal, leg cramps, dysmenorrheal, etc.)
Si jun zi wan (1)Four gentleman pills Basic formula to tonify Sp
Liu jun zi wan (1)Six gentleman pills Stronger for dampness yu in MJ
Xiang sha liu jun wan (1)Aucklandia & amomum six gentleman pills Stronger still for dampness yu in MJ
Bu zhong yi qi wan (1) Tonify center, increase qi pills Bu qi, lifts prolapse, clears qi xu fever, tx general weakness
Ping wei pian (2)Calm the stomach pills Moves qi & xf dampness
Shen ling bai zhu wan (1)Ginseng, poria, atractylodes pills Mild qi tonic; focus on chronic loose stools or Sp/Lu xu cough; mild enough for pediatric and pregnancy
Fu zi li zhong wan (1) Aconite benefit the center pills Warms Sp (& Kd) yang
Xiang fu li zhong wan (2)Cyperus benefit the center pills Like fu zi li zhong wan, but uses xiang fu instead of fu zi, so a little less warming & more moving
Xiao jian zhong wan (1)Minor strengthen the center pills Excellent formula for harmonizing and warming MJ; many applications
Mu xiang shun qi wan (2)Aucklandia normalize qi pills Warms sp yang; more emphasis on D & yu in MJ
Xiang sha yang wei wan (1)Aucklandia & amomum nourish stomach pills Lots of herbs to tx D and regulate qi; chronic food yu, morning sickness; mostly branch;
Zi sheng wan (2)Provide life pills Similar to shen ling bai zhu wan, but stronger to move qi & drain D; chronic food yu with D-H; clears more heat than xiang sha yang wei wan
Jian pi wan (2)Strengthen spleen pills Smaller formula; xf food yu, tonifies sp.
Chen xiang hua qi wan (3)Aquilaria transform qi pills Emphasis is on moving qi in chest and MJ; good for GERD, hiatal hernia, etc.
Bao he wan (1) Preserve harmony pills Emphasis on herbs for food yu; not tonifying; use for acute or chronic food yu, etc. Very common formula.
Kang ning wan (1)Curing pills Emphasis on D and moving qi. Mostly for acute problems
Gan lu qing re pian (1)Sweet dew clear heat pills Clears summerheat & W-D-H
Huo xiang zheng qi wan (1)Agastache correct the qi pills Clears summerheat & W-D-C
Mu xiang bing lang wan (2)Aucklandia & betel nut pill Tx summerheat & dysentery, etc., with emphasis on moving qi to tx cramping, tenesmus, etc.
Tong xie yao fang wan (2)Painful diarrhea important formula pills Focus on painful diarrhea; can tx acute or chronic plus diarrhea with stress
Wu mei wan (2)Mume pills Focus on parasites
Sai mei an (1)Beat St rot for peacefulness Coats St to tx ulcers, acid, etc. Helps heal as well as protect; take with little water 30 min before food
Wei te ling (2)Stomach special effective remedy Basically antacid plus pain killer; doesn’t coat
Run chang wan (1)Moisten intestine pills Chronic constip. from xu of fluids, yin, or blood
Tong shun wan (3)Free, smooth pills Like run chang wan, but with fan xie ye to stimulate peristalsis
Wu ren wan (2)Five seed pills Moistening without purging
Ma zi ren wan (1)Cannabis seed pills Moistens, moves qi, and purges; dry hard stools, dry mouth, but may have frequent urination
Da huang jiang zhi wan (2)Rhubarb lower fat pills Single herb: da huang
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