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Altruism individuals ability to place the needs of others before their own
equality desire to promote fairness in interactions with others
freedom desires of the client must guide interventions
justice relating in a fair and impartial manner to individuals with whom they interact and respect and adhere to the applicable laws and standards regarding their area of practice
dignity treating each client respectfully and as an indivdiual by enabling the client to engage in occupations that are meaningful, regardless of level of disability
truth in all situations, OT provide accurate information both in oral and written form
prudence use of clinical and ethical reasoning skills, sound judgment, and reflection to make decisions
Beneficence demonstrate a concern for the well being and safety of the recipients of their services
Beneficence maintaining current knowledge by attending evidence based educational sessions pertinent to the performance of duties as an OT
Beneficence using current and updated assessment tools to obtain accurate client data for intervention
Nonmaleficence intentionally refrain from actions that cause harm
Nonmaleficence transferring clients from a wheelchair to the bed using due care to avoid harm by locking the wheelchair and bed brakes
Nonmaleficence not practicing OT under the influence of drugs or alcohol
autonomy respect the right of the individual to self-determination
autonomy respect the right of clients to refuse to participate in services
autonomy safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of clients by complying with HIPAA
social justice provide services in a fair and equitable manner
social justice assisting at a health fair to help promote the health of members in the facility or the community
social justice treating clients fairly no matter what their gender, age, ethnicity, or marital status
procedural justice comply with institutional rules, local, state, federal, and international laws and AOTA documents applicable to the profession
procedural justice learning about laws and regulations that have an impact on the provision of OT services
procedural justice following reimbursement guidelines for different payer sources
veracity provide comprehensive, accurate, and objective information when representing the profession
veracity ensuring documentation is accurate and truthful
veracity avoiding plagiarism of others work
fidelity treat colleagues and other professionals with respect, fairness, discretion, and integrity
fidelity treating coworkers respectfully by not divulging personal information to others
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